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Going on all inclusive vacation...need some tips!

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42 minutes ago, Missouri-Lee's Summit said:

@Pink nova. No judgment was attached to my question. I was just curious. Now that I know you have children, I can understand the motherly self-sacrifice involved. We often do things for our children even though it may involve some unknowns for ourselves. You're a kind and loving mother.

I had my bypass about 3 weeks after you and I think even I could handle the trip. I don't drink alcohol either. Yeah, it'll probably be the little things that you'll be gritting your teeth about. "Oh, I wish I could eat that!" (And, who knows, maybe you can try a little of it.)

I hope you have a wonderful and memorable trip with your kids. How old are they?

Because of my weight, I never felt comfortable traveling. With all this weight, I felt like part of the baggage. "Just store me in cargo hold with the rest of the suitcases, guys!" As the weight falls off, though, I'm allowing myself to dream a bit. I don't like sunny destinations, however. I'd prefer a trip to Iceland or the Faroe Islands.

Please let us know how your surgery impacted (or not) your trip. Buen viaje!

Don’t worry! I didn’t take your question in any negative way...it was a legit question :)

I’m a single mom to two boys ages 6 and 8. They are so looking forward to the swim up bar and not having to get out of the pool unless for food lol.

I have so much more energy now so I’m definitely looking forward to having a new experience with travelling.

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Posted (edited)

@Pink nova Such a fun and active age for boys. (I have three; two are medical doctors, the last one is 19 and still trying to find his place in the world. He thinks that's computer engineering.)

I feel bad in retrospect that we didn't do a lot of traveling because of me.:( (Now that my two oldest can do as they please, I hope they travel the world!)

boys ages 6 and 8. They are so looking forward to the swim up bar and not having to get out of the pool unless for food lol.

And something else, too. Think about it. Think about. Ding! Ding! Ding! You wouldn't want them going in the pool, would you? :)

I'm more convinced than ever by my first impression of you. You're a great mom, and your boys deserve a mom that can keep up with them.

I know they say weight-loss surgery has to be for ourselves first, but our kids have to be a big reason, too. I just wish I had done something sooner. That said, bariatric medicine wasn't as advanced back then. And hearing about all those lap-band horror stories (stomachs severed in half, etc), maybe I was better off fat and sassy. In truth, though, I didn't become heavy until after my ankle injury (described on my profile page), so I actually didn't need surgery when they were that young. It's all such a blur sometimes. Hmm. Why didn't we travel more?!

Enjoy your nice young family. They grow up too fast.:(

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Update: I came back from Cuba last week and hopped on the scale right away! Lol! I ended up losing 3lbs which I’m lucky because I’m still in the honeymoon phase.

There wasn’t much choices when it came to food. Breakfast was great as I had omelettes everyday. lunch and dinner were another story. I tried to eat the grilled meats whenever I could but most of the times, I ended up with the prepared stews. It was way too salty and fatty. I had hotdog sandwiches and fries more times than I’d like to admit. I’m lucky that I didn’t get sick and just got right back to my plan when I came back. I did splurge with a couple virgin mojitos and brought my Splenda to replace the sugar. Mostly I just asked for ice Water and used my crystal light or nestea zero.

NSV - it was so nice to wear shorts for the first time...I actually enjoyed the heat this time around instead of dread it. On top of that, I did not need a seatbelt extender AND the airplane tray also went down all the way without hitting my belly. I was never able to rest my drink on the table before and would always use my kid’s tray!!! Life is great 😄

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Losing 3 lbs at an all inclusive is a great outcome! Congrats!

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Posted (edited)
10 minutes ago, Pink nova said:

virgin mojitos and brought my Splenda to replace the sugar

Virgin Mojito with Splenda = diet mintade?

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