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  1. I’ve only dumped twice- both times were on modest portions of higher quality ice creams oddly enough (I’ve never had an issue with sugar or fats outside of this). I’m VSG and symptoms were heart palpitations/rapid heart rate, nausea, bloating, shakiness, and lethargy. I had to go to bed and sleep it off both times, it’s almost as if I couldn’t stay awake. I know many confuse the “foamies” with dumping, I’ve never experienced the same sides I get with the foamies as I did when I dumped.
  2. Has anyone here tested positive for Covid after surgery and suddenly stopped losing weight? I’m 5.5 months out and started having symptoms a little over a week ago, tested positive yesterday. I haven’t dropped any weight since and am actually gaining. I’m not on any medications since I am vaccinated and my symptoms aren’t severe. I’ve been consistently dropping weight up until the last week and a half. Not sure if it’s possibly inflammation from Covid that’s causing this?
  3. Unfortunately for me it’s chicken breast. Doesn’t seem to matter how I cook it, the texture is an instant trigger for the slimeys for me. I also don’t tend to tolerate ground beef well in any form.
  4. Soon2bFit21

    EXTREMELY Late Period

    I’m 7 months out and still have very unusual cycles. This is the norm for me, but I’ve found my symptoms are greatly exacerbated even after losing 100+ lbs. I don’t haveh any advice other than I feel your pain!
  5. Soon2bFit21

    EXTREMELY Late Period

    I’m 7 months out and still have very unusual cycles. This is the norm for me, but I’ve found my symptoms are greatly exacerbated even after losing 100+ lbs. I don’t haveh any advice other than I feel your pain!
  6. Soon2bFit21

    Constipated HELP!!

    I believe you’re mentioning my post so I’m responding: I don’t take exlax daily, it’s every week to week and a half. I do take magnesium daily. Miralax does not work even with daily use. My surgeon has been absolutely useless with any help or answers post surgery and getting a call back isn’t going to happen . As per my PCP I “fired” my surgery center due to the issues I’ve had from the very start with them and incredibly rude, condescending, and unhelpful replies if I even get one at all. My PCP doesn’t have any answers outside of things we’ve already covered. I’ve even tried mega dosing on vitamin C and that doesn’t work as well.
  7. Soon2bFit21

    Constipated HELP!!

    I’ve tried Miralax, Milk of magnesia. Senakot and none of them worked. Unfortunately the only thing that gets things moving for me is Exlax (which causes pretty painful cramping 6-10 hours after taking) and sugar feee chocolate. I know the sugar free chocolate isn’t the answer even though it’s within my calories for the day, so I do the exlax every week and a half. I do have bowel movements 2-3 a week otherwise. Coming from a consistent 1-2x a day my whole life, this has been a frustrating change.
  8. Soon2bFit21

    Bariatric surgery and keto?

    I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for at least 6 months after surgery or more. The higher fat content generally won’t be tolerated as well and you’re putting yourself at a much higher risk for gallstones. Just doing lower carb is definitely effective after surgery since your cals are so low to begin with. It’s also hard to fit in certain nutrients because of the calorie restriction combined with the diet restrictions on keto.
  9. Soon2bFit21

    Protein shake

    The Fairlife Salted caramel is SO good, a little harder to find but definitely worth it. I get mine on Amazon.
  10. Soon2bFit21

