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    Gastric Bypass after Lap Band

    I'd be wary of the sleeve if you've had preexisting reflux. it is generally not recommended. one study i've seen has stats as high as 84% with reflux post sleeve if there was preexisting reflux. Bypass usually cures it. I can provide you the study link if you want. but my doc warned me i'd likely eventually be back for a revision if I went sleeve. Is there a reason they have not offered the traditional bypass, it is the gold standard. Are you doing this through OHIP? i didn't think they offered the mini.
  2. Kiko1970. Just go to your doctor and get a referral to have it removed. I know lots of people who’ve had removal and revision to bypass through ohip (bariatric network). I paid to have mine revised, privately , because I couldn’t wait (was aspirating in my sleep). But former banders make up a significant number of the patients in the Ontario bariatric network.
  3. Curious as to how much people lost in cup size after a breast lift.
  4. start with the therapy, possibly medication. The real problem is the depression/mental, that is what is derailing you. that kind of trauma causes chemical changes in your brain. that really needs to be addressed first. if you can solve that I think you'll find everything else will fall back into place. Best of luck to you.
  5. Travelher

    Calling all vets- where are you

    technically a 13 year vet, but the system only let me on the vets forum recently because of my revision date. almost a year in maintenance post revision, so only check in once in a while.
  6. Yep I went from a 42 DDD/E to a 32DDD with weight loss. I think after my lift is complete i'll be a D/DD.
  7. Travelher

    Sleeve revision

    mine was exactly the same preop as it was for my original surgery
  8. there is no requirement to drink sweet things. I had a lot of soup with unflavoured protein powder added in. that is how I made it through to the puree stage.
  9. the hunger you are experiencing is not actual hunger, but the stomach acid/gerd. real hunger goes away when you eat, acid does not. the acid that is creating that feeling of hunger often prompts people to continue eating to try and resolve it or turn to easily digestible carbs like crackers and bread again, to self-medicate. The good news is with RNY there is a 60% chance that your Gerd will resolve (mine did).
  10. God, I’d kill for any opportunity to dress up! I have a full collection of little black dresses, I could open a store...but nowhere to wear them
  11. Travelher

    I feel so down

    fantastic! The mental battle is the hardest IMO...glad you are in a better place.
  12. Travelher

    I feel so down

    That is you hormones talking, fat burning releases a rush of hormones, rationally speaking losing such a large amount of weight in such a short time should lead to elation not depression...so know that this is the typical hormone rush and it will get better. based on your weight loss you are right on track. looks like you've lost 18lbs in about a month assuming a 2 week preop! way better than i did and I'm wearing a size 2 right now. Also, you should never use the word "only" in front of a loss. would you ever say "I ONLY gained 10lbs"? no you would not....so why minimize success? remove that word from your vocabulary
  13. Travelher

    Post op alcohol

    I stuck to wine. just keep it to one drink. we process alcohol differently post op. more is absorbed and it is harder on your liver. Also, you cannot drive after even one drink you will fail a breathalizer. Many patients are not told this by their doctors.
  14. Travelher

    Perspectives on Losing Fast & Slow

    The truth is nobody can quite find the negative in a positive like a bariatric patient. It is why I created this...to remind myself of how neurotic I was being regardless of what point I was at...I think a lot of people can relate to this...
  15. Travelher

    Perspectives on Losing Fast & Slow

    it isn't how fast you get there it is where you end up. in my experience 99.9% of people who think they are slow losers are fast losers. I can probably count on my hands in the thousands of disappointed posts how many I would actually describe as slow losers. I considered myself a normal rate loser (not slow, not super fast). I'd wager most people who stress about their rate of loss lost at the same rate or faster than me. it is all a matter of perspective. People need to stop looking for things to critique about themselves. you will always look for and find someone faster and there will always be people slower. One thing I can say about my weight loss, is that I didn't do it on starvation calories and I lost 100% fat and gained muscle along the way according to my dexa scans. That is almost unheard of. Many bariatric patients I know lost at a rate of almost a pound of muscle for every pound of fat...that is not good. If you are losing 25 lbs a month and 12 of that is fat and 13lbs is muscle. and I lose 12 lbs but 13 is fat and I gained a pound of muscle. who is doing better at the end of the day....I am. This is why it is not useful or healthy to compare numbers on a scale with others. Could not recommend dexa scans more highly...it gives the most accurate picture of progress.
  16. Travelher

    I feel like a total failure

    if you aren't tracking you need to be. it is the best way to stay accountable. Also, are you making good food choices? You are mistaken if you think it is about restriction. restriction lessens over time as your body adapts, that is normal and expected. most people can eat a whole plate of food by a year post op. it is why food choices and diet are so important and every bariatric program recommends a bariatric diet post op. the hormone grehlin does go away, but for most it does come back (your body is smart and adjusts). if you are experiencing hunger pangs (particularly if it is happening when it shouldn't) there is a possibility it is actually stomach acid and you need to get on a PPI like prevacid. you should talk to your doctor about it. I strongly recommend looking up dr Matthew weiners videos on youtube. he does a very good job explaining in laymans terms why and how bariatric surgery works.
  17. Travelher

    Considering Lap-Band Surgery

    let me share the facts about a lap band...https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20496124 this study indicates that more than 50% require reoperations with a band and that at the study end only 53% still had the original band. Most doctors won't do them any more because of the atrocious complication rates. mine permanently damaged my esophagus. the other bariatric surgeries don't have anywhere near those complications and revision rates. buyer beware. You want anecdotal stories there are more than 3,000 people in the failed lap band facebook group who all tell very similar stories about their experiences with the band. I dropped weight on the band, then it turned on me and caused reflux/vomiting/choking multiple respiratory infections, illness after illness etc. many people go through a honeymoon period with it and then it turns into the experience I had or the others on this thread...some sooner others later. I was a huge band advocate in the first few years. now I would not wish one on my worst enemy.
  18. sounds like you are doing the right things. the prednisone is likely the biggest factor. once you are off of it the stall is likely to break. previous setpoints will almost always be stall points for folks. stick with it, persevere and it will likely break at some point. I lost below 1250, but am short so 1300 may work for you. again i strongly believe it is the prednisone that is the problem.
  19. Travelher

    OMG My Home Scale is a Liar!

    where is your scale? it needs to be on a level floor. I find the floor makes all the difference. never on carpet, if on tile, make sure the pads are all on the same tile (if a large tile) or on level tiles (not the grout lines). best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning after you pee. weight will fluctuate wildly during the day.
  20. I never did low carb. but lost with balanced macros. Still high protein, but moderate carb and lower fats. i think as long as food choices are healthy and you are getting all of the necessary nutrients and are happy with your weight whatever works is fine.
  21. so 10 weeks post op and I'm still wearing the same bras I did before my lift, they just fit better. However, I am going to need a revision of the lift, so with a second lift I would imagine that it is probable I will lose another size.
  22. I had a c section and a lapband. and still had a laparascopic RNY. My roomate had adhesions between his band and his liver and other organs. it took them 4 hours to clean up and he still had a laparoscopic sleeve. I don't think i've ever heard of an open one being done (in the last 10 years or so). Unless you are over 600lbs, dr Now's show is not a good resource. Your own doctor is. adhesions are very routine in lapband revisions and those are done laparascopically every day.
  23. lots of people. me from the band. but same symptoms. GERD is a common sleeve complication as it is a band complication. revised to rny
  24. Travelher

    Poll: What is your goal?

    I’m 5’4 and my initial goal was 150. I’m 135 and at 23% bodyfat so I really shouldn’t lose any more as 23% is the bottom of the range for my age. So my goal is to maintain between 135 and 140.

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