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  1. Hi everyone! I live NW of Atlanta in Cartersville, Ga. I got my surgery date YESTERDAY! I will be having the sleeve on July 25th by Dr. Thomas Borland in New Iberia, LA. My best friend lives there and I need some help with someone taking care of me for about a week afterward and it worked out perfect that she lives within 20 mins of the Dr! I have never been so sure of something in my life as I am about this surgery. I am so ready to get this part of my life started that I just can't wait! Hope to hear from some people around Atlanta and hear about your experiences. Johnathan
  2. For those of you that use this, I assume it is excellent because it is sold out! Do any of you that use it know when it will be back in stock? Thanks! Johnathan
  3. I am so very sorry to hear you lost your partner! I always made my surgery known upfront! I don't want it to be an issue after I found someone and truthfully, if it is an issue, they don't really care about you, but I know it's very intimidating! Atlanta is an awful city to try to date in, men here are extremely vain! My boyfriend knew about my surgery upfront, knew my body wasn't as desirable as I wish it could be but, be said he thought I was cute then and now, so I knew it wasn't a problem! You can and will find another man, good luck!!!!
  4. Jlewis229

    Updated pics

    Haven't been on in a LONG TIME! I posted some new pics! For some reason they are all F*#K@D up as far as being upside down, etc and I have rotated them and saved them but they still revert back :-/ but you can rotate them to view them. Anyway just wanted to update and share my progress...I am down to 170! 5 lbs to my original goal! I'm thinking I may try to get to 160 though depending on how i feel/look at 165. Hope everyone is doing GREAT! Johnathan
  5. Jlewis229

    Updated pics

    In my profile under my gallery. My main pic is a new one.
  6. Updated with new pics! I changed my profile pic and it keeps going back! I'm down to 170! 5 more to go til goal! Hope everyone is well!

  7. Jlewis229

    Damn near Goal @ 170

    Feeling Great & Looking FABULOUS!
  8. Jlewis229


    From the album: Damn near Goal @ 170

  9. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to make a quick post with my stats since it's been FOREVER since I've posted! I am currently 173, I am 101 down from when I had surgery 7/25/12. I've got 8 left to go until my personal goal of 165. <3 my sleeve! Hope everyone is doing well! Would love to hear from some of you I used to talk with a lot. Johnathan
  10. Praying and Hoping I hear good news about a job today!! I need and want this so so so SOOOO BAD!! Gonna try AGAIN to go to sleep!

  11. Just really Aggravated! :( Again! And now I can't sleep!!

  12. Just a little frustrated tonight!

  13. Laying in bed with a heating pad on my feet! Dang feet are like ice!!

  14. Jlewis229

    Why am i craving sex

    Was looking through and had a question. Is testosterone stored on men's fat cells as well? It would explain why I always want to have sex lol. Sometimes I think I drive my boyfriend crazy Ha!
  15. My last month is when I really started feeling really good about myself. Believe me, I don't discount it! Lol I tell everyone! Lol I don't care if they don't like or approve! I'm proud as hell and nobody will take that from me! But it's different for everyone. I'll talk to anyone about almost anything lol
  16. Jlewis229

    OR story

    GURRL! Idk how I would have reacted but I think i would have felt insulted. Actually I know I would. They have no business talking to patients about that sort of thing with patients! You did good though, I don't know if I could have kept my composure had I been told my sexuality is nasty.
  17. Thank you! Just wait til u get close to goal! You'll feel so good about yourself! I'm much more confident than I've ever been! I want b*****s to look when I walk in somrwhere! Lol
  18. You have to be on the main website, go to my profile and vote my albums/gallery.
  19. You go to my galler/albums and that is where you post. I'm from Atlanta, Ga!
  20. Thank you! I posted some new pics btw!

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