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    So, my husband took me to Carrabbas for our anniversary dinner. It's a fairly decent Italian restaurant. I think it's a chain. . .but don't know for sure. Anyway, I was very nervous about what to eat, or if it would be (emotionally) painful, given how much I love Italian (high carb) cooking! Of course they brought that fabulous Italian bread (fresh baked, warm and soft!) and a plate of olive oil with seasonings in which to dip it. I confess, I did scarf one tiny piece of the bread. But no oil. Then I scanned the menu to see if there was anything in a high carb Italian restaurant that I could consume, liquid or otherwise! To my surprise, yes there was! They have a tomato basil soup and a chicken broth/veggie soup. I ordered a cup of the tomato basil, my husband the chicken. I ate half my cup and he ate all the "good stuff" from the chicken soup, and then we switched! He's so sweet! For my entree I ordered a dinner salad that had three very thin slices of grilled eggplant, red pepper slices and a quartered artichoke heart. I had them leave off the vinaigrette and the goat cheese. My husband ate the eggplant. He ordered a dinner salad as well! I was so proud of him! He would usually order the steak marsala and the ravioli on the side, but he ordered a chicken caesar salad instead! He said to me, this dinner will be the beginning of our next 20 years, which will be healthier and even happier than our first 20 years! I ended up with a very romantic anniversary dinner after all! :thumbup:

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