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    oh, one day post op. I had a lot of left upper shoulder pain. I could move around my house okay. I don't usually take pain meds but I did take the Lortab elixir several times for 2-3 days following my band. I was banded at 6am and home by 11am. The next day I was pooped!
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    3-4 hours post-op? I was sleeping
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    ........gohs, if you are able to do this, more power to you and let me bow at your feet... but i would not have been able too. was groogy, tired, thirsty and in some pain (not alot but my belly def sore). if you do, go slow and be careful. ps, i love sea world too
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    I could not have done it one day post-op.
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    Marty McSkinnystein

    Pre-Op Diet, Shrunk Liver

    Started today. I actually feel like I'll be "eating" more healthily than I have in a long time-- with the protein shakes and forcing myself to get in enough water and not eating junk. I have energy today after my first shake and huge glass of water. So I think I'll resign myself, because it's going to happen anyway, that it's awesome and I love it. (Don't worry I'll be back to complain- lol)
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    Looking Ahead

    A Bit Tired Day 4

    Day 4 and 5 I cried most of the day. So many thoughts in my head of what did I do, where am I heading now and dang Im tired. Lasted about 3 days and seems to get better every day. I tried to get out and go somewhere or get sunshine when it got really bad. Someone on here suggested I rent a funny movie and open windows for sunshine and it did help and it will pass. I honestly didn't think it would. i'm 11 days out and if I sit too long, it creeps up on me still. So, I try to stay busy and active.
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    Pre-Op Diet, Shrunk Liver

    I start tomorrow. And am totally NOT looking forward to it. Ugh!
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    I guess this is the begining. I was lucky enough to get this surgery approved by my insurance at no cost to me. Now I am dealing with the what if's and fear of the unknown. I have my KAISER orientation on Tues.then need to make a decision. I know I want this, I just dont want problems afterward. It would help if my family was supportave, but they are not. I feel like I have been in a fat suit I cant get off for 29 years. My 30th birthday is on Monday, and my gift to myself is a new life.
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    I know the feeling Kanda! I was working out religiously pre surgery but since having the surgery, and the two weeks off for recovery, I've been less than motivated. I'm going to work out tonight, I'll let you know if I've had any success in the motivation department.

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