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  1. It seems that for most patients, if they are going to have an issue, it is gaining weight due to snacking. (This was not an issue for me until right before year 2 - then, my "indulgences" seemed to catch up with me. NOT FAIR! :ph34r: :ph34r: ) I'm at that point in my VSG path and need some suggestions for some "good" snacking choices. I'm getting bored with my standbys and need some strategies (especially with Easter coming up quick and those Reese eggs calling my name :wub: !) My standby's - String Cheese Cup of Tea Cup of SF Apple Cidar Skinny Cow Fudge Bars Wine (While this is not "bad", a friend and I are giving up until Memorial Day and substituting with non-caloric fluids to see if this can help us save 100 or so calories a day.) SF Jello Apple Slices Any other suggestions?
  2. MINI-Me

    Night Sweats

    I experienced this as well around 2 years out. Testing showed I was not in "the change", but nothing showed up to determine the cause. I started thinking about how I felt when I was low blood sugar during the day or had gone too long between meals. I realized that I sweated like crazy then. So, I began eating 2 light string cheese before bed & it really seemed to help. Not 100%, but only 1 or 2 episodes a month now instead of 5 times a week. Give it a try and see if it helps.
  3. I am confused. Why could you not eat baked chicken?
  4. OK ... Time for honesty ... Since the birth of my son on October 11 to now, I have gained 10 pounds from my "preferred" weight. I have gone off plan, eatten cookies, cakes and all the treats around for the holidays. In my past life, I would have blown this off as "anyone would have gained weight with the holidays". But, the new me needs to be accountable and know that only I choose what I put in my mouth and what happens to my body. I need my Sleever Friends to support me. Keep me accountable. Each Monday I am going to weigh and report my progress. I feel my best around 127 with a bounce of down to 125 to 130. So, my goal is to get back to 127 as soon as I can in a safe and responsible manner. Are you up for supporting me & giving me a kick in the pants if I fall off plan? Thanks in advance guys!
  5. MINI-Me

    Dr. Umbach - Las Vegas

    Dr Umbach was my doctor - almost 3 years ago. Great doctor - very knowledgeable and confident. My mother-in-law was a surgical nurse for many years. I told her that if at the last minute she didn't approve of him, I would back out. After talking with him and asking him questions at my pre-op, she was "Yep! He's doing your surgery". I knew I had found a good doctor! He even called my husband after the surgery (he stayed home with the kids) to let him know everything had gone well. Besides that ... what doctor do you know that gives you his personal cell phone number & actually takes his calls? Loved that!
  6. Congrats Feedyoureye! And thank you to everyone for your posts. I'm doing well - passed up a glass of wine last night since I'd had my fill of calories. BOY! Did I want that glass! But, I kept to my resolve. I'm going out of town this weekend & a big party on Sunday, but I will do my best to stay within plan. I'll post results on Monday. Have a great Hump-Day!
  7. MINI-Me

    Im Getiing Cold Feet :(

    If we are honest with ourselves, I think most of us had a panic attack somewhere in the process. Mine was after my nutritionist appt - all I kept hearing is " you'll never do x again". Well, I am almost 3 years out. There is nothing I CAN'T have, but there are things I choose to avoid and/or limit. Go to your appointment and really listen to your surgeon. Share your concerns and listen to their response. You will know if/when surgery is right for you.
  8. MINI-Me

    Any Seductions On Exercise Monitors.

    I haven't used it, but several friends are raving about FitBit.
  9. MINI-Me

    1 Year Ago 5/9/11!

  10. I actually do the Pepsi Max (no sugar) and have since 4 months out. No issues and no calories. You might want to rethink the Pepsi Next - not as much for the carbonation and caffeine, but the sugar. But, each person needs to decide their "crack" ... Mine is a small glass of wine several nights a week. YUM!!!!
  11. MINI-Me

    Anyone Else From Oregon?

    OregonDaisey is from Oregon. I AMA "neighbor" in Washington. Where, I must say we are having a run of sunny days in April!!!
  12. MINI-Me

    Had Vsg Surgery Today

  13. As of today's weigh in ... 3 pounds to go. I am doing it!!!!
  14. No flaming from me either. I was not a strict low-carber. And, McDonalds and similiar fast food restaurants are part of my life and have been since I've been on solid foods. BUT, I do make smarter choices. Kids Happy Meal (only 1/2 bun so I can fit in the burger), chicken Breast, etc. I also plan for my treats - glass of wine in the evening, small ice cream cone made with lowfat ice cream, etc. I do believe there are some that must be very strict about their carbs in order to lose weight. Fortunately, I did not. But for others, this is a struggle and I applaud their efforts. We all have to figure out "our path" on this journey.
  15. I dream of a TT ... but I keep using the money for other things such as Baby Adoptions. Guess the baby was more important! LOL!
  16. ok ... forgot to update. Another 0.2 down. Not a lot, but it is in the right direction. Will be hitting the gym tonight. Wasn't able to go last week due to major migraines.
  17. MINI-Me

    Checking In..i Need You!

    Dee - congrats on your success. I had gained with the birth of our adopted son in October and the Holidays. I have lost 5 of the 10, but keep bouncing around the last 5. I hate dieting again, but I guess I have to if I want to get back to 127. WE CAN DO IT!!!
  18. I've been away for a while, but I miss you guys. Easy to grab Cookies and Snacks during the holiday season & I've gained a couple of pounds. Clothes still fit fine, but want to be very careful not to fall back into bad habits. How's life going with the rest of you?
  19. MINI-Me

    Can You Have Sodas?

    You really should follow your doctor's advice. Now that I've said the right thing, I will tell you (as I have done on several posts) that I started drinking diet soda again at month 3. It was very bubbly at first & filled me up quickly. But, at over 2 years out, I have no issues. Yes, it does sometimes "fill me up", but Water does that as well. I drink several a day & I haven't seen any adverse issues - my restriction is still great and I haven't had any issues with ulcers. Of course, your experience may vary.
  20. I had no problems. Some people switch to liquid medication for the first few months or buy ones that can be split into smaller portions. A good rule of thumb (unless instructed otherwise by your doctor) is that you can take anything the size of a regular M&M or smaller. Too bad they don't taste like M&M's!
  21. Dee - Good for you! Those 130 numbers are terrifying, aren't they. When I first started this journey, I thought I would be happy with 145 and 135 was a dream goal. Now, I never want to see the 130's again. Yes, I too will be a slave to the scale. I'm prefering to look at it as another tool. If I go past 129.9, time to get my head back in the game. Best of luck & let me know how you are doing!!!
  22. My husband still does & I am over 2 years out. He has a heart of gold, but sometimes I have had those same feelings. I like the spoon idea!
  23. MINI-Me

    "cosmetic" Sleeve

    I was a BMI of 32.9 and te sleeve has really helped me. Why do you consider it a "cosmetic" sleeve?
  24. MINI-Me

    Soda & Protein Bars

    I drink diet sodas and have since about 3 months post-op. Everyone has their opinions and thoughts on sleeve stretching. I may find in a few years that I have "stretched it" ... but at 2 years out, I have the same restriction I did at say 9+ months out. (Of course, silder foods are not part of the restriction equation - they go down just fine & have for a long time.)
  25. MINI-Me

    My Doc Wants To Band Me......

    I know several people with bands. I know you stated that this band is different, but it is still a foreign object. Two of the 3 close friends I have with bands have had issues with swelling and stomach growth around the band. Definitely talk to your doctor about these possible complications. Did he say why he thought you needed the "extra protection"?

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