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    How Much Weight Did You Loose At 6 Months?

    Well super what are you eating? Do you keep track? I use MFP everyday to keep track. I dont eat carbs and I work out at least 4-5 days a week. Have you had a fill? I'm in the green zone now. I have to remind myself to eat. I get stuck if I dont chew good or eat any starch or bread product.
  2. True results here! I live in Dallas and banded on 09/03/11!!!
  3. i am very happy with my band, but it depends on what your goals are and what you are willing to do. If you dont want to work out or eat right or in other words, lifestyle change then I know the band isnt for you. I dont know much about the sleeve. I dieted and worked out all the time before my band so this was just a tool to cut my eating and enforce my already low carb diet. If I fall off the waggon I know I'm not falling far cause I dont eat a lot.
  4. Texasbandit

    How Much Weight Did You Loose At 6 Months?

    i've found that how much weight you lose depends on your starting weight and height. the more you weigh the more you will lose. I've lost 61lbs and I am just at 6 months 2 days ago. I have a hundred to lose as my goal.
  5. Texasbandit

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    anyone wanna add me! jedi9393 I log in everyday or at least try too!
  6. Texasbandit

    Yeah My Life Sucks! Updates

    Hello! Well I found out last month that on 06/15 I will be laid off! This couldnt have came at a worse time with johns health problems and all. I cried like a baby and went on a eating binge for 3 days. My weight loss came to a screeching hault for a while. I was in a really really dark place. I feel better now, but still worried about work. I do get severance which is great. on 03/13 my husband will be released from rehab. I am so happy!! He wont be able to walk, which sucks, but I'm just so happy to have him home. He has been in the hospital since 11/27/11. He is in good spirits and I have to take this weekend to get everything ready. I gotta clean my house, car and buy some stuff for him. Like a cart for all his medical supplies. He needs to have bandage change every 3 days. There will be a home health care nurse and rehab specialist coming over almost everyday. I'm also trying to set something up with a state funded program that has someone sitting with him while I am at work. Until then, I will be taking vacation time. As for work, I am kinda looking here and there for a new job within my company. My impending layoff on june 15th has me kinda frantic, but to be honest I look forward to my severance pay and taking a break. I need a break. I realize that when I move I will take a 3-4 dollar pay cut which is huge since I will be the only breadwinner for a while. I had an interview yesterday, but I'm not positive I will get it. John wants to return to some kinda job, maybe his old one, but he isnt strong enough for all that. He will walk again, it's just one week at a time, As for my weight loss. I did hit the 6 month wall. All weight loss stopped. Partially it was my fault too, I ate too much and didnt work out a lot due to stress. I have found that stress halts all my weight loss efforts and when I'm not so stressed the weight has been coming off again this week. I've stuck to my diet and I am proud of myself that despite all this I am still standing and standing in size 14 jeans!
  7. Texasbandit

