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  1. I was sleeved a week ago today. Have had really no bad side effects other than gas, an extra period and now some diahrreha.................Except, I don't know why, but it's like my internal thermostat is broken....BIG TIME!!! One minute I am perfectly fine, then FREEZING, then sweat is running down my back. My temp has not been above 100 since surgery, so it's not a fever! I went to bed last night so cold. I had on flannel jammies and a sweatshirt. Woke up 2 hours later, seriously sopping wet like I had just got out of the pool. It was NASTY! Again, I didn't have a fever, so not like a fever broke! I am 36, so really don't think it is change of life, I mean it could be I suppose, but i don't know if because I was forced to have another period so soon after having one if that is making me feel this way? But, it is like every couple of hours I go from one extreme to the next. Any suggestions? Anyone else do this?? Am I just a weirdo? Is is just the anastesia? Help!! Thanks! Kelly
  2. I had the sleeve surgery with Kaiser. Best thing I ever did! Good luck to you. Kelly
  3. went on my trip home for holidays. everyone was SHOCKED at how good i looked 117lbs lighter!! i gained .3, but lost 2 lbs in 2 days after getting home. so, all in all i did good. hope you all had a good holiday!! :)

  4. went on my trip home for holidays. everyone was SHOCKED at how good i looked 117lbs lighter!! i gained .3, but lost 2 lbs in 2 days after getting home. so, all in all i did good. hope you all had a good holiday!! :)

  5. I had surgery on Monday, May 9th, and so far have lost 60lbs. I also lost 55lbs pre-op for a total lost of 115lbs!! WOOT!! Kelly
  6. I had to slowly transition into eating again. I had to do liquids, then purees, then solids. Now that I am almost 7 months out, I pretty much eat whatever I want. I always do my protein first and don't eat pasta, rice, chips, cookies, pies, cakes etc. But, if I want some chocolate, I have a piece. I didn't however, eat anything but protein and a few veggies/fruit for 6 months. I got to goal really fast by sticking to my dr.'s rules. Now, I eat what I want and don't worry too much because I know I can't eat too much of anything!! Good luck to you! Kelly
  7. For me, I followed my surgeons guidelines. I exercise daily and that is it. No magic here. Just did what I was told and was persistant about my exercise. Good luck to you! Kelly
  8. kellyw74

    Ashamed of WLS?

    I told nobody except my husband, not even my own mother knows and she is my bff.!! I think people can be so negative and just down right mean about the subject. Just the other day, I was talking to my unlce's gf and she was telling me about a friend of her's that had lap band and how she "would never" do something like that!!! why not just diet and exercise and do it "THE RIGHT WAY"!! I was so offended. What is the right way is what I wanted to say, but I didn't. My husband sat there snickering and we laughed later. It isn't like I sit on the couch on my A$$ and eat bon-bons all day long and lose 5lbs at the end of the week. It DOES NOT work that way!!! But, that is how ignorant people are. They really are un-educated and have not a clue that you still have to exercise and eat right. I have worked harder to lose every lb since my surgery than I ever have in my entire life and THAT MY FRIENDS is THE HONEST TRUTH!! There is not a magic trick or pill. Nothing about this is easy!!!. I may tell my mom in a couple weeks when I see her-she lives in another state, but for now, only my husband knows. I tell people I eat low carb and high protein and that I exercise. That is the truth, I just omit the part about the VSG. Kelly
  9. going to see my family in a week in another state for thanksgiving. non of them know about my surgery and the last time they saw me i was 280lbs. i am nervous and excited of how they are going to react to my 160lb body! wish me luck!

