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    October Bandsters!!!

    Just wanted to wish all October bandsters luck. I know many of us will be starting our pre-op diet today. My surgery is the 6th and I start my diet thursday. We have all worked hard to get here and our journey has started. I know we will all do great.
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    October Bandsters!!!

    My doctors office just called and my insurance has approved my surgery. My date is October 25th and I'm very excited and happy. D
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    Last minute doubts

    This is a great tool! You still have to be "ready" to use it as a tool and not expect to wake up thin! Our minds do not change just the size of our stomachs. I have lost 64 since May and 70 from my highest weight and I had not been able to wrap my head around dieting and weight loss for many years before my surgery! Best of luck to you and don't forget the excercise I have really enjoyed that part and never thought I would!
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    I so understand what you are saying. I had the very same thing happen to me. I was banded June 21 and had exactly the same results. I lost 14 lbs the 1st week after banding and then nothing for the next 3 weeks! EEK! Finally I began to loose very, very slowly. I have my 3 month anniversary tomorrow and I've lost 25 lbs total since then. That may not be as fast as I'd like it to be, but that combined with what I lost before the surgery is a total of 40 lbs. I have had to learn to take it easy on me and work the eating program I've been given no matter what the scale says. If I am faithful, eventually, the scale will go down again. But in the meantime, my body is adjusting to the lbs already lost. And considering this time last year I had so much pain it was hard to walk, get up and down stairs and go grocery shopping and now I can do all if it without pain and I'm off my BP meds , I'm in a much better place. So all this to say, be good to yourself and keep your eyes on the prize. Get your fills when you are scheduled. It'll all work out if you choose to do it all - One Day at a Time. Good for you for coming to the group for support - that's what we are all here for! <<<HUGS>>>
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    Ok I'm trying to be tactful but yeah I don't need to be told to be thankful I have a job. Yeah without my job I would probably be in hell and homeless. I don't know what I said that could be taken that I wasn't thankful. I didn't realize this was a competition on whose life sucks the most. The purpose of my thread is to see what was going on and if others were in the same boat. I'm 2 weeks post op and a newbie. So like my fellow newbies we are making our way thru bandster hell. I don't think chastising and belittling someone or flippant remarks is helpful to anyone. I know you old timers apparently have it all figured out. Well Us newbies do not. Especially when real life constraints get in the way. Within the past month I have been through hell. I don't like to get into my personal life on a message board but jeez when someone assumes I'm just make excuses or just being lazy without asking then that's where I have to speak up.
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    This thread has been very helpful to me. I was banded on 9/6/11 and have lost 11 pounds post surgery. I am eating regular foods, just a lot less. I'm trying to listen to my new stomach to determine if I am full or hungry. I don't really feel hungry, but neither do I feel full. I guess it's the healing period. Can someone help me out by telling me what comes after the healing period (and how long does it last)? I guess I don't know really what to expect, and want to make sure things are working out the way I hoped they would. Thanks for your help. Maryann
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    I like the oatmeal. I'm full all the time and have to force myself to eat regularly. I'm gonna give up the oatmeal after it's all gone. I feel too guilty. It's too many carbs for me. I will look up the 9 months post op thingie. I admit I am too hard on myself at times but that's in everything. It keeps me motivated and working hard. I'm naturally lazy! Lol!! I'll say no to the scale. My husband needs it so I can't throw it out. I'm try to be happy about the 22lbs I've lost in 15 days.
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    do not obsess over the scale, it will drive you insane. go by how your clothes fit. there is a 2 month "lag time' between the scale and inches lost. you lose a couple of dress sizes, and it shows in your clothes, but not on the scale. i know it can be frustrating. i have decided to just weigh once a week at the same time. it will get better. just concentrate on healing. my doctor says the first 6 weeks are not about losing weight it is about your body healing and getting used to the band inside.
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    I'm surprised your doctor has not told you that the 6 weeks after your surgery is NOT for losing weight. You should NOT get on the scale, and just try to relax and heal. I was banded on September 1st. Yes, I have lost some weight, but it finally stopped. I am on soft foods and finally can eat pretty much anything I want, but am getting fuller way faster than ever before. When I saw the doctor and nutritionalists they both said this time is NOT to focus on losing weight in the least, and that some people even gain some weight during this period, especially when you go back onto regular foods. Both of them said to concentrate on listening to my body, paying attention to the signals of feeling full, to eat healthy foods and not junk, start exercising (only 30-45 minutes and can only lift up to 20 lbs for the next 4 weeks + doctor said to only exercise 3-4 times a week and no more) Healthy food and exericse and health is what this time if for, and time for the body to re-adjust and get ready for the weight loss to come. Good luck and stop driving yourself NUTS
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    September Bandsters

    The nutritionist was surprised at how well i was tolerating liquid. She said if i felt i could tomorrow to go ahead and start on full liquid. I can't wait for some strained soup! But, i don't have anything in my band yet so that might be the difference.i'm with ya though...so happy to have it done. Take care of yourself! That's awesome to be able to start some soups! I am on clear liquids this week and next, blah. Last night I slept in one of the recliners on the end of our couch because it wasn't comfortable to be flat in our bed. How has sleeping been for you?

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