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  1. If you've lost some weight, perhaps you have less fat between your underwire and ribs now? Sorry... On my phone I can't see any signature information so I don't know how long you've been banded or how much you've lost...
  2. CheckYes

    What To Eat/drink Before And After Workout?

    I drink either Horizon or Organic Valley. One is closer to 4 to 1 than the other and I can't remember which right now!
  3. CheckYes

    Lap Band Port-friendly Ab Exercises?

    Pilates is great for the core because it is usually slow exercises that you can just not push as far if you feel any discomfort. I don't do sit ups but I do cross fit which is pretty intense. Planking is a great core exercise that is no contact or bending and, as the Internet craze proves, you can do it anywhere!
  4. When I read about this sort of pain, it seems like the majority of the time it is because the surgeon put fluid in the band at the time of surgery and it is just too much. Maybe call your surgeon and ask?
  5. CheckYes

    Lap Ban Failure

    I'm planning to have mine removed before I have skin removal surgery. I've lost this weight with never having a fill and a completely empty band. I have about six more months of hard core work to do on myself before I have the skin surgery and need to drop the remaining 35 pounds (which is probably less now because at my consult, the plastic surgeon said she thought she could get 5-8 pounds of skin off me right now). Because I've never had an adjustment, I feel like I am more prepared to accept the idea that I don't need the band anymore. Hard core exercise and eating well, organic and healthy is in my blood now. The band did neither of those things for me. Now, I can't say it did nothing for me but I feel that I can do this without it. Why not just leave it in? Well, the band gets blamed for every tiny pain I have and it worries me a lot. I think it best for me to get rid of it. I think that deciding to remove it or keep it is a very personal decision. I definitely wouldn't remove it unless I was sure I had the tools, knowledge and motivation to go it without it. I've lost weight before and gained it back but I never truly made exercise a part of my daily life. I also always felt deprived when I watched what I ate during "diets". Now, I eat what makes my body feel good and exercise goes right along with that. All the best,
  6. CheckYes

    light-headed....anyone else

    Drink a glass of low sugar apple juice. I had major headaches and found that if I drank about four ounces of juice it helped so much. No Protein shakes for six days?!?! Wow. I was allowed shakes the next day
  7. I competed in my first triathlon last weekend and placed fifth in my division! Next, I'm training for a half marathon but I pretty much do things every day that I've always wanted to do. I also got scuba certified in June which was a huge thing on my life list. I also want to row crew and am kayaking for the first time this coming weekend. Today, I bought a sequined dress for a party in a size 10 so, yeah, I'm excited!
  8. CheckYes

    Surgery in 8 hours!

    Slippers or flip flops. You might be bloated after the surgery so just make sure you wear something comfy. I wore sweats and that was fine. Consider bringing a pillow for the car ride home.. Those speed bumps and stuff can be a bit painful if you don't have a pillow to hold against your tummy
  9. P.S.: I wouldn't normally have posted this for a leak, but when you said you were having a port replacement and not a band replacement, it made me wonder...
  10. Have you considered getting therapy to help discover the reasons you aren't maintaining your weight loss? It has helped me so much - it might be worth looking into.
  11. CheckYes


    I was banded December 9, 2010 and havent yet had my sip! I figure I will when I reach my goal. Until then, I don't need it or feel like I'm missing anything so far.
  12. Fat free Refried beans! Yum!
  13. I now have way more energy! Im like a tornado all day long. I love it!
  14. I know for me, it does matter. I don't do low carb anymore because I'm training but before I was exercising hard I noticed that on days where I had more carbs, my weight loss would stall for a day or two. When I cut carbs, the scale started moving again. I also know that the amount of Water I drank played a role, along with how much sleep I got. I think for some, the problem with substituting healthy calories with chocolate is that chocolate can trigger cravings for sugar and I thinking moderation chocolate is great, but for some it doesn't stop at a once in a blue moon type thing. If you can limit your chocolate consumption to every once in a while - then I don't see why you couldn't have it in moderation. In the place I am in my journey, sure, I could probably eat french fries and get my calories from that but my body and mind do not want unhealthy crap. I only eat organic and am vegetarian (with an occasional piece of fish). I was vegetarian before the band but since I've lost some weight and am working hard, I find that I eat for fuel instead of pleasure. I guess what I am trying to say is that the jury is out on whether the type of calories matter. They definitely matter for some and might not matter for others. Give it a go - eat some chocolate bars and see what happens. One day shouldn't make that much difference. Hope that's a bit more insight for you, Kris! Best wishes!
  15. CheckYes

