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If you have had bariatric surgery or are planning to, PLEASE look up Dr. Vuong on youtube or purchase one of his many books about bariatric surgery. He is a bariatric surgeon and he is absolutely amazing. I am so glad I found him while still pre-op.

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I don't believe doctors like Dr. V. should use the fact that people trust them and think they are intelligent to sell MLM products. I just unfollowed him on Facebook, actually. I think his multi level marketing is very unethical.

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I still like Dr. Vuong. I know he takes some crap on here but he is one of the first people I started following on YouTube and I purchased his Gastric Sleeve book immediately after post-op and like it. He does have a LOT of videos and a LOT of them lately are dealing with selling and pushing his products. I pick and choose what videos I watch that I think will pertain to me and help me and ignore the others. I think if you can do that he is entertaining and informative.

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He has a bad rep in other forums, not just this one. I came across a mention in this forum a while back. Check out #8


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He is not bariatric surgeon anymore. His clinic in Albuquerque was shut down because of lap band scam and law suits. He is not affiliated with any hospital. He did a lot of mental surgery for bariatric patients and his methods are considered to be two sided. There is a lot on info about him on internet. He's into pushing MLM products in order to survive

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I like to listen to some of his videos but will always listen to my team in the end. although he has some really good points.

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On 02/02/2019 at 18:01, JessLess said:

I don't believe doctors like Dr. V. should use the fact that people trust them and think they are intelligent to sell MLM products. I just unfollowed him on Facebook, actually. I think his multi level marketing is very unethical.

What's MLM?

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What's MLM?
It's multi level marketing. Companies like Avon and Mary Kay are the most popular that come to mind.

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Multi Level Marketing is independent sales where you can't make money without recruiting people to sell "under" you creating a pyramid. At that point, they become illegal and many such companies are currently embroiled in lawsuits.

There are often wealthy, charismatic people at the top of the pyramid that manipulate people into thinking it's their fault if they can't recruit their friends and family to sell the often shoddy or dangerous products. Some types seem pretty innocent like tupperware and Avon, but many involve untested oils or diet supplements that are dangerous.

This is a great article about the BITE model of influence that is what leads some people to get sucked into these scams.

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Here are some MLM companies.

1st Phorm -- Nutritional Supplements
4Life — Nutritional Supplements
5Linx — Various Business Services
11th Avenue - Women's Clothing

A Bit Rude (based in Australia) - Adult Products
abby + anna — Clothing
ACN — Various Business Services
Acti-Labs — Skincare/Body/Weight Loss/Cosmetics
adornable.u — Accessories
AdvoCare — Health/Wellness
Agel Enterprises — Health/Wellness
Agnes & Dora — Clothing
Alice’s Table - Flower Arrangement Class
Alcone — (See Limelife by Alcone)
All’asta (Shut down as MLM, relaunched as direct order) — Home Decor and Kitchen Products
Aloe Vera of American (Acquired by Forever Living) — Aloe Vera based drinks
Aloette - Beauty & Skincare
Amare Global - Wellness Supplements
Ambit Energy — Energy Products
Amelia James — (See My Amelia James)
American Income Life - Insurance
Amway Global (FKA Amway, Quixtar) — Assorted Products
Ann Summers (Based in U.K.) — Adult Products
Anovite - Health/Wellness
Arbonne — Skincare/Makeup
Ameo — Essential Oils
Amsoil - Automotive Oil
ARIIX - Water Purification System
Asea Global — Nutritional Supplements/Skincare
Aspire Digital Altitude (Aspire) - Business Training Products
At Home America (Closed) -- Home Decor Items
Athena's — Adult Products
Atomy - Skincare
Ava Anderson — (See Pure Haven)
Avon — Health/Beauty/Clothing/Jewelry/Gifts

