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    I'm Doing It!

    once you are approved you are good. I was a 44bmi with no co's..... my doc said to not lose a pound till i did. Then after i was approved i could lose if i wanted to. On the 2 week liq diet i lost more than 10lbs. When i got then sleeve my bmi was 31(8/28/19) with no co's, but even though it was done 2.5 years after band removal it still was considered a revision. He noted my chart with my first bmi of 44 (2009), what i had gotten too 26 (2017) with the band. Of course, my insurance didn't cover the removal or the sleeve.... 14k out of pocket for the sleeve. I am so grateful...... my bmi is now a 21. 5'2" 120lbs
  2. BayougirlMrsS

    Hate bypass

    i really don't believe that the sleeve is the most restrictive.... personally i think the band is. sleeve i can eat whatever i want... just 3-4 bits and i full..... with the band i just could not eat certain things at all, bread, rice, some pasta, grits, some potatoes, some salad mixes.... not even one bite without it getting stuck and throwing up. So i never ate them till i had the band removed.... I will agree with the fact that i lost a whole lot faster with the sleeve and i have only thrown up 3 x in over a year so that's a win.
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    I'm Doing It!

    surround yourself with positive people
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    sure hope you are feeling better...
  5. BayougirlMrsS

    Regained weight support

    remember to watch your sodium intake with broth.
  6. So sorry for your loss. I hate when people say these things..... They don't realize how much words affect you. My x was my biggest NON-supporter.... but he is gone now (yayyyyy). There are some things you can do: Start logging your food in a food app... I like Myfitnesspal and Baritastic. Do this for a week and really see where your fats, cals, and carbs are coming from. Start to remove them from your diet. Go back to portion control. Start over, do your two-week preop diet. Food prepping is a great way to get back on track. Moving more.... Surgically i think you can do the band over bp, or the DS.... but i'm not 100% Have you been back to you dr? If not... goooooo. Don't be embarrassed about your weight gain. Tell him/her the truth about what's going on in your life and get him/her on board. The dr is there to help you succeed. You are not the first person to regain and you won't be the last..... But, you are the only person that can make the changes happen. YOU CAN DO THIS..... when the nonsupportive people start telling you crap.... walk away, just walk away. Surround yourself with positive people... If you can make an appointment with your NUT and psychiatrist.... they can help you with food choices.... and help you with the emotional part of why. Wishing you all the best....
  7. BayougirlMrsS

    Help! Thinking about cancelling

    @Sandra90 Is your concerns about the WLS.? Or the change in which one? You are feeling the way thousands of people have felt. It is normal to have fears about any SX. Your dr. has prob done thousands of WLS and if he/she thinks you would benefit from GB, I would listen. But i would also ask him/her why? Why does he/she think GB instead of VSG..... ask him/her to give you the facts on how it will affect you.... I've seen this happen before where the Dr. wants to do a different sx than what the patient wants..... and i would say 90% or greater said they were happy they listened. I would call and tell him/her that you need to come in a talk... express your fears. Personally, i would not cancel, you waited too long. Your results with WLS will mostly depend on you and what you want out of it anyway..... No matter which one you get.
  8. BayougirlMrsS

    What was/is your greatest fear?

    First.... i did have fears.... the first WLS (band) i feared the same as everyone else... Death, failure, regain of weight. Second time.... Because i told no one except my husband... death and not having told my kids and family. Again failure and gaining back. Having a complication and having to cancel my wedding which was a month after SX. @Smitty74 Goods: Health, and knowing that you are doing this to make positive changes in your life. Confidence in knowing that you are taking control of your life and that most things will get better. I like walking with my head held high knowing i look better. I always hung my head and looked at the ground. Hated shopping (still dont care for it). The feeling of ..... WOW i just did that (fill in your own). I still want to go sky diving, i want to do a long hike, I want to go to an elaborate Ball and look like a million bucks. I want to buy and wear a really sexy Halloween costume and feel great in it. Bads: How people treat you before..... I've seen and felt both... before where you feel invisible (men actually hold doors open now). People pass and don't give you the time of day, won't help if in trouble, look at you with terror when they think you will sit next to them on a plane. How your own family will sometimes treat you...... they try to stop you from doing the SX because of their fears of your dying, that you will leave them. Partners will sometimes discourage you because of their own insecurities.... Mine did, he said ... You don't need WLS you just need to diet and go work out as you did before and stick with it (then ask you to bake a cake). He said that my personality changed, and I know it did. I wasn't that easily controlled person anymore. He controlled everything in my life because I had zero confidence and felt like I didn't deserve better. After I lost, I gained confidence, and the things I settled for in the past I no longer settled for. No longer did I just agree with everything he wanted. I wanted things too... I wanted to go out and be an active member of society (he was happy sitting on the couch). I had so much built-up energy... I no longer wanted to settle for sex 2x a year. He told me from day one of our marriage that one day we would divorce. Turns out back then he was cheating on me (i was even smaller than i am now). I thought that if i lost the weight he would want me again.... Nope, turns out losing weight tore us even further apart. His insecurities really came to lite. In the nearly 8 years i had the lapband he cheated on me (i didn't know for sure, but my gut knew). He would insult me on a daily basis about my WL. Tell me i look terrible, a bag of bones, ugly, wrinkly, and that i needed to gain the weight back. And for a little while, I did put on 20lbs to make him happy, but I was starting to get depressed again. I snapped out of it and lost that 20lbs and begged him to go to get help, but he said no, that there was nothing wrong with him..... it was all me. After 25-26 years my marriage ended. I lost close friends that couldn't understand my new way of life. They were happy being large and happy with themselves. And it think thats great for them, but it was not for me. So when they would ask to go eat out, they couldn't understand that I no longer took joy in food. That food was just some to keep me alive. I wanted to go to the gym an exercise.... for me it took the place of food and it now brought me joy. So the loss of a relationship with a partner, the loss of friendships, the loss of my favorite foods. Even the loss of some of my comfort clothes. Getting rid of my favorite pants and tops.... the ones I wore because they hid most of the flaws.... The sagging skin is not fun either. The losing hair. The having to learn to THROW OUT FOOD.... that was bad.
  9. BayougirlMrsS