    poop Tea

    I would NOT drink that tea. The gas pain is not because you need to go to the bathroom. They pump your stomach cavity with gas so they can see in there to place your band. The last thing you need right now is to get dehydrated. Drink as much water as you can. Walk around as much as you can.
  16. I eat carrots and potatoes. I try to limit potatoes but I don't see why you can't have both in moderation.
  17. You need to eat healthy and exercise. You can eat ice cream all day with the band. Should you? Of course not. You must make the right food choices and exercise. It doesn't do everything for you. Follow every instruction your surgeon gives you... That's how you will succeed.
  18. CheckYes

    Lap Band and Hcg?

    I have no clue what HCG and I could Google it... however, based on the posters above who have tried it, it sounds like a fad to me. Sure, it sounds like it worked temporarily but then everyone regained the weight. I don't think it is a good idea to mess with your natural hormone levels if that's what it involves. Your body works the way it does for a reason. Change your weight using healthy eating and exercise.
  19. CheckYes


    I think I heard that it can be anemia or low potassium. Check google.
  20. I'm sometimes shocked when I turn around in a dressing room and see my body in the mirror. I expect to turn around and see someone a lot bigger. When I'm not looking at myself I think of myself as bigger than I am. I still grab XL and size 16 when I actually fit into a M and size 10 pants. It's an adjustment for sure. I found it helped me a lot to take a photo on the 15th of every month. Now that I am down 85 pounds seeing the difference helps my brain adjust and sometimes elevates my mood when the scale hasn't changed.
  21. I'm definitely goal-oriented and I hadn't really thought much of being 199 as a goal so it was kind of just another weigh in for me too. I promise to jump and break my scale when I do reach my final goal though!
  22. CheckYes

    Please help, I'm freaking out

    You are going to be fine. It's normal to have a little panic before you have surgery but it will be ok. I don't eat chicken broth OR Jello. In fact, I eat healthy fresh fruit and veggies and grains. I occasionally have a frozen yogurt - but only as a treat really. I can eat everything I used to eat without any problem. I don't have any fill in my band and I hear some people have trouble with bread or dry chicken but not everyone does. I can guzzle Water no problem. I cannot feel the band. I can feel my port through my skin but I have also lost 85 pounds so it is a bit closer to the surface than when it was placed. I had minimal pain. I used the liquid prescription pain medication the day after surgery and then the next day I used Tylenol. I haven't needed any pain medication or had any band related pain since. The worst part of recovery, for me, was just remembering to be gentle with my incision sites. I felt great and needed to remind myself I had just had surgery! Also, I had a pretty substantial headache off and on the first few days but that was resolved by drinking a small amount of low sugar apple juice. Be prepared to wonder what on earth you have done to yourself on day 2 or 3 - it will be a fleeting thought and most of us have gone through that. I found that having a positive attitude made my recovery time so much better and faster! You are going to be ok. Read through some of the lap band success stories in the forum - there is a specific thread for them. Best wishes! Let us know how you are!
  23. CheckYes

    Tingling Sensation

    Sounds like a nerve issue. Perhaps get it checked out.
  24. CheckYes

    Fish sticks.. Good or bad?

    I was eating Dr Pragers potato-crusted fish sticks which are gluten free. I found them to be really easy to have on those days where I needed something to cook without thinking about it too much. They are pretty healthy and easy. Now, I tend to eat more vegan than vegetarian with an occasional piece of fish but plan on eliminating fish altogether.
  25. CheckYes

    Do you ever feel like a fraud?!

    I think for me, I don't feel like a fraud, but I do not like the fuss people make over my weight loss. I think it is because I didn't realized just how embarrassed I was before to be carrying all that extra weight. I still have about 40 pounds to go so I am not totally there yet but it's almost like I just want to get there and have everyone only remember the new healthy me. Also, you have to know that one pound is not going to make a difference in the way you look. You look good whether you are at your lowest weight or a few pounds from it. Don't feel like a fraud. You worked hard for it. Whether it is 37 pounds or 38 is really immaterial. Good for you!

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