Bachar Nutrition — (See TraVerus Global)
Barefoot Books — Books
bath.ologie — Bath/Beauty Items with Customized Scents
Be Frisque -- Adult Products
Beachbody/Shakeology — Health/Wellness/Weight Loss
BeautiControl (Closed) — (See Trüaura)
BeautyCounter — Beauty Products
Beauty Society — Skincare/Makeup
beCAUSE Cosmetics — Cosmetics
Bedroom Kandi — Adult Products
Beever (Based in U.K.) — hair Care
Bellahoot - Nail Polish strips
Bellame - Beauty Products
BeneYou -- Health/Beauty Products (Merging of M. Network and Jamberry)
Betterware - Household Products
Betterway Designs - Handmade products
BioPerformance — Fuel Additives
BioCare (India) - Health/Wellness
Bocannaco — CBD products
Bod·ē Pro (Opened by Owner of Vemma) - Nutritional Supplement
The Body Shop At Home (U.K. and Australia) — Bath/Body/Gifts
Boutique Babez - Clothing
Bubble & Blow -- Bath Products
Bud Star (Canada Only) - Marijuana Products
BurnLounge, Inc (Dormant/Law Suits Pending) — Music Trade
Buskins Leggings — Clothing

cabi — Clothing/Accessories
Cabooty - Cloth Diapers
Camp Gladiator -- Fitness
CannaCeuticals (Isodiol) - CBD oil
Celebrating Home — Home Decor
Chalk Couture — Home Decor
Chalky & Co — Home Decor
The Chef’s Toolbox (Based in Australia) — Kitchenware/Spices
Changing the Future Outcome - CBD products
Charlee Jack - Custom Signs
Chloe & Isabel — Jewelry
Cinder and Sky - Nail Wraps
Clever Container — Organization Items
Close To My Heart — Scrapbooking/Crafts
Cloud 9 Parties (Based in Canada) — Adult Products
Cocoa Exchange (FKA Dove chocolate Discoveries) — Food
College Works/College Pro Painters - House Painting
Color Happy - Digital Coloring Pages
Color Street — Nail Art
Colors by Amber — Jewelry
Colour Me Beautiful (Based in U.K.) — Fashion/Personal Stylists/Makeup
Cookie Lee (Closed) — Jewelry
Coseva - Nutritional Supplements/Essential Oils
Country Scents — Aromatherapy/Soy Wax Candles/Tarts
Country Suds - Bath Products
Creative Memories (Closed & Reopened Under New Ownership) — Scrapbooking
Crunchi - Cosmetics
CTFO - CBD products
Cutco — (See Vector Marketing)

Dakomoda (MLM Closed — Sells through Amazon) — High End Children’s Clothing
Damsel In Defense — Self Defense/Safety
Darcey's - Candles
Dione Cosmetics - Makeup/Cosmetics
Direct Cellars — Wine
Discovery Toys — Toys/Learning Materials
DoTerra — Essential Oils
Dot Dot Smile — Children's Clothing
Dynamic Essentials — (See Royal Tongan Limu)

EcoWarehouse (Brand of Wikaniko) — Home/Health/Cleaning
Elevacity - Anti Aging Products, Health Supplements
Elevare 360 -- Health Supplements
Elk River Soaps — Bath/Body
Elli Kai - Women’s Clothing
Enagic — Water Ionizers/Kangen Water
enjo (Based in Australia and U.K.) — Cleaning
Epicure (Based in Canada) — Food
Equinox International (Shut Down by FTC) — Water Filters/Vitamins
Essential Bodywear - Underwear & Shapewear
European Grouping of Marketing Professionals (Closed) — Self Improvement Seminars
European Home Retail (Insolvent) — Home Goods
EVER Skincare — Skincare
EvolvHealth — Health/Wellness (Promotes “Aid Projects”)

FabCBD - CBD Oils
Fantasia (Based in Canada) — Adult Products
Fibi & Clo - Shoes
Fifth Avenue Collection - Jewelry
Financial Education Services - Financial
FITTEAM Global — Weight Loss/Health/Supplements
First Fitness Nutrition - Health & Wellness
Fleuresse — (See Kyani)
FM World (Based in U.K.—Affiliated with Smart Clean, Golden-Tulip, My Pure Perfume, Utique, Nutricode, and Your Life Guide (blog)) — Fragrances/Personal Care/Makeup/Home Goods/Food
For Tails Only — Dog Treats/Supplies
Forever Living Products — Aloe Vera and Bee Based Products
Forex Entourage — Financial Services
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (Shut Down) — Consumer
FreeLife — Nutritional Supplies/Goji
Freedom Equity Group - Life Insurance
Fuel Freedom International — Gasoline Additives
FundAmerica (FKA Arctic Island)— Technology for Crowdfunding
Fundanoodle - Children’s Educational Products

