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Protein Bars: What Part of Bariatric Diet?

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I haven’t been able to find any info on this but I am curious where soft Protein Bars (Built bars in particular because of the macros) fit in a Bariatric diet? Would these be able to be added in for the soft foods phase, or are they considered an after on the “regular” diet? These have a soft consistency, no chunks, and 5G of sugar or less so I’d like to add them in. Just not sure where.

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I am 14 months post RNY. I waited til I was on solid foods for Protein Bars. But I had a hard time with them still. It was about 6 months until I could handle one and then I tried many different ones. But everyone and every body is different. I also had strictures restricting me from taking in food. The only one I eat now are Built Bars. They taste amazing. And have been my saviour especially when I have a sweet tooth or chocolate craving or a desire for dessert. I love the salted caramel (think milky way candy bar) and cherry barcia, omg! Tastes like a chocolate covered cherry. Their limited release flavors are always exciting, big hits and sell outs. I am a brand ambassador.

I have a discount code for 10% off if you're interested, it's 36608. And the link is builtbar.com?baapp=36608

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