    Chicken post op

    If you have a food sensitivity that went unnoticed before, it may be made worse with bariatric surgery. As other posters stated, it’s normal to have pretty major taste and smell changes post op that can take months or more to go away.
  11. So you’ve wasted hours on this forum spouting absolute crap and negativity, yet anyone who questions what you have to say you attempt to troll with subpar and grammatically atrocious comebacks? I’m sure you don’t work for this company at all and have no affiliation with it 😄 With that, I’m not wasting any more time on you. Have a wonderful day and I hope you’re able to move past your 2nd grade writing skills. It may help when you troll the next forum in the future.
  12. What do you possibly think you’re gaining by being completely rude and utterly disrespectful? Thanks for the advice, I walk 6 days a week and lift. Nor do I have health issues outside of things not related to my weight. But keep on assuming.
  13. And it will still be considered bogus and bs. Trolling a bariatric forum with your posts isn’t going to “help” the company you’re trying to “promote” FYI, I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years. Claiming I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to nutritional information and your UCLA claim is silly at best. But go ahead and keep insulting members here with your horrific grammar and obvious juvenile anger issues, it doesn’t do anything for your case.
  14. Nice spam post and complete and utter garbage. This is why Genepro has been sued over this bogus claim. The only reason this was thrown out of court is the shady way this business is run and the wrong “owner” was named.
  15. Yes, nearly every time I developed the “foamies” from eating something that didn’t agree with me. Most of this was texture based or eating too quickly and earlier on after surgery (first 2 months was the worst). Aside from the excessive saliva produced. I’d get extremely dizzy, nausea, cold sweats, and almost black out before and after vomiting. I’d also have severe fatigue afterwards for 2hours or more.
  16. I ended up staying with my surgeon only because I received a surgery date, and switching would have added on another 3-4 months for me. I felt he was very competent as a surgeon, just had a terrible bedside manner and the surgery center was hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had in with unprofessionalism, response time, and general screw ups. If you have any doubt on your surgeon’s ability to perform the actual surgery, I would definitely switch.
  17. Soon2bFit21

    274 to 150lbs

    Incredible transformation and you should be beyond proud of yourself! Did you have skin removal surgery after your loss?
  18. Definitely a slider food for me as well. If I have it, I measure out a portion and place in a smaller bowl. Smart Pop and the 100 cal bags are helpful if it’s something you’d like to keep in your diet. If you feel like it’s a binge trigger, definitely keep away from it.
  19. Soon2bFit21

    Stepped on by small dog (Ouch!)

    Unless you have an underlying issue with your incisions you’ll be fine after that time. Nerve regeneration can cause hypersensitivity and pain that makes something that would normally not hurt be painful. Topical lidocaine can help.
  20. I would have in a second if it wouldn’t have added in multiple months to my surgery wait. I did call another bariatric program because I was completely dissatisfied with my surgeon, dietician, and the general office for too many reasons to count. If you don’t feel comfortable, I’d highly suggest switching if it won’t compromise your plan. If you’re already going through the process, your medical records can be sent over and you generally won’t have to repeat certain components depending on your insurance.
  21. Soon2bFit21


    I was quoting Maisey and agreeing with what they stated, I didn’t realize you weren’t the original poster. Not sure if Maisey was speaking directly to you or the original poster. FYI eggs are notorious for causing the foamies. I’ve seen countless people here say they cannot tolerate them early on. I’m 6 months post surgery and still can’t eat a single egg without having mild foamies.
  22. Soon2bFit21


    I tend to agree with this. You’re not going to dump on water. I’ve never dumped but had the foamies countless times. The sides are very similar to dumping but take a look at what you consumed to know the difference. Also, I wouldn’t put much faith in ER doctors when it comes to bariatric surgery. Take this as first hand experience from working in an ER for 10 plus years as a nurse and being a bariatric patient myself.
  23. Soon2bFit21

    Sipping water

    I’m only just at 6 months out and I’ve been able to drink at roughly 90% since about 2 months post. If I guzzle water quickly sometimes I get a small twinge in my stomach but it’s gone within 30 seconds. Some people just have the ability to drink relatively normally after surgery.
  24. Soon2bFit21

    Plateau??? Help....

    Sometimes we just hold water due to hormonal fluctuations. I’d suggest keeping carbs a bit lower when you start to gain, focus on water like you did, and some vegetables like celery and asparagus are natural diuretics.
  25. On the rare occasion I’ve drank, I didn’t notice a difference in tolerance levels either. If anything I’d say mine almost seemed a bit higher after VSG which goes against everything I’ve seen.

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