Gel Moment (Based in Canada) — Gel Polish
Gemstra — Jewelry/Cosmetics/Home Decor/Bath & Body/Candles
Genesis Pure — Weight Loss/Nutritional Supplements/Skincare
Global Legacy Initiative — (See Simply Success Elite and TraVerus Global)
Gold Canyon Candles — Candles/Accessories
Grace and Heart -- Jewelry
Gracewear - Jewelry
Green HoriZEN - CBD Oil
Greeting Cake Company, Inc. — Individual Cake Kits

H2O At Home — Personal Care/Home Cleaning/Aromatherapy
Hanky Panky (Canada Based) - Adult Toys
Hayward’s Gourmet popcorn — Food
HBN Powerline -- Health/Wellness
Health food Agents -- Health/Wellness Products
Healthy Mummy - Weight loss/exercise
Healthy Peach (The HealthStyle Emporium) - Weight Loss Products
Heavenly Chia — Food
Heka Corporation — (See HE(L)O)
HE(L)O (Joint Venture with WOR(l)D Global Network and Heka Corporation) — Wearable Health Device
Hello Pink - Women’s Clothing
HempWorx - CBD Oil
Henn Workshops - Pottery (CLOSED)
Herbalife — Health/Wellness
Heritage Makers - Online Scrapbooking
Holiday Magic (Shut Down/Became a Case Study for Pyramid Schemes) — Home Goods/Cosmetics
Home Interiors (USA Division Bought by Celebrating Home — Still Operating in Mexico) — Home Decor

I Dress Myself (Canada | Children’s Version of Silver Icing) - Children’s Clothing
iGalen -- Health/Wellness Products
Igniting Passion (Based in Canada) - Adult Products
Illuminent - CBD Oil
iMarketsLive/International Markets Live — Investing/Finance
Immunotec -- Health/Wellness Products
In a Pikle — Customized Bags/Packs
Income-Advantage — (See NSpire Network)
InCruises -- Travel/Cruises
India Hicks (Based in U.K.) — Jewelry/Accessories
Initial Outfitters -- Jewelry/Bags/Home Decor
Initials, Inc. — Bags/Organizers
Inkd Up Nails — Nail Designs/Products
innov8tive nutrition — Nutritional Supplements
InteleTravel - Travel Agency
Intimate Tickles - Sex Toys
Intimo (Based in Australia/NZ) — Bras/Lingerie
Isagenix — Health/Wellness
ItWorks! — Health/Wellness/Beauty

J. Elizabeth Boutique - Women’s and Childrens Clothing
J.Hilburn - Custom Suits
J. R. Watkins — (See Watkins Incorporated)
Jack Winn Color - Haircare Products
JAFRA Beauty — (See Vorwerk Worldwide)
Jamberry (See BeneYou) — Nail Products
Jamie Oliver at Home (Closed) — Kitchenware
Janice Collection (Brand Under Gemstra) — Wax Warmers
Java Momma - Coffee
JBloom Designs - Jewelry
Jerky Direct (Closed and Reopened Under New Mgt with New Products and Structure) — Jerky Products
Jewel Kade (Purchased by 31) — Jewelry/Handbags
Jewelry in Candles (Closed — Reps Directed to Gemstra)— Scented Waxes/Body Products with Jewelry
Jeunnese — “Instantly Ageless”/Skincare
JewelScent (Brand under Gemstra) — Scented Candles with Jewelry
JK Apparel (Based in Canada) - Women’s Apparel
JM Ocean Avenue - Nutrition/Wellness Products
Jordan Essentials - Makeup, Skincare, and Home Products
juice Plus — (See National Safety Associates)
Juuva -- Health Products

Kaeser & Blair -- Promotional Products
Kalaia -- Skincare
Kalo & Co. — Customized Pearl Jewelry
Kannaway — CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Products
Karatbars - Gold
Kaszazz - Scrapbooking & Crafting Supplies
KEEP Collective (Owned by Stella & Dot) — Customized Jewelry
Keep Me Safe Organics -- Makeup
KETO//OS — (See pruvit)
Kirby - Vacuums
Kiwi Lane - Crafts/Scrapbooking
Kleeneze Homecare (Based in U.K.) — Home/Beauty/Health
Krizma Cosmetics - Bath & Body/Skincare
Kobold — (See Vorwerk Worldwide)
Kokoon - Women's Clothing
Kuvera -- Forex/Crypto-Trading
Kyani — Skincare/Supplements

