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Very upset after nutritionist appointment

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On 2/22/2019 at 8:44 PM, Simples said:

She said i'll have to eat 100 grams of Protein after surgery and this sounds like A LOT! No way i'll be able to do this! I feel like she has a problem with the fact that i'm a vegetarian.

How do you guys eat after surgery? I hate this Protein, protein, protein mentality.

You are pre op and worried you wont be able to consume enough protein in your diet plan.

60 to 100 is the norm set by dieticians. Honestly, hitting a protein goal is not a big deal. Eating and getting your calories and macros becomes normal over time.

No one, Absolutely no one on this site eats a 100% protein diet. (Other foods are included in your plan) As you progress out, your restriction becomes less. It’s much easier to eat a variety of food and still get your protein in. Vegan protein sources are wonderful.

The bariatric mantra of “protein first” is only in the beginning stages. Newly out from surgery your pouch restriction is tight. It’s hard to consume 500/800 calories. Your calories and ability to consume more food will increase over time.

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