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Healthier, But Lonelier

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Find new friends that will support your and lift you up. It’s hard. You need that. You may also need some tough love now and then. My daughter gave me that when I wanted to stray lol. The little brat lol.
I had mostly positive people around me. Or at least to my face. The negative comments were mostly from people I could cut out without a thought.

Good luck. Follow the guidelines. If you stray Think it over. See what your weaknesses are and don’t feel like a failure. We all have weaknesses ....recognize....Think and do better. I’m sure most of us dieted, ate something we should not have and gave up. This is a new chance. Don’t give up. Push forward. It’s an amazing life changing feeling. It’s finally a weight loss win. Amazing I promise. I’m still in awe when I see my before and after pictures.

Good luck to you and forget the jerks! You don’t need them!!! If ya need me to give me their number I’ll tell them all about it 😂

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Thank you all for the thoughtful and helpful responses! I sincerely appreciate it very much. As always, every answer means the world to me. Thank you.

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