L’Bri - Cosmetics & Skincare
L’Dara International - Anti aging products
Labella Baskets - Assorted Gift Baskets/Charm Bracelets/Candles/Greeting Cards
Lady Godiva Beauty — Cosmetics/Skincare
LaLa Leggings - Leggings
Landmark Worldwide (Landmark Forum) -- Personal Development Programs
Lebensart Plus (3G Konzept) -- Health/Finance (Germany)
Le Reve (Based in Canada) — Perfume/Aromatherapy/Skincare
Legacy Designs (Brand under Gemstra) — Jewelry
LegalShield (FKA Sportsman’s Motor Club, Prepaid Legal Services) — Legal Products
Legging Army — Clothing
Lemongrass Spa — Bath/Beauty Products
LeVel — Health/Wellness/Weight Loss
Lia Sophia (Closed) — Jewelry
Life Leadership - Financial, Personal, and Professional Development
LifeVantage (FKA LifeLine Therapeutics, Lifeline Nutraceuticals, and Yaak River Resources, Inc) — Supplements/Skin Care
LifeWave -- Supplements/Skin Care
Life’s Abundance -- Pet Food
Lilla Rose — "FlexiClip"/Hair Accessories
Lily Anne Jewellry (Based in Australia) - Custom Jewelry
LimeLife by Alcone (Limelight) — Makeup/Skincare
Limitless Worldwide - Health/Wellness Products
Limu - Vitamin Supplement Drinks
Linen World — Home Goods/Gifts
Lipsense/Senegence — Lip/Makeup Products
Liv - Travel
The Longaberger Company — Home Decor
LOVEWINX — Adult Products
Lorraine Lee Linen - Bedding & Homeware
LR Health & Beauty - Beauty & Health products (based in Germany)
LuLaRoe — Clothing
Lulu Avenue (Sold to Yanbal International) — Jewelry (MLM Arm of Charles & Colvard (Moissanite Manufacturers))
Luminess Airess - Beauty Products

M. Network (See BeneYou)— Nutritional Supplement “Stix” (Looks to be geared toward men)
Maelle Beauty (Closed until 12/3/2017 due to lawsuit from Younique) — Beauty
Magnabilities — Customizable Jewelry
Magnolia & Vine — Customizable Jewelry
Makeup Eraser — Skincare/Makeup
Man Cave (MLM division closed) -- Grilling Products
Mannatech — Dietary Supplements/Personal Care
MantraTheory - CBD/Hemp Products
mark — (See Avon)
Market America — Product Brokerage/Internet Marketing
Marly Ray — Pearl Parties
Mary & Martha — Home Decor
Mary Kay — Skincare/Makeup
Marvelous Mouse Travels - Disney Vacation Planning
MaskCara — Makeup
Matilda Jane — Children’s Clothes
Max & Madeleine - All Natural Skincare
Maxwell Clothing — Clothing/Shoes/Accessories
Medifast (Subsidiaries: Jason Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Jason), Take Shape for Life, Inc. (TSFL), Jason Enterprises, Inc., Jason Properties, LLC and Seven Crondall, LLC) — Weight Loss
Melaleuca (ShopClub) — Health/Home Products
Metabolife (Shut Down due to Ephedra bans) — Weight Loss supplements ***Read the Wiki on the Founders for an extra chuckle
MiA Bath and Body (Closed) — Custom Scented Bath/Body Products (bath.ologie opened shortly after)
Mialisia — Customized Jewelry
Miche (purchased by Magnolia & Vine but no longer operating) — Interchangeable Hangbags and Accessories
MojiLife - Essentail Oils/Home Fragrance/Cleaning Products
MOA Nutrition - Nutritional Drink
MOVE Club (Germany) - Health & Wellness
Modere — Personal Care/Weight Loss/Household
Monat — Hair Products
MonaVie (Foreclosed) — Products Made From fruit juice Concentrates/Powders/Purees
Morinda Bioactives — Noni Juice
Motives Cosmetics (Affiliated with Market America) — Cosmetics
Motor Club of America (MCA) — Financial/Travel Services
Multipure — Water Filtration
My Amelia James — Clothing
myEcon - Financial Advisory
My Club 8 - CBD Oil
My Daily Choice - Supplements
My LaLa Leggings - Leggings
My Secret Kitchen (Based in UK) - Kitchen Supplies/Spices & recipes