  10. kellyw74

    Completely F*%King LOST

    i dobut you have stretched your sleeve. it looks like what you are eating are all slider foods and that could be your problem. if you are eating maily sliders, you wont feel restriction with them and can eat and eat and eat all day. try following the "rules" of the sleeve and eating dense protein at each meal FIRST and then some veggies and then fruit if you have room. I bet money, that you will feel restriction. follow the rules and you will be just fine!! Kelly
  11. i walked day one home from the hospital. no issues with walking, it was encouraged. i was not supposed to lift over 10lbs for the 1st 2 weeks and 20lbs up to week 5 or until i saw my surgeon for clearance and NO ab exercises till then either. all i did was walk until seeing my dr. then it all fair game. walking is great exercise anyway. i still do it almost daily at 7 months out. kelly
  12. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be where I am today!!!! I had my surgery 5/9/11 and in 6 short months have reached GOAL!! WOW, just WOW. I also had my labs done and they are stellar. I lost 55lbs pre-op and 60lbs since surgery, for a total of 115lbs. I am in just amazement of this terrific gift GOD has blessed me with. I have gone from a 22/24 to a 6 and had a BMI of 43 and now have a 25. Are you kidding me!!?? I wanted to be a 10 and have far surpassed my expectations. I am sooooo stoked. I have never been this small in my life and I feel on top of the world. My diabetes is gone, my hbp is gone and I do not take any medication for either anymore! How terrific is that?!?!?! I plan on doing a before and after photo collage this weekend. So, stay tuned! Kelly :Banane55:
  13. how awesome, and yes def a nsv!! CONGRATS!! i have had to buy lots of undies. went from a size 9 to a 5. i can't stand underware that doesn't fit!! drives me crazy! Kelly
  14. kellyw74

    At 2 months out, how much could you eat?

    i didn't eat much at 2 months out either. i was eating a bite or two of things and that was it. i am just over 6 months out and still can not eat more than 3 oz of meat at a time. usully 2.5oz, a bite or two of veggies and i am finished! i use to take 20 minutes to eat my meal, but i can eat much faster than that now. i still eat slow for the amount of food i do eat tho. kelly
  15. WOW!! Irene, you have had a lot done since I was away!! Good for you. Glad you are feeling good. The girls look great and so do your legs!! Keep us posted on your progress!!! Hugs, Kelly
  16. I posted earlier that I met goal and that I would post pics. Couldn't figure out how to add them to that link, so I added them to my profile and now, I figured out how to add them. So, here they are. I have lots more, but these will give you an idea of where I started and where I am headed. Kelly
  17. kellyw74

    Almost 4 months post-op

    So happy for you! COngrats, that is awesome!! Babyt, I only spent the night and went home the next day. I had no complications at all and was up walking a few hours after surgery. Hope you have a good experience too! Kelly
  18. kellyw74

    6 months out w/pics

    Thanks friends! Kelly :not_ripe:
  19. kellyw74


    Oh and I did put the pics in my profile and in another post under the SUCCESS STORIES. "6 month out w/pics" Kelly
  20. kellyw74


    I think my biggest reason for getting to goal so quickly was that I followed the rules of my surgeon. I did and still do eat my protein first and rarely have room for anything else, I try to eat a bite or two of some vegetable everyday tho. I also eat a piece of fruit everyday. However, I did not do this until about 4 1/2 months out, I ate ONLY protein. I still do not eat chips, pasta, rice, bread, etc. and I don't miss it at all!! I just recently ate some chocolate for the first time since surgery and I am glad I waited till being so close to goal to allow myself treats. I I also exercise just about everyday for at least 45 minutes. I started out walking and now I jog a couple times a week. Do what your dr. tells you and you will be fine!! Kelly :cheers2:
  21. kellyw74


    Thanks again for your nice words. M2G, I did Kaiser's pre-op diet for about 4-5months while going thru their process and lost that weight. lsereno, I have bought myself a fab gift. I got invisalign to straighten my teeth! i am excited. i also have lots of new clothes that i actually look nice it for a change! Maintenance for me is very scary. I have never done that before. Sure, I have lost lots of weight in the past, but only to put it right back on again!! I know that my sleeve will not allow me to do that this time, but it still scares me. I will continue to post pics as time goes on!! Hugs to you all. Kelly
  22. kellyw74


    Thanks again! I put some pictures in my profile. I could not figure out how to post them here, but if you are interested in looking at them, feel free. I have lots of others, but those will give you all an idea of where i started and where i am headed! Hugs, Kelly :purplebananna:
  23. kellyw74


    thanks everyone! and M2G, i am going to post some pics, i just am at work and don't have access right now. i will get it done this weekend! Kelly
  24. kellyw74

    Never in a million years

    WOO HOO!! That is AWESOME!! Congrats Kelly
  25. With Kaiser, you can email your dr. That is what I did when I wanted to have it done. I just explained that I was overweight, what my BMI was and how I have failed and failed and failed again at weight loss attempts. Gained and lost and gained some more. I had diabetes and hbp, all of this he knew, but i put it out there for him to read and he agreed that wls was a good option for me and that i met the guidelines. Try putting your problems out there and saying that you meet the requirements and see how that goes. Good luck!! kelly