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    Waking up THIN!!!

    I come on here at least once a day or every couple days....... and i keep reading the same thing..... I HAD THE SURGERY __ MONTHS AGO AND I'M STILL FAT. What did some of you think that you wold have WLS and the next day wake up THIN..... NEWS FLASH....!!!!! It doesn't work that way... you have to still watch EVERY THING you eat (even more now), you still have to get up off your rear end and exercise..... LB surgery is not a SURE THING.... You have to work at it, and it takes time. So the next time you start to post ...... i've only lost.__ pounds, remember you still have LOST WEIGHT... be happy and grateful. Work your tool and be grateful that you were able to have this procedure done in the first place.... Think of all the people who can't because of one reason or the other...... I means it one thing to complain about hitting a plateau when you are near the end.... but right at the beginning is when you are learning HOW TO EAT.... so give it time... one of the reasons that the dr. fills the band slow is so you can learn how to "re-eat". Remember to follow the rules and do your part and the tool will help you succeed..... Thanks and have wonderful.... Lapband day.
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    Butterfly Queen 111

    I can't see it...

    Dear Sumthin- I think a percentage of us may suffer from Body Dismorphic Disorder (look it up on the Web)whenwe see ourselves as fat even when we are not.I believe I had this when I was 16 and weighed in at 140 because I thought I was morbidly obese then so I just "gave up". You should find a counselor to talk to about this because these feelings are real.It may also help to have a series of photos taken (1 per month) where you are wearing the same outfit.This will make you consious of the clothing becoming larger on you-thus you becoming smaller. This journey is a physical journey and a mental journey and step by step our minds have to come together with our bodies and spirit.Somtimes this is more difficult than we anticipate but it is easier to acheive if we are aware of the need for it. Remember that lot of our thoughts and emotions played a part in becoming obese-especially comfort eating/compusive eating/reacting to bad circumstances.We are all on our way working on undoing those patterns.We are all in the process of healing our lives ,our realtionships with food,our health and our bodies.We are becoming Brand New again. Good luck to you on your journey and don't forget to pause in front of the mirror each day and tell yourself "I am beautiful,and I am worthy of becoming my ideal weight and returning to complete health." ((((Hugs to you.)))))) :-)
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    Waking up THIN!!!

    Keep up the great work.... next thing you know you'll just be... muscles...
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    Waking up THIN!!!

    Sensitivity is such a bad trait @Humming Bird..... Good TOPIC/POST...... bayougirlmrsc
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    Waking up THIN!!!

    That is where I am at now. I have lost 126 lbs in 10 months. I look and feel wonderful compared to last November.... I am wearing L instead of 3x tops and 18 or XL bottoms instead of 4x! But while I Celebrate my loss... I still need to lose 61 lbs to hit my personal goal and 81 to hit my Dr's goal for me. So I am still overweight. I am just not morbidly obese anymore! Its frustrating at times and feels as if I will NEVER get there..... but moreso I am in a much better place than where I was so for that I am thankful. I will succeed. It may be 8 more months or 2 years.... but I WILL get there and I WILL keep it off !
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    Waking up THIN!!!

    No i didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed..... just tired of some people coming on here posting that they are not losing weight even though it has only been a short time that they had LB surgery...... I also had great pre-band education.... but I also did a lot of research and talked to people at support groups and i listen when they talked. This kind of statement gets under my skin:........(this is just made up, but you get were im coming from) I had my surgery 3 months ago and i have only lost 50lbs....... REALLY! only 50 pounds... could you have lost it if you had not had LB surgery.... probably, but not in three months and could you keep it off... probably not... so i guess what i'm really getting at is .......... be grateful and stop whining..... if your not losing weight, do some self reevaluation......look at what your eating or not eating.... look at the exercise your doing or not doing....... look with in, don't just count on the band to do it all. There are people out there who would give anything to have the opportunity that we have had. To have this surgery was a complete God send to me. And some people have the surgery and never use it the way it was intended. Or think they will wake up thin....
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    October Bandsters!!!

    First thing that comes to mind is remember that surgery is surgery, regardless that it is less invasive and you must take it easy for awhile to heal. Some and not all people deal with gas (air) that remains in the body after surgery and must be absorbed and can be painful, make sure you have your pain medications available. Light walking and sipping Water will help this out but don't over do it. You may feel depressed weeks after surgery and feel helpless and keep asking yourself "what the heck did I do". This is normal. This is due to the side affects of the unknown and anesthesia. You will feel no hunger for over a week, but, out of nowhere you will start feeling the hunger. This is due to your stomach healing from the swelling. 6 weeks later you will get your first fill and may need several other fills 6 weeks apart each time before you start feeling restriction. Be patient. Practice chewing your food very well as of now, you will be that much better off at the end. Last, but not least, everyone's journey is so very different and don't be embarrassed to contact your doctor with questions no matter how silly you may think the question is.
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    WW you have to remember is also a program that cost money. It itseld is its own entity, and they "compete" with WLS. I too had a 2 similar scenarios a few years ago. I was working alot and always on the run so I signed up for Nutrisystem. I was so excited about being on that program, so I went on some chat rooms on AOL and told them what I was doing. They treated me horribly. True The diet wasnt a true Sucess for me, but they were slamming me before I started. Another time was when I lost 100lbs doing Atkins. Countless people (including the WW Leaders) said that its just a fad and not healthy for me. I loved how I lost that weight, and felt good. I gained it back, but it wasnt due to the diet "not working" I went on medicine, and had a problem with my health, You will notice alot of people who are on different diets/programs then you, will automatically disagree with you. Even I sometimes feel people take the lazy way out, for instance when my cousin had the gastric Bypass 8 years ago when I was losing my weight thru atkins, she after losing the weight had her loose skin surgically removed. At that time I was mad/jealous. But now I understand it was her choice, and this whole journey of losing weight, no matter how you get it done, is not easy
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    Thanks, Diane. That is a very interesting website. I'll discuss this with some doctors and see how I feel about what they're advising. Ironically, one of the reasons I'm obsessing over a goal weight is for my ticker at the bottom of my messages!
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    Waking up THIN!!!

    Good.... so glad to be on your ignore list..... i'm sure some others would like you to do the same to them. if you don't want to hear it any more then don't read my post...... its people like you that make others believe that LB is a cake walk for EVERYONE... it's not. Glad you got to take the "easy way out".... with not watching what you eat or exercising... good for you.. and i don't have a superior attitude...90% of anything i post is to boost the esteem of others. I've read a few of yours and it seems maybe the superior attitude is all yours....