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Can anyone help on the process of Virginia Premier /Kaiser Medicaid?

Some back story:

I was furloughed in March and lost health insurance in June. I was a Kaiser member in 2018 before my employer changed health care option and I stopped my Gastric Sleeve process in 2019. Now after Covid I am on medicaid and saw that Norther Virginia offers Kaiser to medicaid patients. Has any gone through this process with medicaid?

Can I just pick up where I left off with Kaiser?

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Thats the great thing with Kaiser, they have everything under your MRN. I am in a similar situation, husband on unemployment due to covid and now we are on medicaid too, I have gotten the sleeve, but starting process for revision. When you select Kaiser as your MCO, call them or go online and select your primary that you already had, (you might have to get an updated referral) then schedule the appointments with a rep and it wouldnt even be any sort of issue, usually they dont see the part of your file with eligibility/insurance status, but either way, it shouldnt change anything. You will more then likely go to Holy Cross Hospital for your surgery since your in VA. I am in Baltimore and they sent me there.

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