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Any newbies struggling to get all their protein in?

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I'm not a newbie by any means but lately i'm going through a phase where i just don't want to see food.< /p>

So i had to think of ways to maximize the amount of Protein in each meal.

I would love to see what everyone else does, i think it would help lots of us.

Disclaimer: my ideas aren't exactly new. They're just new to me lol. Feel free to add any other suggestions.

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One thing i tried that i love are Breakfast parfait's.

I use fage 0% fat plain greek (taste awful by itself, it's very tart) and i add a scoop of GNC vanilla Protein to it. And top it with my favorite berries. (If you want to add rolled oats on top for a granola like effect knock yourself out) -instant 45g of protein right there.

-premier caramel a scoop of any flavor Protein Powder and caramel flavored coffee - instant 50g of protein

- i've added GENEPRO to sauces, dressings etc

I've done fruit flavored greek yogurt mixed with any ready to drink protein and blended it with berries and ice for about 50g of protein.

-loco moco over cauliflower rice (pinterest) using 93% lean ground beef, 1 egg and a few tbs of egg whites. (Almost 50g of protein)

I'll add as i think of other things i've done recently.

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