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    Hi y'all!! I'm checking in too. I know some of you have read my blogs and know my hubby has been in the hospital for 2 months now. I've been so depressed lately but my weight loss continues and I lose about 8-10 lbs per months. I haven't been able to work out in 2 weeks due to my crazy schedule but I'm getting back in it this week. My diet is still low calorie, low carb and I made out like a champ during the holidays!! Good luck everyone.
  8. I feel lost. Just lost. My hubby is doing much better now. He is going thru physical therapy to try to get him moving his limbs and eventually he will walk. He can talk, but his voice sounds strained and hoarse. He still is on a feeding tube. he has to pass a swallow test, but keeps failing. They will try again in two weeks. His liver is still troubling and he is on dialysis cause his kidneys stopped working. He is out of the ICU now and in a regular room, but our son still cannot visit on that wing. Hopefully one day he will be strong enough to be put in a wheel chair so he can go down to the family waiting area to see our son there. In other news, my niece that was watching my son decided to move with her boyfriend and get a daytime job. I ddidnt wish her any ill will. I just spent one stressful week calling and visiting places. I was paying my niece, but regular child care is super expensive. Especially when I am paying all the bills and struggling. I finally found a place and a lady that will work with my budget. However this also means that I can only see my husband on the weekends now. Before my niece had a night time job and I would wait till she got off, put my son to bed and go up there to visit at night for a little. Everyting seems to go wrong all at once. I spent the days I had off to try to find some financial assistance. I have been so frustrated at the lack of help. I dont want anyone to tell me that help is easy to find. It's not. You have to be practially destitute to get help, with everything about to be shut off. Shouldnt organizations try to help before your credit is ruined, you are about to be evicted and your heat shut off?? Then there is the fact that for most places I make too much money. I've tried to move out of our townhouse and into a smaller place, but our Apartments wont work with me. $500 transfer fee plus a deposit and first months rent for me to move to a smaller place. if I could pay that I wouldnt be asking to move in the first place. I tried to get child care subsidy but there is a 3 months waiting period!! I did find a food pantry to help and got some food. Thank god for the lapband! I just use the food to feed my son. I feel so lonely. Sometimes I just cry alone. I miss my niece being there. I only look forward to going to work so I can talk to adults. I talk mostly to my cat and my son. My best friend calls or texts but she is young and busy. Most people pity me or say they will pray for me, but not any real help. I miss my husband so much. I just want one day off. One day where I dont have to stand outside in the cold in front of some so called Christian Charity and have them turn me down. Or where I dont have to spend all day at work applying for help that never comes. I'm depressed. I'm broke and my heart is hurting. In positive news my wieght loss continues. I'm at 250 now. I lost on the average of 8-10lbs a month!! I havent been able to work out in over a week cause of my schedule now. I'll try to do something maybe afterwork, but I have the baby and its cold. Maybe get some tapes or something when income tax time comes thru.
  9. Texasbandit

    Update Time!! Drama, Feeling Lost And Weight Loss

    Oh I forgot to mention that. I did file disability thru a company last month. My husbands condition is on a list of terminal conditions that can be fast tracked thru the system, but I dunno how long its gonna take.
  10. Texasbandit

    Hubby In Critical Condition

    Hi everyone, just an update. Hubby is in critical condition now. He is not breathing on his own and is intubated and has a feeding tube in his stomach. A few times his vitals dipped really low and we had to rush to the hospital asap cause they didnt think he wouldnt make it. After installing another device, a tandem heart, he has improved, but still in a medically induced coma. It's so hard to see him like that. They are shooting for a LVAD next week. A LVAD is a mechanical pump attatched to his heart. This will bridge him to transplant. A new heart wont be available for a few months. I'm just so tired.
  11. Hey everyone its a new year and here is an update on what has been going on: I Made it thru the holiday's like gang busters. Lost weight, still going strong, Went in for a fill and was told I didnt need one. I lost 12lbs last month. I guess I've reached the green zone! I've lost 52lbs now and I feel good. I havent bought any clothes yet, but I'm getting desperate for work clothes. All of my work pants have went to the retired pile now. Money is tight, so I'll try to figure out something. My husband had LVAD surgery 2 weeks ago and due to kidney failure he is on dialysis continiously to try to remove the fluid from his body. He is awake and his vocal chords are messed up a bit, but he talks and I can understand him a little. He stil on a feeding tube and has liver problems. So i just try to take it one day at a time. Xmas was alright. My son got lots of gifts from friends and family. He was having fun running around playing with everything. I had a scary moment while visiting my hubby. I started to feel sick to my stomach. I thought it was something I ate. So I thought it would pass. Then I started to sweat. I was thinking I was gonna puke. Then i got dizzy. I was trying to find a chair and get out of my husbands room. Then I began to see spots, my legs turned to Jello and then bam, I passed out. Thank goodness a nurse was there to break my fall. The nurses in the ICU all scrambled to help me and I was rushed to the ER. They checked everything and I was fine. I think I havent been eating enough and not resting like I should but heck half the time I dont have the time to eat. I'm working, taking care of my son and visiting my hubby almost everyday. I'll try to do better for this year.
  12. you can lose weight without working out. its harder and slower, but 1200 calories isnt just it. You also have to eat clean and watch sodium. Sodium I have found to be a diet kill for me and others. I bloat big time. Like 5-6lbs when i have a cheat day. Its crazy. I have a kidney issue where my kidneys dont expell salt. So, I'm on meds. I dont eat processed foods. I cook everything that I eat and I use salt substitues. I am losing 10-12lbs per month for the past 3 months. My first month I stopped losing and was sooo frustrated. I was working out twice a day and eating 800 calories a day and nothing. My dr. found my kidney issues and boom, I was down 10lbs in a week.
  13. I was banded on 09/02/11 since then I have lost 52lbs!
  14. If you are a slow loser that means you just have to work at it harder. I couldnt survive if I didnt use myfitnesspal.com to log in everything that I eat. What are you eating? How much? What kinds of food?? I am on a low calorie, low carb diet. I try to eat 1200 calories a day or less and under 40 grams of carbs a day. I work out 5-6 days a week.
  15. Texasbandit

