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They Say The Third Time Is A Charm

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After 1 failed surgery and 1 cancelled surgery, I believe that the 3rd attempt is going to happen. I am excitedly nervous after the first attempted surgery my blood pressure dropped to 40/20 and my O2 went into the 60's after the anesthesia was given to me and they had to stop the surgery. That was exactly one year ago on 9/5/2019. Then I was scheduled again 3/26/2020 but we all know what happened in March (Covid), when our lives were all halted, so no surgery then. Over the last year, I have been diagnosed with a rare form of asthma and the treatment for that has been successful, my blood tests and pressures are all very stable, and I feel that my body and mind are finally ready for this to happen.

I am scheduled to have my RnY on 9/16. After all this time (I have been waiting for this for 3 years) I can't believe it is actually going to happen. If you think that going on the pre-op diet once is bad, try 3 times....LOL BTW-does anyone ever cheat on the pre-op diet??? This diet sure reinforces my decision to have the surgery, so I can have a smaller stomach and less hunger to help me stay in control of my food. It is so hard to control my food, on this pre-op diet, for just two weeks.

I am a Christian and have always felt that God was leading me to do this. I know that Dr Hunter is Very good and has brought me this far. He would not be doing this if he wasn't sure of the procedure. I have to be in the operating room for 6-8 hours because he has to take down my Nissin surgery before he can do my RNY. I know that God will be with the team and watching over me......

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