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    6 Month Check In

    Great job! Keep up the good work.
  2. I am 2 months out today, and when I weighed this morning I was so elated because I'm down 40 lbs from my pre-surgery weight. Unfortunately my elation didn't last for long. ;( I am a private person, so I haven't told anyone at work that I had WLS. When people say something about my weight loss I cringe and stumble through the whole, "I'm working really hard, under a DRs & NUTs care, no carb, low fat, no sugar, blah, blah, blah" schpiel. I hate addressing people's curiosity, and because 2 other ladies in my office had WLS in the last few years, I'm sure that some people are digging for info. I usually manage to brush these encounters off, but today was different. So this morning as I'm rocking a brand new size 8 pair of jeans...down from a 16-TYVM...I go to the break room to cook my egg whites that I'm getting so damn sick of having for Breakfast, and a friendly colleague of mine says, "Girl, you are wasting away right before my eyes". I say, "I'm getting there." She then proceeds to tell me that she is so glad I didn't take the easy way out like the other two did!!!! I am dumbfounded, and trying to gracefully and tactfully get myself out of this conversation, but I honestly wanted to cry. I told her that I didn't think there was an easy way out with weight loss. She said, "yeah, I know, but taking the easy way out is sad and it really shows that you have no self control." I was devastated, and I've been in a funk ever since. I know without a shadow of a doubt that she would have never said that if she knew...that makes me so sad. It also makes me sad to think that someone I admire in my professional life would be so condemning of an issue she obviously has never struggled with. I felt dirty and cheap and like a coward for not coming clean and telling her, "My dear, I had WLS and it is not the easy way out." Instead I just let her walk away thinking I'm this goddess of self control and that I have done this all by myself. Ughhh, I'm so mad at myself. I have worked my ass off to get to this point and I've invested a TON of money in making sure my future is as healthy and happy as it can possibly be, because there are people in my life that I adore and I want to see 30,000 more sunsets with them. I have never fought for something so hard in my whole entire life. I didn't take the easy way out. The easy way out would have been to do nothing. The easy way out would have me giving into every craving and eating grotesque amounts of food just because I can. The easy way out would have been to continue to get fatter and fatter, and sicker and sicker and to die way before my time. Sorry, I just had to come here where y'all would understand. Today hurt, and it discouraged me and it sucked. Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day...and I'm going to be one step closer to my goal.
  3. Slenderella


    I have the same question. Once they scale starts moving again do you go back to your previous caloric intake or stay at the elevated levels. I'm so nervous about upping the calories, seems like its might be an opportunity for me to get of track. :/
  4. Today I ate the best thing since I started this journey back in July!!! This is huge for me, because I've really been struggling to find nutritious & flavor packed food that I can tolerate well. My taste buds have change a lot, and I find a lot of the foods I used to enjoy are either too unhealthy, rich and/or heavy for my tiny tummy. Quite frankly, eating has been a drag. Anyway, you have to try the recipe for Turkey White Bean pumpkin Chili on the SkinnyTaste website. It has a whopping 23g of Protein, only 187 calories and tons of yummy flavor!!!! I added a little extra chiIi powder and some smoked chipolte pepper to mine. Here's the link: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2011/10/crockpot-turkey-white-bean-pumpkin.html
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    I've noticed the same thing, I'm getting pretty soft. LOL! I'm thinking that some toning exercises will help. Must start that soon before I turn to mush.
  6. Slenderella

    60 Pounds Down Picture

    WHOOO hoooo! You look great!
  7. Slenderella


    Me too! I've been bouncing around 160 for 10+ days, funny thing is I've dropped a whole size while stalled. I think I'll do my measurements today to gain some perspective. The scale will start moving again...soon!
  8. The questions you wrote are the ones that have been making me a bit anxious lately. I'm 18 lbs form MY goal, and 28 lbs from my doctors goal. I have search and search for maintenance info, but it's pretty limited. As my goal gets closer to being a reality, I'm becoming more apprehensive about how I will manage to not yo-yo for the rst of my life. I'm trying to get educated, but there is very little info out there on the next phase.
  9. Slenderella

    Yes It Happened...and Yes It Made Me Sad.

    Yes, it's totally doable. I have eaten with several and no one has asked about my portions. I'm getting great at moving food around! .
  10. Slenderella

    Yes It Happened...and Yes It Made Me Sad.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement! Your words could have been mine-they closely describe how I feel about my journey. A drug addict isn't expected to share their recovery with their co-workers, and I feel like my recovery should be the same. Good luck to you in your journey.
  11. Slenderella

    Yes It Happened...and Yes It Made Me Sad.

    You totally get where I'm coming from and that helps me a lot! Thanks for the encouragement.
  12. Slenderella

    Yes It Happened...and Yes It Made Me Sad.