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    Maybe it's cause it's the holidays? I've been trying to work out but ive been so tired, but I've been losing consistantly. I've been working hard though. I log in everything I eat and work out at least 5 days a week. I've lost almost 50lbs but I've got another 50 to go.
  16. Ok as we all know clothing sizes can change per brand, store, designer, style etc. About a month ago I bought some new clothes but I've found it a bit disturbing how somethings are fitting now. For instance, my ass. My ass is shrinking. Now I didn't have an ass to begin with, but now it's tight and smaller. So my old jeans have saggy butt when I wear them. Not attractive. Looks like I'm wearing a diaper underneath or something. Also shirts that I have hang at odd angles and look too big. I just don't want to look like I'm wearing clown clothes!! Anyhoo, so I bought new ones. Some stuff online and some at clothing stores. I tried most if it on. Well maybe I'm not sizing myself right or something but I can wear the jeans I bought just fine. They are skinny jeans, but good lord the rest of it is kinda too big. So what should I do? Buy smaller sizes? Or just wait? I tried to predict and get a little smaller but I dunno now. I don't wanna waste money. I don't plan to buy anything soon since money is tight. But I work in an office and I don't want to go to work with my pants dragging the ground and 2 sizes too big!!!!
  17. Texasbandit

    Still Having A Hard Time Sizing Clothes

    I've decided to slow down on the clothes buying and just wait until after christmas. Besides, I dont really have anytime anymore to shop.
  18. Texasbandit

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    Morning, just checking in. My husband has been in the hospital for 2 weeks. My blog explains what is going on. He's almost died a few times, but finally on transplant list. My working out efforts are o.k. but I'm so tired and don't have time. I have also uploaded a few pics.
  19. Texasbandit


    From the album: Texasbandit

    Me now november 2011 before thanksgiving. About 267.
  20. Texasbandit


  21. Texasbandit


    From the album: Texasbandit

    this is me in 2010. about 4 months after having my baby. I was about 320 here.
  22. Texasbandit

    Finally Made It To Onderland

    I haven't seen onderland since I was 12!! I dunno how I could even wrap my mind around that. I have 60lbs to go to onderland and I hope I get there one day.
  23. Looking good momma!! We are almost the same weight and size!! Feb this year when I started my journey I was 317. now I'm 260!
  24. Texasbandit

    Too Big Or Too Small

    My fourth fill will be on the 8th but I don't know how many cicis I have but I chew chew the heck outta everything. I don't eat bread or rice. I have had pasta at thanksgiving, no issues. Chicken gets stuck often but if I chew it good and take little bites I'm fine.
  25. Ok I'm gonna be a Debbie downer but have you really thought about what it takes to be successful with the lapband? It takes work and it's not a cure for anything. I just get a little alarmed when I see people that has had other weight loss surgeries or plastic surgery and still haven't been successful in losing weight. Have you tried dieting and excersize? Did you know that some lapband doctors push for a low carb or restrictive diet? Why not try a serious work out and diet plan with a nutrtionalist? Cause with the band you will be restricted and advised to workout. It's all about changing your life. Just think about it.

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