National Agents Alliance -- Insurance
National Safety Associates — Juice Plus (formerly sold Fire Protection, Water Filtration, Air Filtration and Educational Games for Preschoolers)
Nature Direct (Based in Australia) - Essential Oils
Nature’s Sunshine Products — Dietary Supplements
Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic — Health/Beauty Products
Neolife - Health/Wellness
Neora (formerly Nerium) — Skincare
NeVetica — Pet Products
Neways (FKA Images and Attitudes) — Personal Care/Nutrition/Household Cleaning
NewGen Direct - Natural Supplements
New U Life - HGH products
New You - CBD products
Nikken — Magnetics/Air/Sleep/Nutrition/Skincare
Nomades -- Military Themed Charm Jewelry
Noonday Collection — Fashion Jewelry/Accessories
Norwex — Cleaning Products
Nouveau Riche (Closed) — Real Estate Investment College
NSpire Network — Natural Feminine Sanitary Napkins
Nu Skin Enterprises — Personal Care/Dietary Supplements
Nutrient Foods (Parent of Yevo (MLM Arm)) — Food
Nutrimetrics (Based in Australia/NZ) — Skincare/Bodycare/Home Products/Makeup/Supplements
NuYugen - CBD Products

OneHope Wine - Wine
Omnilife (Based in Mexico)— Dietary Supplements/Skin Care/Soft Drinks
Omnitrition — Wellness
Optavia (formerly Take Shape For Life) - Weight Loss Products/Meals
Opulenza -- Jewelry
OrganoGold — Personal Care/Weight Loss/Food
Oriflame — Personal Care/Cosmetics/Supplements
Origami Owl — Customized Jewelry
Our Hearts Desire — Customized Jewelry

Paisley Raye - Clothing
The Pampered Chef — Kitchen
Paparazzi — $5 Fashion Jewelry
Park Lane Jewelry — Jewelry
Party Girl — Candles with Jewelry
Party Time Mixes — Food
PartyLite — Candles
Passion Parties (Purchased by Pure Romance) — Adult Products
pawTree -- Pet Foods and Accessories
Paycation — (See TraVerus Global)
Peach - Women’s Clothing
Pearl Chic - Pearl Jewelry
Peekaboo Beans (Based in Canada) — Children’s Clothing
Perfectly Polished — Nail Designs/Care
Perfectly Posh — Beauty/Skincare
Phoenix Trading (Closing — No Closing Date Identified) — Crafts
PHP - Insurance
Pink Zebra — Scented Wax "Sprinkles"
Pixie Lane -- Kids’ Clothing
Piphany (previously Honey & Lace) - Clothing
Pippa & Jean -- Jewelry
Plexus — Health/Wellness/Weight Loss
Plumeria Bath - Bath and Body Products
Plunder — Fashion Jewelry
Poofy Organics - Wellness Products
Powur -- Energy Services
PM-International - Wellness Supplements & Cosmetics
Premier Designs — Fashion Jewelry
Prime My Body - CBD oil
Primerica — Financial Services/Insurance
Princess House — Kitchen/Home Goods
ProDoula — Doula Training/Networking
pruvit — Wellness/Weight Loss
Pulse Cosmetics (Brand under Gemstra) — Cosmetics
Pure -- Health/Wellness Products
Pure Haven (FKA Ava Anderson)— Skin/Essential Oils/Cosmetics
Pure Romance (Slumber Parties) — Adult Products
PUREly (FKA Simply Aroma) — Essential Oils
Purium — Wellness/Weight Loss

Q Sciences - Wellness Products
Qivana - Health & Beauty
Qnet (FKA QuestNet, GoldQuest and QI Limited) — Various Products

Radiantly You - "Natural" Personal Care Products
Rainbow Vacuum - Vacuum
Rarity Nails - Nail Wraps
Ready Network -- Survival Products
Real Time Pain Relief — Pain Relieving Creams/Lotions
Red Aspen - False Lashes
RED Safety — Security/EMS/Fire Training
Redrock Traditions - Family Experiences
Reliv — Nutritional Supplements
Revital U — Weight Loss
Ring Bomb Party -- Rings in Bath Products
Rodan & Fields — Skincare
Roland — (See Vorwerk Worldwide)
Royal Prestige - Culinary Products
Royal Tongan Limu (Shut Down) — Seaweed Extract Products
Ruby Ribbon - Apparel

