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    Food Police

    I agree with everyone here. I didn't want everyone knowing my business so I have only told a selected circle of friends and family making sure not to post anything to facebook as well. Everyone who I have told has given positive support so I think I picked the right people to share with.
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    Let's Talk Exercise!

    Very important post indeed! I honestly won't listen to anyone complaining about not finding the time to incorporate workouts to their daily routine. This is purely nonsense. You found time to gorge and pig-out...you can find time to exercise. I'm not a big fan of 2~3 hour workout sessions. I think it's too much and cannot be sustained for a long time. However, I do believe in doing various 15~20 minute exercise sessions throughout the day. Being a paraplegic, I'm only able to work out my upper body... but I try to do as much as i can. Even pushing my manual wheelchair, I can change the style to isolate different muscle groups. For instance, I can lean forward and focus on my pectorals... or I can lean back and work on my front deltoids. I can also go uphill backwards in my wheelchair to work out my traps and some triceps. I'll try to go around my neighborhood (about 1 mile) with my dog at least once a day. It's pretty tough because we have pretty steep hills. My mother ails from rheumatoid arthritis and absolutely abhors working out... but I am so adamant that if she'd lose 30~40 pounds, the impact on her knees would be so much less. I guess it's much easier said than done.
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    You're losing more than 1 lbs a week so you're completely on track for healthy and normal weight loss. While that's not comforting - you are losing. And if you've stopped losing then you need to review what you're doing. Getting another surgery may not help if you're over eating or eating horrible food. A lot of people who get more invasive stomach altering surgeries end up gaining all the weight back - and more - and stretch their new stomach to a larger size. Just keep at what you're doing, monitor your calories closely using something like The Daily Plate and your activity using something like the FitBit ($99 / free website with tracking, tracks your sleep, your activity level, your steps, mileage, and food) and see where the discrepancy is. Since you're doing this for 3 more months make the best of those three months and write down every single thing you eat and the amount (measure it). And invest $99 in a FitBit and track your activity effortlessly so you can see how much you're really moving every day (you may be shocked). You need a caloric deficiency of 500 calories per day (either by less food than your height/weight needs) or by burning via activity to lose 1 lbs / week. Chances are, at your weight, you need around 2,400 calories to maintain your weight (with no increase in activity). So drop your calories to 1,400 / day (a comfortable amount) and walk at least 5,000 steps a day (it's an achievable goal for most people - whereas 10,000 steps can put some people off initially) and you'll see movement.
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    Any July 2011 Bandsters?

    Going to the hospital today for my pre-op blood work. Hoping to see a drop on the scale while I'm there. Excitedly awaiting surgery on the 28th.
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    Pasta, Rice, Potatoes...

    My surgeon says that he allows a lot of things in the post-op stage that he might not suggest later. . .
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    Marriage Relationship

    Oh Girl...there are some big flags going up in this relationship!! The fact that he won't tell you where he is living is the biggest one. My thinking is either he has her over a lot and doesn't want you unexpectantly popping in OR he is living with her. The fact that he called you several times and is having panic attacks could all be related to guilt. He wants you to console him. I agree that you MUST seel legal advise. When my 1st husband and I separated I never dreamed in a million years he would clean out my bank account, but he did!! If you have joint credit cards they must also be stopped today! Please see a lawyer and get the ball rolling. It takes a while for a divorce and you need to save your credit immediately-please do this now. Don't make the mistake I made-I was so trusting. It's been 11 years and I am still trying to clear up my credit. I know it's tough because you love him, but love isn't selfish and he is being selfish and playing mind games with you. Be strong and think with your head, not your heart. Don't wait around for him to make up his mind with what he wants. Truthfully, if it were me I would have to follow him home from work (or have a friend do it) just to see where he lives-he is hiding something. Stay strong and be smart-seek legal advice-most lawyers will give you a free consult. Please keep us posted on how you are doing!
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    Help I am Constipated!!

    If you want instant and natural relief make a salt Water cleanser. 1 L of water and 2 tsp of iodine free salt (like natural sea salt). Mix the salt with around 1 oz of super hot water to dissolve, then mix that with the rest of the 1 L of cold water, and chug it. It will taste like crap it will be horrible for the minute or two it takes you to drink it. But, it will clean you out - and fast. It causes a natural sodium imbalance in your intestines which causes your intestines to release Fluid, which gets your bowels moving - FAST. Seriously - FAST. Be near a toilet and plan on being near one for 2-3 hours. You'll feel great when it's done but it can be a bit tedious. However, it is natural and it works.

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