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  1. honk

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Sorry I'm going to be a contrarian. A mother who is that concerned about what their child eats would have researched what the child would be fed before committing to that camp. Sounds like this woman was looking for advertising for her group that she founded. Personally I think this kind of behavior is what causes eating disorders. Telling a child certain foods are evil and bad is guaranteed to give them food issues.
  2. Yes chobani has more calories but your portion sizes are larger. If you look carefully Chobani has 6 ounces and most of the others are 5.3. I personally have chobani with protein powder mixed in and some granola everyday for breakfast. I guess it depends on whether you're eating yogurt as a snack or as a meal.
  3. honk

    I Stumbled.......

    Popcorn for me is a slider.
  4. honk

    Hungry more?

    Well I normally eat after my workout, so by 8:00 pm I hungry in general.
  5. honk

    Sick, IDK why?

    Remember your body may be different from someone else's. You may need to be on mushies instead of solids. Personally I would back off solids for a while.
  6. honk

    Yogurt suggestions....

    I think you need to pick your battles. My doctor, nurse and nutritionist said Greek yogurt with fruit was fine. You do after all need fruit and veg in your diet.
  7. honk

    5 incisions??

    Probably needed additional tools to hold back organs/fat. As mentioned above the little incisions are practically invisible in a few months.
  8. honk


    Definitely got worse for the first week even though the tape as not on my body! Get an over the counter cream. No use suffering!
  9. honk

    Greek Yogurt

    If your on mushies Greek yogurt is a great choice.
  10. honk

    Greek Yogurt

    Are you on mushies day 7? I could not have yogurt until day 15. Greek yogurt is very thick for your pouch st this point.
  11. Please understand I am not being mean spirited. You need to measure your food. My doctor says to weigh 3 oz of Protein and eat low fat/ cal veggies until full. When your allotted protein is gone no seconds. Just because you can eat more doesn't mean you should. This is a diet for now. Also, don't expect restriction at your first fill. Took me about six fills.
  12. Starting week 2 or week 3? Week two I was allowed 1 cup full liquids ie tomato soup and 1 cup in protein shake. Week three was 3 oz soft mushies like yogurt per serving. My doctor goes by weigh rather than volume (cup) for solids.
  13. honk


    How long can you go between meals? How large are your meals. What are you eating. You should expect at restriction to be able to go 4-5 he's before you feel hungry. The band isn't meant to make you never feel hungry.
  14. 1/4 cup is unrealistic. An adult will be hungry even a bandster on that much food.
  15. honk

    fourth month

    What are your insurance requirements. This are spelled out in your policy.
  16. honk

    Protein Powder

    My doctor says I should be able to eat 3 oz solid protein lunch and dinner. For breakfast I have Greek yogurt and half scoop protein powder and high protein Kashi go lean. I get my protein in. Is your band too tight? You should be able to get your protein from solids.
  17. It stinks but you need to stop eating once your allotted food us gone! That's why this is a will power diet at the start.
  18. honk

    how much food?

    I would say the Fiber bars have to go. Really more like glorified candy bars. My doctor really wanted no Snacks from day one. If you must have a snack try plain chicken breast. My doctor says to beware of creating food habits. Its one thing to keep an emergency Protein bar in your car planing 2 fiber bar snacks is a food habit. I do recommend weighing your protein. I bring my lunch everyday. When out for Breakfast most places will make you egg whites or eggbeaters. Choose 2-3 egg whites and one pancake vs 2 French Toast.
  19. If it makes you feel any better I do an hour of cardio 7 days a week and I'm in a major stall. And yes I do watch my calorie intake. My doctor wants an hour of cardio everyday so it could be that at your weight you need to be doing a lot more exercise in order to lose. Remember at lower weights your basal metabolism will burn less calories than if you weighed more.
  20. honk

    phase 2

    How many days post op? Do you have any fill? My doctor says if you can't eat 3 oz solid protein you are to tight. If you are less than 4 weeks post op I would scale back to a mushy protein so as to ensure 3 oz.
  21. It can take two weeks to fill to take effect. If post period you can't eat 3 oz solid protein by lunch you are too tight. Remember .1-.2 cc can make all the difference.
  22. honk

    Last meal ????

    I went to not your average joes for their bread because I heard I would not be able to eat bread after surgery. I split dinner so I didn't overeat. I can eat bread so that was kind of pointless. You'll be able to eat most things once healed; you'll just want to eat fattening things on rare occation.
  23. My doctor's office had 2 nutritionist the first 1 I didn't like the second 1 I got along much better with. Regarding your test. I would call and ask specifically for the nurse practitioner with whom you're going to work. I would ask is there a reason you should wait to take this test. If there's no reason to wait I would ask they schedule it right away. Find out will she schedule it or do you schedule it. I find doctors offices to be like any other business if you don't set expectations and find out who is going to do a task it will go Undone. If once you've established a relationship with the nurse practitioner and they don't return call then you have a problem. Consider did they not return a call the same day or was it the next day or the day after? A nurse may not consider a call from a pre op patient urgent. I will say that your relationship with the nursing staff is very important. My doctor does not do fills they are done by the nurse practitioner. I really really really like my nurse practitioner. I like my surgeon and I got what I wanted from him an excellent surgery but I don't know if he really would succeed doing feels all day. I don't think you would say that was his calling.

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