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Tired of Questions...need some reasons for weight loss

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I tell people I’m eating better and exercising more. Both true. If they press I don’t commit to any one named diet I just say I have a Protein Shake for Breakfast and lunch and a small meal for dinner. Adjust as needed if they see you eating something else during the day. It’s none of their business but I understand the difficulty with being blunt and rude to people you have to see every day. If you give a named diet I find it opens up the door for more questions. “Oh I heard that.... etc” . End it with “I’ve tried so many fad diets in the past but I feel like I’m doing good and I hope it’ll stick better, wish me luck!” That kind of puts a close to the conversation, tells them that you’re worried about success which is more in line with the mentality of people dieting vs surgery and leaves them with little else to say other than good luck etc.

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Sounds like a pretty toxic environment 😕 I won’t tell you to find a new job but if HR is basically giving you the brush off...

Anyway, only my husband knows I had WLS. Everyone else thinks I had hernia surgery. Thanks to the quarantine, I hadn’t really seen anyone for a few months, and all my friends knew I had started losing weight a few months prior by becoming really active. I had someone flat-out ask if I had WLS and I said no. People don’t just get to know personal things about me like this is some guessing game. As far as I’m concerned, the WLS was ancillary to the other major lifestyle changes I had already made.

So if people continue to grill you, I would laugh and tell them that you get asked that question so often, if you had a $1 you would be able to pay them all off to shut up. Then turn your back and start doing something else.

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Because nobody with brains worth more than 5 cent in their skull won't believe this schlock.

People might not tell you to your face "You had surgery, right?" because in the end most people are polite enough to not out you but with WLS being a known procedure these days and not as uncommon as it once was - people draw their own conclusions once they see a very heavy person losing weight fast, especially when it started after a short period of absence.

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So I’m getting annoyed by all of the comments and questions from people on my weight loss. I’m not comfortable sharing the fact that I had weight loss surgery, but I work in a VERY large medical office and literally every day somebody is commenting on my weight loss and asking what I’m doing. I don’t even know some of these people; I only know they work for our office because of their name tag. I was giving short non-committal answers, but people insist on continuing to ask questions. It’s gotten to the point that employees are approaching my assistant and asking her how I’m losing weight. I’m just over it. I can’t be too short or blunt with my responses because then I’LL be the one to get in trouble with HR (I know this from previous experience).

My husband thinks I should give every person who asks about my weight loss method a different answer. So tell one person I have a tapeworm, another person that an old gypsy woman put a curse on me, etc.
So, I am requesting your assistance. What is the most outrageous, completely ridiculous reason you can think of that I can use to explain my weight loss?

Hello stacer
I can relate to what you are going through. My strategy was the preop liquid diet that the dietitian puts us on in effort to shrink the liver.

I said "i suffered with high cholesterol and my md gave me an ultimatum with a nutritionist. She helped me avoid everything white and red meat off my fork" so now i am shedding the weight. In addition im exercising.

No one knows i had WLS surgery other than my children.

I hope this strategy helps you keep all the nosy people out your business.

Hint: i still use this lol

Missy cee

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