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I will try harder to not offend. But when people are asking for help. they are frustrated what more can we offer them than our personal experiences! I know there are a ton of Dr.s out there and most think their dr is the best. But when people are crying out for an affordable option it doesnt take much for someone to put fear into the heart of an honest searcher. I will be more careful. But honestly just because we are obese doesnt mean it is hopeless! and people need to know it! Feel free to research DR. Ramos Kelly with WLS CLinic for your own peace of mind. They have their own website. But if I post it I might get in trouble. I dont want to advertise but if there is someone out there ASKING FOR INFO/ HELP with their problem..... I would be selfish to not offer at least my email address. And if people don't think I am for real maybe I should put me phone # on here too! It took me 3 years of prolonged suffering in my battle with Obesity before I Finally have a Surgery date! I am a little excited. Maybe my experiences can shorten someone else's time of darkness and depression.

Write me if I can clear anything up--- leahwebster@msn.com

You don't HAVE any personal experience, you haven't been banded yet!

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I hope you get your approval very soon, but if you don't, it's not the end of the world. I have been waiting for over 2 years, and I still don't have a surgery date. It has been very depressing and frustrating at the same time, but it will all be worth it when I finally get to have my surgery.

My problems started when my surgeon wanted cardiac clearance prior to surgery. I went to see my cardiologist, and ended up having to have 2 stents put in my heart. The doctor used medicated stents, so I couldn't be off of my blood thinners for at least 1 year, and my WLS surgeon said I would need to be off of them for a week before he would do surgery. I was depressed for that year, but I made it through. Then, after the year was over, I called my surgeon back and the rules for Medicare had changed to having a 6 month dr supervised diet before surgery would be approved. I had a very difficult time getting my PCP to do this for me, so I was several more months in limbo. After I finally got the 6 month thing over with, I called and my surgeon had relocated! I called his new office and made an appointment to see him. I saw him on February 2, 2009. Medicare also requires surgery to be done at a Center of Excellence, and the hospital he now practices at does not have that certification yet. The hospital he used to do surgery at was already a Center of Excellence. So, I'm still waiting. They told me it would probably be 3 to 6 months before the hospital would get their certification. I called Friday, and there is no news yet.

So, I guess I'm trying to help you understand that there may be a possibility your surgery will be put off for 1 reason or another, but you will eventually get it done. Although my wait has been long and very frustrating, I'm still anxiously waiting for the day they tell me I have a surgery date. I know it is coming soon.


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    • New To This23

      I have been waiting over a month to get into the nutritionist. I have an appointment, but I would love any advice on what to do diet-wise to lose weight before surgery. Like most of you, I have also struggled with my weight and have successfully yo-yo dieted myself into the above 300lb range. I feel like eating in a calorie deficit at my weight, it should come off, but it hasn't been and I have been tracking my food too.  Thank you
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    • Allie Cat

      Sleeve date 2/9/23!  So flipping excited!  I have about 100lbs to lose…maybe just a bit more.  Glad to be a member here as of today 2/7/23.
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    • Tonyas101

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    • MindyG81

      New here! Looking for new friends! Surgery is 2-15-23
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      1. deandre.adamson@langston.edu

        Howdy MindyG81 how are you today?

      2. New To This23

        Hi, Mindy G, I am new here too, my surgery will not be until July or August, but I could use a friend. I see yours is coming up soon. Are you doing the liquid diet before surgery? How's it going?

        I would take any advice on what to do for weight loss before the surgery, I have my first nutritionist appointment on Feb 9th (the soonest I could get in). But I was 12 lbs heavier than what my doctor submitted as my weight to my insurance, so I have to lose that plus at least 10 more pounds and I am struggling.

    • TakinThePlunge

      WOW by the Grace of God 17 years ago I went to Mexico and had a lap band put on for weight loss and my waist was 64 inches and That’s more than 5 foot around and 18 stone  my weight was 375 pounds. Today I went shopping for not sweats and I succeeded. I found pants and a shirt at an awesome price at Burlington by the way. But the real story here is, today. My waist is 45 inches and my weight is 260. Both incredible numbers but think about this. My waist is almost 20 inches smaller around Wow that’s a brain wrecker.  Still, I love my band  I even celebrate it’s birthday 10-26-06 FYI-it’s kind of like choking yourself, and never letting go. And trying to eat. lol Life is good 
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