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Yeah My Life Sucks! Updates





Well I found out last month that on 06/15 I will be laid off! This couldnt have came at a worse time with johns health problems and all. I cried like a baby and went on a eating binge for 3 days. My weight loss came to a screeching hault for a while. I was in a really really dark place. I feel better now, but still worried about work. I do get severance which is great.



on 03/13 my husband will be released from rehab. I am so happy!! He wont be able to walk, which sucks, but I'm just so happy to have him home. He has been in the hospital since 11/27/11. He is in good spirits and I have to take this weekend to get everything ready. I gotta clean my house, car and buy some stuff for him. Like a cart for all his medical supplies. He needs to have bandage change every 3 days. There will be a home health care nurse and rehab specialist coming over almost everyday. I'm also trying to set something up with a state funded program that has someone sitting with him while I am at work. Until then, I will be taking vacation time.


As for work, I am kinda looking here and there for a new job within my company. My impending layoff on june 15th has me kinda frantic, but to be honest I look forward to my severance pay and taking a break. I need a break. I realize that when I move I will take a 3-4 dollar pay cut which is huge since I will be the only breadwinner for a while. I had an interview yesterday, but I'm not positive I will get it. John wants to return to some kinda job, maybe his old one, but he isnt strong enough for all that. He will walk again, it's just one week at a time,


As for my weight loss. I did hit the 6 month wall. All weight loss stopped. Partially it was my fault too, I ate too much and didnt work out a lot due to stress. I have found that stress halts all my weight loss efforts and when I'm not so stressed the weight has been coming off again this week. I've stuck to my diet and I am proud of myself that despite all this I am still standing and standing in size 14 jeans!


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