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    Well, today was the day. I went to see the pysch, and....................................................HE CLEARED ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so quick. It took me longer to fill out all the paper work then it did to see him. He talked to me for about ten minutes then start printing out papers and was like ok here is your copy to keep for your files, and I will e-mail a copy to your surgeon. Then he was like good luck and have a great day. Talk about someone who walked out there with a chesire cat grin on their face.
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    Just received my Band Wagon book today. It's pretty informative. I also filled out my history papers for Dr. Swain for my post op care/fills. Seems like the day will never get here! Buddy, my husband, is out west on the motorcycle, the kids are all staying here with me. Been trying to get some sun on my body, tried to go to lake the other day but it rained. So i guess I'll just stay pale. Just trying to pass the time. I'm on this site probably 75% of the day, just trying to find someone who's going to my surgeon on the same day. I even got on verticlesleevetalk.com to try to find someone. Thought I had found someone on there but then I lost her and couldn't find her again. I'm just ready to go and get the rest of my life started. We're going to add a porch/new roof/carport this fall to the house i'm ready to get on with that as soon as my husband and I both get back from our trips... We have alot going on. I start dayshift at my nursing job tomororrow morning. I've gained 30 lbs. since going on nights 8 mo. ago. though dayshift would aid in my wt. loss. It's hard to know when to eat working nights, and I haven't been sleeping enough. Also when all of this is over i'm going to finish nursing school. I have 5 classes to go (online) then clinicals to complete my BSN in nursing. I've been working on it for 10+ years and have to finish it this year. I HAVE to!!! Otherwise alot of money will go down the drain. Not just in wages, but the cost of college will be wasted.Well, I'm "just a waitin!). Gotta go ....
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    August 1...today Menu/exercise Plan

    Not sure about any of the other stuff since I'm not banded yet (aug. 23) but the Lipton Diet Mixed Berry Green tea is SOOOO yummy. I buy it all the time now and that's all I drink besides water w/ Crystal Light. I've now cut out all soda from my diet and haven't had soda in almost a month. I'm not even missing it. I love the tea!!!!
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    First Day Of Soft Foods, I Don't Like It.

    It sounds to me like you are right on track with introducing foods. Your meatballs and steamed veggies sounded good! I buy the morning star veggie meatballs and love them http://www.morningstarfarms.com/morningstar-farms-meal-starter-veggie-meatballs.renderImageText.html?BID=121211&MD5=5327d3f7243ac5bc9bacc38ab7cc9e48&FT=MorningstarFarmsMealStarterVeggieMeatballs_28831&productORrecipe=product&freeTextPresent=no
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    Protein Powder-What Is The Best Brand?

    I feel Unjury so far has been best in terms of still liking it over a period of time...unflavored is very useful.
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    Face pic

    From the album: Before and during pics

    What a difference 130 pounds makes!!
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    By George I Think I Finally Got It....

    Enjoy those soups while you can because they'll be nearly a food of the past once you start feeling restriction. I so miss my soups at lunch. I love the beef and barley, southwestern chicken w/rice and fajita chicken soups. But, they're slider foods now. Oh, sometimes I'll have one but the penatly is that I'm still hungry an hour later since they don't satiate me and I guess they never did. tmf
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    Thanks all. I am good. I just want my turn and I try to patiently wait. I want to move into next phase of my life. I know there will be physical pain (from surgery), mistakes (possibly eating wrong) and hopefully great triumph (weight loss). I get excited for all those there in a place I want to be in. Just want my turn with a great weight loss. It gets scary because I felt like this with Lapband only to fail. I cannot leave my support system. Thanks for all comments.....it helps me a great deal.
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    Sorry It Took So Long

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It really helps those of us that are waiting for surgery. We need to hear how bad it is and how good. I know when you heal you will be on your way. Best of luck and you are in my prayers.
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    I bought a pair of 20's on a whim today and thought I'd just keep them in reserve and try them on every now and then for encouragement. Well...I WAS ENCOURAGED!!! They fit!!! I could NOT believe what I was seeing. My mind still sees 349 pounds, not 285. I'm pretty sure my wedding dress was a 20. I'm going to pull it out soon to see if it fits again. I might wait 10 more pounds for that though.... Wow. I'm still in stunned disbelief!! This is......just....I I I I I...don't have words. I'm giddy!!! :lol:

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