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    Daniel Fast...

    I am very new to church and just religion in general! And, my new church recently approached the topic of the Daniel fast. I am interested in paarticipating but nervous. I am curious if anyone here has done it as a post op patient? I am almost two years post op so it's not like I'm a newbie so I feel like it'll be possible. But I am concerned with lack of Protein. I am not the best with meeting my daily intake goals but at least I get some in. On this fast there's no meat so I will have to be very creative with protein. Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks in advance


    Great product with equally great customer service! I highly suggest it

    Fitbit Anyone?

    I've had mine for over a year. I love it and tell everyone about it.

    Fitbit Question

    Hold down the button as you do when tracking sleep. When finished the activity press it again.

    Daniel Fast...

    Thank you for the quick replies! Also thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure how long it they will be doing it. It was just briefly mentioned today. And I came home to do some research on my own before I committed to anything. But, so far I don't really think it will cause a problem.
  6. I've lost almost 150 pounds and my ring which started as a 9 now needs to be a 6... maybe even 5.75. IT's a channel setting. I've done tons of research online and most of it says that resizing a channel setting ring that much will cause the stones to pop out. But, I was curious if anyone actually was successful with their attempt to re size their ring? I'm too nervous to do it for my e-ring so we plan to use the center stone to make me a pendant and the side stones to make our nieces something. But, I still have TWO wedding bands that I'd like to re use IF possible!

    When Did You Add Salad?

    I'm 11 months and just had my first salad that didn't make me feel funny! Everyone is different.


    I read the article on him the other day on MSN and I was shocked. I understand how he wants to understand what people are going through. But, I think that's taking it a bit far.
  9. Well, BFF I am so glad you're feeling better

    I have to brag...

    that is so wonderful. great job!

    I'll show you mine... (LBD's)

    I seen this post last night. And, I was like WOW! I want to participate. However, I'm not a HUGE fan of my last LBD picture. Don't get me wrong it was a GREAT day. My husbands graduation day. It was also the first time I was able to borrow clothes from a "normal" sized friend. But, the shot was quick... and yeh. Then today I remembered I had a LBD my mom bought me a few weeks back. IT's gorgeous. But, we couldn't get it zipped up last time. But, it was 10 bucks and she said YOU WILL FIT IT SOME DAY BUY IT! ANYWAY! It's still a little snug but I was able to put it on, turn it around to zip it up, then move it back around. the really crazy thing is that it's a size 8! Granted it is cut a little big. But, still AN 8?!?! I'm in a 12 right now and the thought of size 8 is still crazy. lol
  12. I feel ya! MY rings were a size 9. And, were too big very soon. Now, they're even too big for my THUMB! And, I went to ask about having them re-sized and basically found out that the setting it is prevents it from being resized too much without risking the stones. I need it to be about a 6. And, I still have 24 pounds or so to go. For now i have a simple and dainty sapphire heart ring I wear on my left hand. I'm stuck as what to do because I already have two wedding sets. And, feel awkward asking for another. But, the second set was to Celebrate our new "Cancer FREE" life because for most of our marriage Cancer was a mistress in our marriage. So we plan to get me a new ring and use the stones of the old ones as gifts for our 5 nieces when they turn 16. 4 of the 5 really missed out on a lot of time with us with my husband being so sick so we thought it would be a sweet gesture. And, the fifth one was born while he was in remission.. but she will still benefit lol And, the the remaining stones and main stone would be made into something special for me to treasure! such a joy to need smaller rings but also frustrating
  13. Hi There! I'm Jes. I'm twenty four.. from Baltimore, Maryland. I had my sleeve on December 20th, 2010. So I will be ten months out in just three dates. I started my journey at 317 pounds, day of surgery I was 292. And, today I'm at 175 pounds. To date the brings me to a total f 142 pounds lost. My original goal weight was 150 pounds. But, even then at 5'5 my BMI would be considered over weight. So at my last visit my surgeon and I jokingly agreed my new goal weight was 147. So either way you look at it I have 25lbs or 27 lbs. I started wearing a 24/26 and a 2/3 x top. I'm now in a 12/14 and a Medium top. SUPER excited. My personal goal was a 14 because I couldn't ever remember fitting into a 14. And, now they're starting to be too big.... AMAZING! I've noticed lately the only time I lose weight is when it's TOM! I was hoping to reach goal by my 1 year mark. But, at this point I'll be happy with just meeting goal in general!
  14. I think it gets easier with time. I'll be 10 months out in 3 days. I think it's been closer to 11 months since I had a real soda..... Over the Summer I did break down and try a sip. Not because I craved it but because we were out and I was needing something and that's all we had at the moment.... It was so gross. I was like REALLY?! I used to drink HOW MANY OF THESE A DAY?! Then about a month ago my brain was playing serious tricks on me and made me think I was craving...... I went through a million things in my head. How maybe something like Sprite would do the trick.... or, a Coke slurpee! I ignored it... and, it went away. Stay strong.
  15. I do not know the reasoning behind my migraines but I have reason to believe that they were period related. I would get them so badly that I'd stay in bed for days... I'm 9 months post op and I have not had ONE migraine since then. I don't know whether it's related or not. But, I'm thankful.
  16. Thinking of you!! Saying lots of prayers for you and baby Tatum!!

    When to buy new clothes

    I wait until my clothes are uncomfortably big before I replace them. I have learned my lesson. Before I would buy clothes when they started to be a little too big and then the replacement items would be only good for two weeks before THEY needed replacing. However, some items such as undergarments have more priority then others!!!! I hate wearing my clothes too big now. But, I want to use my money to buy cuter, better quality clothes when I am at goal.
  18. Go with what YOU want. it's YOUR body. I am just now 9 months, I've lost 70 percent of my excess weight. My surgeon said I am above the curve. That I'm where most people are at 12 months post op...

    is it gallbladder pain?

    Everyone has different symptoms... I suggest going to your doctor. It's just a simple scan to find out if it IS your gallbladder.. then you can figure things out from there.

    gallbladder out?

    I had mine out a few months post op. I'm guessing from losing a lot of weight it caused it to go bad. It wasn't too bad. The sleeve was my first surgery, the gallbladder my second. It did stink that my first surgery caused my second. But, at the same time I'm happy enough with my weight loss that it was STILL Worth it. Plus, I don't need that stinkin' gallbladder anyway. Especially since in my family the women have issues with theirs already. So not having it anymore relives the stress of wondering when it'll go bad or whatever.


    I am trying it today. i haven't dyed my hair since February and even then I got high lights. So i'm attempting to cover them up so I won't have to dye my hair for another few months. i'm a little nervous because my hair has thinned so much =/

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I tried adding everyone but apparently you can only add up to 5 friends in a 10 minute period! LOL! ADD ME! JKoubik! I'm trying to food log SO badly! thinking with other sleeve friends I'd do better: )

    Pre op weight loss

    I wasn't given a set amount of weight to lose before surgery. I did two weeks of liquids/raw veggies. I managed to lose 25 pounds in those two weeks.

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