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    Why? Another weight-loss gimmick.
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    It was E Coli....

    And I agree with this entirely, well said! I always tell people that I've got a lapband becuase I'd hate anyone to think that I'm some superwoman with amazing willpower whilst they're miserable failures. There IS an answer to obesity and I dont want to hide it or keep it secret, I want to share my experience and my journey to help others. If you want to keep it private, that's your choice, but why make stupid jokes about it? How can you know when you say that to someone whether cancer has touched their lives?
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    It was E Coli....

    Not funny and immature to say the least. How about putting on your bigboy or girl undies and tell the truth...Its not that hard to celebrate weight loss. As losing a parent and two Grandparents to Cancer its hard not to be upset.
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    I am so sorry to hear about your divorce. Even if you wanted the divorce it still must be very painful. I can still eat an awful lot of food too. But I'm trying really hard not to. Do you have a good therapist to talk to? I can't stress how important it was for me to get a therapist and talk to her about my binge eating disorder. Don't beat yourself up, just do better tomorrow. That's all we can do. Try to have more good days than bad. Hugs to you!
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    You're losing more than 1 lbs a week so you're completely on track for healthy and normal weight loss. While that's not comforting - you are losing. And if you've stopped losing then you need to review what you're doing. Getting another surgery may not help if you're over eating or eating horrible food. A lot of people who get more invasive stomach altering surgeries end up gaining all the weight back - and more - and stretch their new stomach to a larger size. Just keep at what you're doing, monitor your calories closely using something like The Daily Plate and your activity using something like the FitBit ($99 / free website with tracking, tracks your sleep, your activity level, your steps, mileage, and food) and see where the discrepancy is. Since you're doing this for 3 more months make the best of those three months and write down every single thing you eat and the amount (measure it). And invest $99 in a FitBit and track your activity effortlessly so you can see how much you're really moving every day (you may be shocked). You need a caloric deficiency of 500 calories per day (either by less food than your height/weight needs) or by burning via activity to lose 1 lbs / week. Chances are, at your weight, you need around 2,400 calories to maintain your weight (with no increase in activity). So drop your calories to 1,400 / day (a comfortable amount) and walk at least 5,000 steps a day (it's an achievable goal for most people - whereas 10,000 steps can put some people off initially) and you'll see movement.
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    Husband hurt my feelings....

    Men often don't know how to word things. He may have simply been saying that you are looking looser (this is a good thing, it means you're losing weight) and oddly, that extra skin can make someone look like they are gaining weight because the skin isn't tight. Working out with weights will help bring your skin in and fill you out with muscle instead of fat. YOU may want to go apologize to him for jumping to conclusions and tell him that it hurt when he made those comments because YOU interpreted them negatively and didn't take the time to ask him what it is he was seeing that seemed different. You are too close to how you look to see what others can - he was simply being honest, regardless of how you chose to take it. Instead of being insulted you could have said, "Really? I'm looking flabby? I hadn't noticed since I look at myself everyday, but that's good! That means I'm losing more weight! You're probably right that it's time for me to step up my workouts to try to pull some of this old skin back in." Instead, you chose to be insulted and chose to take it out on him. Had you been positive, and if he really meant it as an insult, that would have made him rethink what he said to word it better or to not say it again. Being negative and overreacting in response just makes the situation worse. No one can make you say or do or feel anything - they can only present you with a stimulus, it's up to you to respond. The second you go on the defense, you've already lost.

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