    Sorry, but I couldn't disagree with you more. I am human, and I'm occasionally affected by negative & judgemental attitudes, I think most people are. As I said before, I've done well not to let others opinion of WLS get to me, but today was a particularly rough day. I'm glad you have enough confidence to not let others attitudes get to you, but unfortunately an emotionally abusive past makes it difficult for me to be bullet proof 100% of the time. Why the secrecy? Today is a perfect example of why I chose not to share my journey with others. I thought it was safe to do so here, but I guess I was wrong.
  13. Slenderella


    I eat Kashi Go Lean about once a week. It has 21 grams of protein when I add FF milk.
  14. Slenderella

    How Many Calories At 7 Weeks?

    I have the same question. I am 8 weeks out and I'm around 500-600 calories per day. My NUT said he didn't want me counting calories, fat or carbs, only protein and water. I'm down 37 lbs, and I'm pleased with that, but I still wonder if I should be monitoring anything else.
  15. Slenderella

    Pre-Op And Mentally Exhausted...

    Kristi Kay, one day at a time, sweetie. The past is behind you and tomorrow is a new day. This is a journey, and we will have struggles. I had struggles with my pre-op as well, but knowing the end was in sight helped me get back on track and stay motivated. You will be astounded at the amount of will power and determination you have as your surgery day approaches. Big hugs to you!
  16. Slenderella

    Yesterday I Wrote About My Charley Horse...

    They are so yummy! It's a special plum that's been dried. They are like a great big raisin and packed with anti-oxidants, Fiber, and Vitamins. I get the kind that are individually wrapped and have 1 or 2 per day.
  17. Slenderella

    Yesterday I Wrote About My Charley Horse...

    I am also getting charley horses, so I have upped the Water and added potassium to may daily Vitamins. I simply can't get enough potassium for my body without eating more fruits and veggies, and I don't really have enough room in my tummy for that rit now. I also had this problem when I was on the HCG diet for a year. As for the constipation, I've added prunes to my diet and I consider them a triple whammy; they are packed with potassium, they are great for constipation, and they satisfy my sweet tooth. Love me some prunes!
  18. When you move to soft foods you will feel the fullness. I didn't get a full feeling on liquids either, but as soon as I moved to something that was thicker I finally started feeling full.
  19. Slenderella

    Pre-Op And Mentally Exhausted...

    My prescribed pre-op was only a week, but I started a little early because I p. I was allowed any clear liquid, 3 Protein shakes and any zero calorie drink I wanted. It 't fun, but knowing it was temporary made it doable. My surgery was on August 1, so I am almost 2 months post-op. For me following any diet long-term is impossible. I've tried MANY diets in the past and had only temporary success. I was never able to maintain my weight loss because eventually I got sick of dieting. Now that I've had surgery, it's possible. I now have a tool that will help me maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. Does it still require work and determination; yes! It's not a free ride, and it still requires discipline, but now I have a tummy that will not allow me to over eat. The sleeve isn't for everyone, but I know it was the answer for me.
  20. Slenderella

    Pre-Op And Mentally Exhausted...

    I found I was a little frustrated during pre-op, but post-op I didn't struggle nearly as much. One I had my surgery it was easier to focus on my goal; forever weight loss. My ability to resist temptation has always been a problem, but now my will power is rock solid. I do have cravings, but I can easily change my train of thought by thinking about how far I've come in the last 8 weeks. Part of it is willpower, but part of it is the fact that the junk food just doesn't appeal to me as much anymore. It's been a blessing to finally be free from my obsession with food. Now I eat to live; I don't feel deprived...I feel EMPOWERED. Stay strong and focus on the prize of better health.
  21. I generally measure my food, either by volume or by sight, but when I'm not able to do that I get a hiccup and I know I'm done.
  22. Slenderella


    Way to go!!! Isn't it exciting to see the transformation?
  23. Slenderella

    You Know You're A Sleever When...

    Hahha!!! That is so true!
  24. With each day that passes since my surgery on 8/1, I'm realizing that my life really, really, really is changing! Today i giggled at myself as I reflected on a few of the changes. Please feel free to join in! You know you're a sleever when... 1. You look forward to eating your gummy vitimins because it's almost like eating candy 2. You walk through the grocery store and nothing looks appealing 3. You get to the check-out at the grocery store and the only thing in your cart is Protein. 3. You can't find anything in your closet that fits and this makes you SMILE :Ds 4. You're thirsty but you can't drink because if you do you will have to wait 10 more minutes for lunch 5. You're panties don't slide down below your muffin top anymore HAHAHA!!! What a crazy ride the last 20 days have been.

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