    What was/is your greatest fear?

    People will treat you different for sure. But, you will be a different person. No matter what people say WLS will change you. Goods and bads...
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    wow.... congrats. You are a success. We have the same status.. pretty much. I'm 5'2" and started my journey with LB 2009 @ 232lbs. Got and stayed at 143lbs for years.... band removal 2017. Was able to keep my weight with in 10-15 till i hit menopause at 50-51. I tried everything to get it off. Didn't have much luck. I had been looking for a dr. that would do a revision, but they all said i didn't weigh enough. The end of 2018 beginning of 2019 i packed on more weight. Got to 173lbs. I was at my wits end when i found my dr. here that agree to do the Sleeve at a 31Bmi. In May we took a pre-honeymoon to Italy and i felt terrible. (plus i had hurt my ankle 4 weeks earlier at crossfit falling off the ab machine). That same May i finally got my property settlement from my ex and i took 14k and invested it in ME..... So 8/28/19 i had the sleeve done and i went from 173 to 120 in 10 months. I sure hope i have the continued success you have. I can honestly say that i think if you do the liq diet for one week you will lose that 10lbs..... but you should go to your GYN and maybe look into hormone replacement. I'm on Estradiol tab. 1mg
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    no much. it does give me cramps. this past friday i took Delcolax and it worked great with out the cramping
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    i was telling tim that last night. I can't go any smaller due to the tata's. Hanging at a 32GG... I think i might get it taken in. the quality of the fabric is so soft.
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    New dress.... Love the pockets. https://www.untuckit.com/collections/womens-dresses/products/parker-1 This one too..... https://www.untuckit.com/products/amelia The fabric is so soft.
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    Colonoscopy prep with sleeve

    I have mine coming up in Dec. and i was wondering the same.... like there is no way i can drink the amount in the time frame they are saying. Also, i'm going to be required to do a liq. diet for the day before. I can't afford to lose any more weight and i know if/when i do this i most certainly will. If i miss dinner, the next day i'm down a pound. I did tell the GI assistant about my WLS and she didn't seem to concerned.
  15. BayougirlMrsS

    Confused with Doubt

    1.) you will still be able to enjoy food, just not in large quantities anymore. I do enjoy a drink but like you, i don't do anything else. When we go out to eat, my husband and i usually just split something or do appetizers. The lapband was more restrictive with what foods.....Sleeve is just the amount. Instead of eating a whole steak, i only eat 2-4 oz.... same thing with most everything else. 2.) i wasn't over weight till my 30ies.... all my life i was thin.... then my body just started to change and i put on over 100lbs. my HW was 232. Lapband changed all that. I got and stayed at 143lbs for yearsssss. In 2017 i had to have a removal due to a slip. I put back 30.5lbs. I got sleeved 8/28/19 and today i sit at 120lbs... (5'2"). WLS was/is the only thing that has worked for me..... sleeve cost me 14k... worth every penny. 3.) No, WLS will not help with sugar cravings. You will have to control that on your own. best of luck.....
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    only thing that helps me is two extra-strength exlax
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    WOW!!!! you are such an inspiration..... Those calves.... and yes, i'm going to say... Fabulou-asssss
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    you look fabulous....and so tall in those jeans
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    Where to start

    i agree.... i haven't had a fast-food burger in over 10 years. Don't miss it either. This time i also gave up Mt. Dew.... it has always been my kryptonite.... It's been 1 year and 4 months since i had one. @mariangel174@yahoo.com Don't overbuy.... I would say get a few of one kind (unless you live far away). Lots of peoples taste change after SX. If you buy in bulk, you will have it forever.....
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    You can make anything look great. I’m with you 💯 on the body dysmorphia. I still head to the larger sizes. thanks for the booty compliment. I think it’s the cut of the pants..... but I’ll take it
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    was lucky enough to hit a great sale at The Loft.... 72 hour sale= 72% off.... reg. $69.50 on sale for $19.46... Win win
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    love these......
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    from a 12 to a 2-4
  24. ******NSV**********

    My last black dress (funeral dress) i bought was a Calvin Klein size 12.....

    Saturday i bought a TH dress size 4.........

  25. BayougirlMrsS

    Anyone have a sleeve that was Low BMI?

    i just sent you a pm