Saba - Weight Loss Products
Sabika Jewelry — Jewelry
SafeGirl Security — Personal Security/Self Defense
SaladMaster — Kitchenware
Sanctuary Girl — Jewelry
Scentsy — Scented Waxes/Essential Oils
Schneider’s Gourmet World (Based in Canada — MLM Arm Closed) — Food
Scout and Cellar -- Wine
Seacret Direct (Seacret still exists as non-MLM) — Dead Sea Products
SendOutCards - Gift Cards
Shaklee — Health/Wellness
Shrimp and Grits - Children’s Clothing
Signature Homestyles — Home Decor
Silpada (Closed/Reopened in November 2016) — Sterling Silver Jewelry
Silver Icing (Based in Canada) — Clothing/Accessories
Simply Aroma — (See PUREly)
Simply Fun — Games/Educational Activities
Simply Said - Vinyl Decor
Simply Success Elite — (See Global Legacy Initiative and TraVerus Global)
Skinny Body at Home - Weight Loss Supplements
Solle Naturals -- Plant Sourced Products
Solvei (Bankrupt/Terminated Partnership with T-Mobile) — Contract-Free Mobile Service
South Hill Designs (purchased by Youngevity 2/2016) — Jewelry
Southern Living At Home (MLM Division Closed) — Home Decor
Southwestern Advantage - Books/Educational Products
Sseko Designs — Clothing/Shoes/Accessories
Stampin' Up! — Paper/Stamp Items (DIY)
Steeped Tea — Teas/Associated Products
Stella & Dot — Fashion Jewelry
Stream Energy — Energy/Wireless/Protective/Home Services
Success University — Online Courses (Actually Labeled as a Pyramid Scheme)
Sunrider — Health/Beauty/Food/Household
Sunset Gourmet - Seasoning Mixes
Sunshine Empire (Based in Singapore/Shut Down) — Pyramid Scheme (no products listed)
The Super Affiliate Network — Internet Marketing Affiliates
Surge365 — Travel
Sweet Minerals - Cosmetics
SwissJust - Essential Oils/Wellness Products
Symmetry Financial Group -- Life Insurance
SynCis -Insurance/Financial Services

Tastefully Simple — Food
Team National - Membership Savings Program
Telecom Plus, PLC (Based in U.K.) — Gas/Electricity/Landline/Broadband/Mobile Services
TelexFREE (Shut Down as Ponzi Scheme) — Internet (VOIP) Phone Service
TempleSpa -- Bath/Spa Products
Thermomix — (See Vorwerk Worldwide)
Thirty-One Gifts — Bags/Handbags/Gifts
Thrive — (See LeVel)
Thrive Life — Food
Tiber River (Based in Canada) — Bath/Essential Oils/Gifts
TOCARA (Based in Canada) — Jewelry
Tomboy Tools — Tools for Women
Total Life Changes (TLC) -- Health/Wellness Products
Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski — Crystal-Based Jewelry
Touchstone Essentials - Wellness & Weight Loss Products
Trades of Hope — Jewelry
Tranont -- Health/Wellness products
Travel Evolution - Travel Agency
Traveling Vineyard — Wine
TraVerus Global — Travel/Wellness/Soft Skills Training
TriVita — Wellness/Nutritional Supplements/Essential Oils
Tropic Skin Care — Skin/Bath/Cosmetics
TrūAura - Beauty Products
Trump Network (Closed) - Vitamins/Health Products
Trunited -- Financial
TRUTH Niagara (Based in Canada) — Bath Products
TruVision Health — Supplements/Weight Loss/Essential Oils
Tryp -- Ride Share App
Tupperware — Kitchenware/Gifts
TyraBeauty (MLM Division Closed) — Skincare/Cosmetics

Uforia Science -- Health/Wellness
United Sciences of America (Shut Down) — Nutritional Supplements
United Warehouse (Based in U.K.) — (See Telecom Plus, PLC)
USANA Health Sciences — Nutritional/Weight Loss/Personal Care
Usborne Books — Books/Learning Materials
Utility Warehouse (Based in U.K. — Owned by Telecom Plus) — Utility Services

