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*Good info* Went to see my Lapband Doc yesterday, vitamins info

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Hi everyone,

I went to see my doctor yesterday because when I spoke to the nurse she insisted on me going in and completely empty out my band before the first trimester end.

I've been experiencing an all-day sickness. Most days I would throw up twice, once in the morning and once at night. My food wasn't getting stuck, so I know that it's not the band, it's the baby!

Anyhow, the doctor mentioned an article that he read in Los Angeles Times regarding a supplement called Choline. He said it's really good for us preggos... I found the article that he was telling me about so I just wanted to share the link with all the ladies here.

Protein diet. If it's hard to keep the Protein shake down, try making a fruit smoothie with the Protein Shake.

hope everyone is having a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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That is good to know and an interesting aricle. Thanks for sharing.

I checked to see which foods are high in choline and found the following:

A single egg contains about 130 milligrams, 3 ounces of beef contains about 70 milligrams, a cup of cooked broccoli contains about 60 milligrams, and a glass of milk contains about 40 milligrams.

I am happy to see choline is in common foods that I happen to ingest regularly.

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