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I'm wondering what people do to ease the symptoms of dumping? I know it's best to avoid, but it happens and when it happens, I feel like I MUST eat. Low blood sugar and my body wants to fix it. Should I eat and if so what? Anything anyone found to help?

RNY 14 months out.

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If you are getting late dumping...or reactive hypoglycemia, keep something quick on hand to raise your blood sugar. I keep fairlife chocolate milk in my fridge. It is higher in sugar and carbs but also has some Protein in it. I drink it as soon as I start getting heavy sweats, which is my first sign of low blood sugar.

Once I drink some I feel better in 15 minutes.

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I have reactive hypoglycemia (RH) (but not dumping - that is controlled by limiting your sugar intake). To control RH, my PCP suggested I eat some Protein - or something along with protein - every 3-4 hours to keep my blood sugar stable. It seems to be working - it's really cut down on my "episodes".

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In the Diabetic world we call them hypos. The difference is usually a timing thing. If you're dumping pretty soon after eating, try and lie down and take it easy for a little bit. If it's more than an hour after eating, your blood sugar may have dropped too low (due to increased insulin response to the sugar you ate earlier). In those cases, I do a spoonful of honey or juice or if I'm out and about I've even done proper (not diet) Coke. You need a bit more sugar in your blood but not too much or you'll start the cycle all over again.

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The general advice for a hypo ( non wls ) is to have something that is high in sugar and easy to absorb, liquid is better than solid. So orange juice, high sugar cordials etc ( avaoid carbonation). Alternatively foods such as honey or jam also wok quickly. Then once the person appears to be returning to normal it should be followed up with a good quality, low gi carb e.g a banana or whole meal bread sandwich.

Obviously for wls patients i imagine the recommendations would be a little different . However it is still important to raise and stabilise the blood sugar.

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I have seriously wondered this myself. If the dumping is causing low blood sugar due to the increased insulin pumped in, it would make sense from a diabetic viewpoint to have something a bit higher in sugar to counteract it. But, given our new anatomy, wouldn't that be unproductive and maybe even exacerbate the problem? Like adding fuel to the fire? Because it isn't going to be absorbed and digested like it would in a non-WLS diabetic.

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