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  1. If you've lost some weight, perhaps you have less fat between your underwire and ribs now? Sorry... On my phone I can't see any signature information so I don't know how long you've been banded or how much you've lost...
  2. I didn't have to do a pre op diet or bowel prep. My instructions were just to eat soft foods the day before surgery.
  3. Stick a 1/4 cup measuring cup on your counter and don't eat more than what fits in there at a time.
  4. CheckYes

    Am I Overeating?

    I think your doctor is talking about volume of food rather than calories. When I was three months post op, I was eating a cup of food three times a day and I had no fill in my band at all. I would suspect you should be eating 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of food per meal.
  5. I've gone from a 9 to an 8!
  6. CheckYes

    What To Eat/drink Before And After Workout?

    I drink either Horizon or Organic Valley. One is closer to 4 to 1 than the other and I can't remember which right now!
  7. Perhaps you are lactose intolerant? Try eliminating milk, dairy products and whey protein powder for a few days and see if that helps.
  8. CheckYes

    Stopped Losing...

    I agree with Jenn. Your body could still be recovering from the recent surgery. Don't get discouraged. Just stay on track.
  9. No problem with raisins but i would limit dried fruit consumption - the calories and sugar really add up fast.
  10. CheckYes

    Lap Band Port-friendly Ab Exercises?

    Pilates is great for the core because it is usually slow exercises that you can just not push as far if you feel any discomfort. I don't do sit ups but I do cross fit which is pretty intense. Planking is a great core exercise that is no contact or bending and, as the Internet craze proves, you can do it anywhere!
  11. Can I suggest you get a foam roller? You can get them at Target and most sporting goods stores. Do a quick google search about foam rolling muscles. It's been really helpful for me. It hurts the first few weeks of rolling but, I swear, it ends up feeling good and is really helpful.
  12. CheckYes

    What To Eat/drink Before And After Workout?

    I drink an organic low fat chocolate milk after each workout. It has the perfect 4 carb to 1 protein ratio to promote rebuilding of muscle. Both my strength training coach and my triathlon coach recommended it. It also helps reduce muscle soreness after really intense workouts. In order for it to be effective, you have to drink it within 45 minutes of completing your workout. This is the only time I have something sweet like this because it's the only time your body can effectively burn sugar (right after a workout). Sometimes I work out just for the chocolate milk!
  13. CheckYes

    Extra Skin!

    Whether or not you have loose skin has nothing to do with how much effort you put in. It has to do with many factors including, but not limited to, genetics, length of time obese, stretch marks, skin elasticity, exercise, circulation, etc. I know someone who took a year to lose her weight (over 100 pounds) and was 23. She ended up with a lower body lift with a circumferential incision. I will too but I've been overweight for 30 years.
  14. CheckYes

    Is This Normal

    I suspect it might be a psychological thing. Start really slowly. It took me quite a while to feel comfortable eating and I was rarely hungry despite having an empty band from Day 1. Start with yogurt and move into other foods from there. You will hit a major weight loss stall if you don't progress your eating. Maybe talk to your doctor to make sure there is nothing physical going on. You need to try hard to get on to solids. You may never feel satisfied of you don't.
  15. Just go and try. Every designer is different and I am sure that is the same in bridal. Have fun trying dresses on!!
  16. When I read about this sort of pain, it seems like the majority of the time it is because the surgeon put fluid in the band at the time of surgery and it is just too much. Maybe call your surgeon and ask?
  17. It's fabulous to be able to cross your legs, put your tray table down and still have space in the seat next to you. I also get up to use the bathroom on planes now because I don't worry about having to walk down the aisle semi-sideways to avoid hitting people with my hips!
  18. CheckYes

    Lumps Under the Arm???

    Could it be boils? It helps to use an antibacterial body wash in the shower. I think Dial makes one specifically for body use - make sure it says antibacterial. I also hear switching from deodorant to anti-persperant (or is it the reverse) can help.
  19. Dont do it unless you are told to. The post op diet is hard enough without adding two weeks of calorie deprivation to it. Just follow your surgeons orders. I know you are eager to get going but the weight will come off - I promise - if you follow your doctors orders!
  20. Vlp, You got this! You know exactly what to do and have been so successful. You said you haven't been on the treadmill for a while. I suspect that getting on it more over the holidays is really all you will need to do. That and following your eating plan 90% of the time. Don't worry too much - you're one of the posters that I read and KNOW can do this for the long haul.
  21. liquid Tylenol Liquid prescription pain meds Low sugar apple juice Listerine breath strips or some other dissolvable breath strips Protein shake mix Slippers or shoes you don't have to bend down to put on I think that's it... Good luck!
  22. CheckYes

    No protein shakes

    I only used protein shakes for about a month after surgery while I was on liquids and mushies. Now I get all the protein I need from food. Haven't had a protein shake since. I was pretty stoked to see the back of them.
  23. And corn chips are a vegetable, right? Day two and you're sailing. My concern was for month six and setting yourself up for failure with this Pringles are mashed potatoes idea. I encourage you to do this the right way. Call your surgeon and ask what he/she thinks of pringles on day two. If your plan says any food "as tolerated" on day two then knock yourself out.
  24. Can I suggest you use body fat percentage rather than weight to track your progress? Check at your local gym to see if they have the machine to measure it or see if there is hydrostatic weighing near you. I think that you might need more calories - especially given you are working out. I recently found out that my base metabolism was 1650 calories and eating below that caused my body to hold on to weight. I was training for a triathlon at the time and burning between 2400-2900 calories a day so eating 1000-1200 was way too low. Also, I've recently started lifting serious weights in the past month - 4 days a week - and it broke a three month plateau with an 8 pound loss in one month and a loss of 1.6% body fat!
  25. I guess I'll be the bad guy... Pringles?? Two days after surgery? Are you kidding me? I don't care how chewed the Pringles are - it's not a good choice. My thought is that if you can't resist Pringles two days after surgery with a newly sutured band then how are you going to resist cake on Day 6, a plate of lasagna on Day 46, two big Macs on Day 96? Get it together! You can do this and do it right. You deserve a happy and healthy life. You didn't go through all this to fail. My nutritional plan allows for "cheat meals" but no freaking way would I eat Pringles two days after surgery. I apologize for being harsh, blunt, and mean but I'm not going to sit here and say that's it ok and then not offer any encouragement towards healthier habits. YOU CAN DO IT!