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    Headed to GNC

    I buy my protein at Vitamin Shoppe as they are much cheaper.
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    December 2010 Bandsters out there?

    Congrats to YOU and especially to your son..Keep up the great job, you want to be around a LONG time for him..
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    Holy Gas!!! Never in my life have I had so much. I was banded on 4/22 and to this day anything I eat produces an incredible amount of gas. Not so much through the top part of the body but down below. Its embarrassing because when you don't get rid of it, its so painful. So YES, its included in your lap band so far. Going for my post op tomorrow and will ask about it so will keep you posted !! Good luck keeping the gas in.....LOL Kelly
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    Been banded for two months now. I had a lot of gas for about a month. I remember thinking if I fart one more time I think I'm going to take off! It will go away, hang in there!
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    negative feedback

    You don't need this drama! Just write the guy off. You don't owe him any explanation.
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    Fastest Lap Band Weight Loss?

    Since dec I've lost 112 lbs ! I lost 50 on the 3 wk liquid and 62 since my surgery on dec 29th! And I've got more to go !