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Big family gathering coming up

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The big family bru-ha-ha is coming up and the host is providing the food (usually cold cuts, meats, cheeses, and various breads, crackers and Buns. Probably also some commercially made potato salad, and of course several kinds of chips.) Guests are asked to bring drinks or appetizers or dessert. Sooooo, I am planning ahead to bring stuff that I can eat, but won't look like I am standing out in the crowd. I will be sure to take raw veggies with my homemade cashew nut/tahinni hummus dip, and a bean/legume salad. Maybe even a quinoa/kale/tempeh salad. Also some black bean brownies that are really yummy and no one would even guess they are made with Beans and have no flour. (Several of us in our household are gluten free, and two are lactose intolerant, but the rest of the family just ignores that fact.) Since I am not eating processed foods, meat, dairy or gluten, it is always a challenge to go to these things. But.... if I have my raw veggies, some quinoa, and some legumes, I will have a full meal, with a little room left over for a black bean brownie. :)

I know there will be a lot of us attending events and gatherings that will be challenging to our meal plans. The key is to be sure to bring enough side dishes that you can safely eat. Build your own meal ahead of time in your mind, so you will not feel deprived and will not be tempted by all the other food.

For folks who are still on liquids or purees, you have to do the same thing. Plan your meal ahead of time, just like you would if you were home. Have a Protein Drink with you and a hot drink container of Soup. Take a small container of whatever solid food you are able to eat, if you don't know what is being served. I have found that if you hold a small plate and push the food around, no one even notices that you aren't eating it, especially if you move around and socialize.

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