Valentus — Supplements/Weight Loss
Vantel Pearls — Customized Jewelry
Vasayo - Personal Wellness
Vector Marketing — Cutco Knives (In collaboration with Alcoa and Case Cutlery)
Velata (Closed) — Food
Vemma (Closed) — Energy Drinks/Nutritional Beverages/Weight Loss
viaOneHope — Wine
VIC Cosmetics - Beauty Products
Vida Divina - Tea/Supplements
ViSalus — Dietary Supplements/Weight Loss
Vitality Extracts - Essential Oils & EO Jewelry
Viviant - Home Security
Volo - Life Coaching Materials
Voxxlife - Wellness Products
Vorwerk Worldwide — Vacuums/Kitchen/Beauty (Royal Jelly)

Wakaya Perfection — Food/Wellness/Essential Oils
WakeUpNow (Closed) — Health/Financial Management
Watkins Incorporated — Health Remedies/Baking Products/Household Items
Warrior Energy - Energy Company
Will et Alex -- Kitchen Products and Cooking Parties
Wikaniko — (See EcoWarehouse)
Willing Beauty (Opened by Owner of Origami Owl) - Beauty & Cosmetics
Wildtree — Food
Winasun -- Healthcare products
WineShop At Home - Wine
Wink Naturals - Homeopathic Supplements
World Financial Group (Owned by Transamerica/Aegon) — Insurance/Investment/Financial Products
Wor(l)d Global Network — Maker of HE(L)O
World Ventures — Travel Services
WoTaBu — Travel

XanGo (Acquired by Zija International) — Xango Juice
Xocai Chocolate (aka Healthy Chocolate) - Chocolate
Xoom Energy - Power/Gas
Xyngular — Health/Wellness
XStream Travel — (See TraVerus Global)

Yanbal International (Jewelry Acquired Through LuLu Avenue) — Jewelry/Fragrance/Cosmetics
Yayme - Personalized/Embroidered Items
Yevo (Closed — Operations Transitioned to Parent (Nutrient Foods)) — Organic Foods
Yoli — Nutritional Supplements
You Got Shoes - Shoes, Handbags, & Accessories
Young Living — Essential Oils
Youngevity — Health/Beauty/Food/Home
Younique — Skincare/Makeup
Your Inspiration At Home (Closed) — See My Secret Kitchen
YTB International (Closed/Bankruptcy)— Travel Services

Zija International — Health/Wellness/Weight Loss
Zilis - CBD Oil
Zinzino — Nutritional Supplements/Weight Loss/Skin Care
zrii — Wellness/Skincare (loose connection to Deepak Chopra on the supplement side)
Zurvita — Nutritional Supplements/Weight Loss
Zyia Active — Fitness Wear

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I just found out that the parent company for Dr. Vuong's MLM is New U Life. What makes this even more pathetic is he is not at the top of his own pyramid, he's selling someone else's MLM product. Wow.


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      1. MrsGamgee

        Dang that sucks! I'm so sorry that happened!

        I was talking with a couple of friends this morning, trying to explain how unpredictable our physiological responses are to various foods are post op, but I don't think I was able to get them to really understand.

        I hope you're feeling better soon. Hang in there!

    • allwet

      Coffee and Tea drinkers Rejoice
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    • CJ.  »  BrendaIsela

      Did you go through with the DS? How are you making out?
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    • MrsGamgee

      Well, long time no see. 
      It's been a rough couple of weeks. I should have been expecting the other shoe to drop after having it so easy for the first three weeks post op. I was getting my water and protein easily, had no pain, nausea, or vomiting.
      But as soon as the soft foods really started in earnest I started having problems. Pain, foamies, slimeys, vomiting galore. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it. Something that I ate easily yesterday causes pain and vomiting after the first bite today. Sometimes it's my pills, other times they go down easy. I just don't get it. 
      I'm trying to stay positive. I know this is a season in my life, and things will eventually even out. I'm just so tired of being afraid to eat, not knowing what kind of response my body will have. I'm mostly hitting my protein target, thanks in large part to protein shakes (which I hate, but look at as medicine). I missed my water targets by a lot over the weekend, due mostly to feeling awful, which I know is a terrible cycle... throw up, don't feel like drinking anything, get dehydrated, get constipated, feel like crap, repeat. 
      The three-week stall is also still here. I thought I had busted through it, but I've been bouncing between 216-219 for the last two and a half weeks, which is a contributing factor to my mood and frustration level. And add in wee-lings who are going crazy with end of the school year insanity, friends with busy schedules who I haven't been able to see in weeks, and I'm an unhappy girl. 
      Things will turn around. I know they will. Just not feeling it at this moment. 
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      1. ms.sss

        hope things get better with the slowing down and the water-prioritizing. keep us posted :1007_hearts:

        small tip: I used the timer on my watch religiously between bites in the early days (actually I still do, but I'm a lot less rigid about it now), it really helped keep the foamies/slimies/pain/barfing at bay by helping me slow down.

