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Grilled cheese alternative?

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I have made cauliflower Pizza Crust but also chicken/cauliflower pizza crust. Second was crunchier and was holding on better. I strongly believe it will be crunchy enough to get toasted too 

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06/24/2019 09:55 PM, Sosewsue61 said:

Your cravings might be just because you are so limited in food choices right now and need more Protein and a little more fat to be satisfied - add some avocado with your egg and/or sprinkle cheese on the egg. You miss chewing - I know I did, it will improve with time. Six months from now it will be a blur and it will all change. Be patient and be prepared, it's a trip.

And Fluffy just sees all kinds of eejits on here asking if they can have pizza at one month or alcohol and actually doing really stupid chit all the time, so her squawking sometimes sounds like chicken-little... @FluffyChix

Very possible. It’s gone now but I know it will return and I know I won’t go through my life eating nothing but grilled chicken and yogurt. 

Also, I get it with the crazy posts and admittedly I should have said I wasn’t planning on making it now, but I also feel I shouldn’t have to. An appropriate and kind response, IMO, might be “There are some options but nothing appropriate at 3 weeks out” or “probably nothing that will taste authentic and it’s not a great idea to eat something like that, anyway. Aside from Protein and Calcium it offers little nutrition”.
Many things would be better than to make someone look foolish or uninformed because they posted about a craving. That’s a form of bullying in my book.
I believe in lifting each other up.
We all have struggled with our weight but there’s a social ranking here just like high school, which is crap, bc all of us are or were fat.
I’ve been lurking here for a very long time before joining. I started my journey in 4/2018. This was one of the first times I started a thread. Maybe the second ever. Never in a million years did I know I would get jumped on for asking for suggestions. It’s ok but I felt I should explain myself. There are always 2 sides.

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