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I want to have a plan in place for exercise following my gastric sleeve. Who can give me some advice-place to go for structed routines etc. I am willing to get a gym membership but have never done it and live in a small town so its not like a big city gym where someone teaches you.

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I don't know your stats or your fitness levels so my advice has to be generic. Keep it simple and cheap. Just start walking. Walk a little more each day. I was almost disabled, my exercise was vacuuming a room in my home and then resting an hour. Cleaning a room and resting. Sitting to chop foods and resting. Standing to make the food and being done for the day. Just by loosing weight and walking I have come such a long way. Tomorrow I am going to take a 8 hour train journey, alone with luggage. I am excited and not a bit fazed about doing it. I couldn't do it before

It has been found that exercise only contributes to a small amount of weight loss and you need to up your food intake to fill your hunger. Gyms are not for everyone. If you find one locally, ask for a trial period and see if it suits you. Some gyms are very snarky places where you may be very judged and feel uncomfortable. Good luck on this wonderful journey

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I agree - walking is a great start. I'm not sure what kinds of exercise you like, but there are many fitness videos on youtube, too - indoor walking videos, dancing videos, yoga videos, and even weightlifting (or other strength-training - like resistance band) videos. I exercise to youtube videos when the weather is too bad to go outside.

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The U.S HHS Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion created a generic recommendation for all Americans:

  • For substantial health benefits, adults should do at least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) to 300 minutes (5 hours) a week of moderate-intensity, or 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) to 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity. Preferably, aerobic activity should be spread throughout the week.
  • Additional health benefits are gained by engaging in physical activity beyond the equivalent of 300 minutes (5 hours) of moderate-intensity physical activity a week.
  • Adults should also do muscle-strengthening activities of moderate or greater intensity and that involve all major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week, as these activities provide additional health benefits.

To provide more structured advice, I'd need to understand a few things. First, what do you hope to accomplish from an exercise program? Some common goals might include:

  • Improve overall health (e.g. lessen risk of heart disease, diabetes, etc.)
  • Get stronger / Make day to day living easier
  • Help control weight regain (notice I didn't say lose weight as you can't out exercise a bad diet)
  • Improve mental health / reduce anxiety & depression
  • sleep better / Have more energy
  • Improve body composition (more muscle mass = more calories burned even at rest)
  • Look good naked

Next, are their specific activities you like or don't like? Some people hate gyms, others love them. Some people like to "play" to get exercise (think sports/outdoor recreation), while others love the solitude of walking/running by themselves. Basically what I'm asking is for you to do some self-reflection and think hard about what you think might work best for you.

Finally, can you be more specific about what resources you have available? You mentioned a gym (which is not entirely needed), but beyond that? Do you have or can you get:

  • A heart rate monitor (e.g. fitness watch or strap)
  • A place to walk outside or access to a treadmill
  • Other exercise/recreation equipment such as a bike or stationary bike, kayak or canoe, Nintendo Ring Fit Wii Fit, etc.
  • A set of exercise bands and/or dumbbells,
  • Sufficient space to workout at home if you don't go to a gym

I'd also really like you to fill out your profile here on Bariatricpal. Details matter. In addition to that, it would be helpful to know some things like:

  • Your age
  • How you'd rate your current fitness level
  • If you have any specific physical or health issues that might impact what exercises/activities you're able to do

In short, the more details you can provide, the more tailored I can make a recommendation.

Best of luck.

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I just saw my surgeon last week...3 1/2 weeks post op. There's a gym opening right next to my office and I mentioned joining and he told me to just walk for the next 6-8 weeks. At the 3 month post op point he said working out would be fine but to focus on the arms/legs and strengthening muscles and stay away from stomach crunching type exercises like sit ups....which I would have stayed away from regardless of him saying anything.

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on top of all the great advice above, i would really suggest you find something you actually LIKE to do....as you will be more likely to keep doing it.

Good Luck! ❤️

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1 hour ago, ms.sss said:

on top of all the great advice above, i would really suggest you find something you actually LIKE to do....as you will be more likely to keep doing it.

Good Luck! ❤️

very true. I love biking and anything in a pool, so for me, it's fun to do that. I look forward to going. I do not love weight training, but I do it because people are supposed to - but it's a chore for me and I have to make myself do it. It would be very easy for me to give it up (but alas, I can't....). So anyway, suffice it to say, if it's something you enjoy doing, you're very likely to keep doing it.

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I purchased a workout plan from https://www.instagram.com/thebariatrictrainer/ before my surgery, it was easy to follow and not overly taxing, and reasonably priced. She has a lot of free videos on her instagram as well, I'd recommend her for a resource if you're looking to just have someone tell you what to do without investing in personal training.

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Like everyone else mentioned, walking is key! But I also HAVE to recommend YanaFit videos on Youtube! Especially her low-impact exercises. They are very easy on the body but very effective. They've helped me a ton! I attached a easy entry-level 15 min exercise video of hers. I followed this video many times & you'll eventually be able to move onto longer ones. Give them a try!

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      tl:dr at bottom,
      I could use some advice. I went to see my dietician today (not a bariatric surgery dietician, I can explain why I am seeing her if you want to know). She knows I am going to have weight loss surgery as long as I hit the goal weight my insurance told me I need to be at. I have to be at the goal weight by June 24, 2023, in order for my insurance to pay for my surgery.
      I had a weigh in the doctor's office a couple of days ago and weighed 301, my scale at home said 302. However, on the same day, the scale at a friend's house said 313. 
      I knew I had this Dietician appointment two days later and I knew she would weigh me. I continued to weigh myself at home (after getting new batteries) and I was at 302 then 299 and today at home I weighed 303, right before my appointment, when I got to her office I was weighed and it said 313.
      I am concerned about what to believe since the doctor's office and my scale show similar numbers. I also bought a new scale today and it said 313. 
      The Dietician told me I needed to eat more protein, which honestly I struggle with. she said I needed 150 grams!!  I said are you kidding? that seems like a lot.  She used my weight to come up with this number. 
      Should I really be trying to eat enough protein for a 300-lb person or should I be eating protein for a goal-weight person (mine is 170)?   
      also, my clothing is loose like I lost the 20 lbs mine and the doctor's scale shows, and not 10 lbs like everyone else's scale shows. Also, I have always naturally been more muscular even when I was 120 lbs and did not eat any protein aside from what is in plants. 
      tl:dr- should I be eating enough protein to support a 300lb person or should I be eating protein for a "normal" sized person? AND should I trust the Doctors scale more so than the Dietician's scale? 
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      Post-gastric sleeve, lost 86 kg, gained 30 kg back. Cravings & balance struggles. Any tips? Let's chat! 💪😊
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        Hi I can relate... When were you sleeved?

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      Hi everyone!
      My name is Katie and I am looking for an accountability partner! I am having the RNY on April 3, 2023 - If there is someone looking for daily communication and support PLEASE contact me! I am so excited for this but I would love to have someone who knows exactly when I'm going through to support / be supported by along the way!
      I'm a 34year old mother of 2 living in central Maine. 
      Thank you!
      -Katie 💜
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      1. Sonicnova82


        I would love to be your accountability partner. I had the sleeve in 2021, so maybe I can give you some insights.

        Please message me back, looking forward to hearing from you!


      2. New To This23

        Hi! How exciting I see that your surgery date is coming up soon!

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      Thank you all for your advice and recommendations with surgery coming up. Just got my surgery time and it’s becoming more real that it’s so close!! 
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      1 day a time.  
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