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I am 5 feet tall and low BMI. I have chronic back pain and need a breast reduction. (but hey -That’s between you and I. Oh, And my doctor).

When I was admitted into the hospital on Wednesday, the nurse started conversing with me. First she had me weigh on a scale and I was surprised to have lost 9 pounds on the pre-op diet. I made a remark about how much weight I had lost. That really opened up the gates. She asked me if I was sure I wanted to do the surgery (As I was standing there in a yellow backless hospital gown. AND $10,000 poorer than I was a month ago). Then she went on to say that if I could lose 10 pounds that easily maybe I should reconsider.

Just wondering how you would have responded to this situation. It caught me off guard and I eventually starting disclosing all the health issues I had and reasons I was doing it. I should NOT feel Iike should need to do that (I didn’t need her validation) and I don’t know why I did.

Did I just become a victim of “low BMI discrimination”? Sounds silly but maybe it’s a thing?!?

Am I not entitled to have a surgical procedure that my doctor and I have decided would be the best thing to improve my overall health? I expected questions from friends and family (though they were actually all supportive) but not a professional.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

What would you have done? Any good comebacks?

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Aside from telling her that it was none of her business...I may have said that WLS is a last resort option, and if I had have been able to lose weight and successfully maintained the weight loss without WLS I wouldn't be here.

The nurse has no right to ask such questions, I would inform the hospital of the unprofessionalism of the nurse. She shouldn't be second guessing patients or their doctors.

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I would have said, thank you for your input but my medical decision is made between me and my doctor and we both know what is best for me.

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I probably wouldn;t have said much as I avoid confrontation like the plague - but would have felt plenty.

Was she a nurse affiliated with your surgeon's office, or does she work in the bariatric ward at the hospital? I'm hoping that maybe she was a general ward nurse and just really doesn't get it. Patients lose weight on the pre-op diet because they have a clear goal in sight, and know that it is very short term. It is rather idiotic to be surprised at someone who has lost weight on an extremely low calorie diet. Duh. But it could not be sustained in any viable or healthy way.

I was considered low BMI for this surgery too - I just about squeaked through qualification with my co-morbidities. Yes, I did get people who were surprised at what I was doing and told me that I didn't need it. Oh, but I really did. 20 years of health problems that started as low-key but became harder to ignore with every passing year dictated that I do this now, or do it later when I am even heavier and more at risk. It really isn't up to a nurse to be gossipy and nosy about your health situation and the private battles you have fought. Hugs to you.

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That was very unprofessional of the nurse. That has not happened to me, but if it did, I would respond that I can easily lose 10 pounds in a week and I have done it many times before. The problem is that next month I will be up 25 pounds. Every non-surgical weight loss endeavor has yielded a significant net gain which is why I'm resorting to surgical intervention.

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Stay the course

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