      2. FluffyChix

        Oh wow. Just read of your struggles! So sorry to hear it hon! ((hugs)) It's no fun when the stalls hit, makes bearing other parts of this journey really tough. Added to the fact that most of us experience mood swings/sadness that is usually transitory for most of us. But it still just makes it that much harder.

        I promise the stall will break. If that helps? ((hugs))

        Also, maybe concentrate on upping your water and hitting it consistently? The reason I say that is cuz it will make eating that much easier/pleasant. And the up side to that is with every real meal you have, you're training your tool to accept solid foods again. And being well hydrated makes your pouch less "tricky" and finicky. You know?

        Try varying the temperature of the fluids you drink. I remember cold water was not my friend. I did better on room temp or warm liquids.

        Also, the protein drinks may be contributing a little to your stall. I know I lost better after I really reduced them to very little. I'm very IR, and whey protein isolate is very insulinogenic.

        Hang in there. I promise, in 2-3 weeks, things will feel so much better!!

      3. MrsGamgee

        Thanks @FluffyChix! I know the stall will break, it has to eventually given I'm only consuming 700ish calories a day and I am trying to be active every day. I confess it's hard to be motivated to go for a walk though when I feel like crap.

        Cold water seems to be better for me right now... icy anything makes my tummy happy. It's when my water gets to room temp that it is harder to get down. But I am committed to getting my water in. It's so funny, before surgery I never had a problem with water. Today I decided that I won't count my 'other fluids' as part of my water total... they have to be over and above my target.

        I'm looking forward to lowering my reliance on the shakes. I really don't like them. I got clearance with my RD to cut back on them, provided I can hit at least 80g of protein without them. But I haven't been able to manage that just yet. I'm hoping in the next few weeks, provided I can get real foods to go down and stay down.

        Thanks for the encouragement!

      4. FluffyChix

        80 grams without protein shakes at your stage feels very ambitious IMHO? Are you sure she didn't mean 80g including protein drinks and food sources?

        We all heal so uniquely! :( Don't rush advancing. I know it's hard not to, but your tum will heal easier if you just listen to it and what it will and won't allow for the day.

        Gosh I so get the motivation of the scale!!! ((hugs)) With one reading I can determine my mood for the day. LOL. Then I wait a bit and have a nice poop. ;) haha Mood restored. ;) I'm ever just one solid poop away from a good mood. hehe

      5. MrsGamgee

        She was pretty clear... I asked about cutting back on them last week and I'm guessing she wanted to encourage me to continue with the protein shakes without actually saying so. Making it my decision. I have 2 shakes a day, plus some protein powder in my breakfast, so I'm hoping to maybe drop one shake a day in a couple of weeks. I'm really not into the lack of satisfaction they provide for the calories they take up in my daily totals.

        I *know* that this is just a step on the road. I need to put on my big girl undies and deal with it. And I need to really learn to listen to my body and not push too far too fast.

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    • dmadms  »  ARMoma45

      I saw the post where you were denied the first time because you lost to much weight.  How much did you lose?  I lost 1 # my 2nd month and 6# my third month and scared to death I have screwed up.  
      · 1 reply
      1. ARMoma45

        I lost 11% of my body weight and they wanted me to fail to lose 10%. I even called the insurance company and asked them to clarify because the wording was confusing. I didn't know if they wanted me to lose the 10% or fail to lose the 10%. I was told to lose 10% so I did and apparently the person that I spoke to wasn't correct. But also this was in December and my company was scheduled to change to a different division of BCBS after the first of the year. So that probably played more into the denial than anything.

        I continued my monthly visits and they clearly showed that I plateaued about month 5/6 and began to regain. I originally lost from 333 to 298 and regained back up to 330 but have now lost back down to 318.

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