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  1. Easy...i don’t answer it lol. I would never ask someone how much they gained right lol, so i just don’t talk about my weight at all with anyone. It’s weird to me.
  2. So i live in a major city where everyone on planet earth is a skinny bitch and fitness freak lol. I’m slowly turning into that kind of annoying person too haha. So because of that, there’s every possible fitness class, fad gym, regular gym, fancy over priced boutique class available to me and they’re expensive as hell. So i’m trying to narrow it down. Has anyone actually tried orange theory? Is it fun? Is it mostly weights, or cardio? Is it worth the price? Are the classes super long? And be honest, would you a actually stick with it or do you suggest something else? T.I.A
  3. xoxococojay

    Phone holder for the gym

    That’s the belt i was referring too, the flip belt.
  4. xoxococojay

    Phone holder for the gym

    This isn’t much help, but i literally just put my phone on the ground when lifting and then in the cup holder when i’m doing cardio. I do the wireless headphone thing too. I bought like an invisible belt that holds my phone too, and it works but it was a waste, i never use it. I also don’t think it comes in all sizes, it’s limited.
  5. xoxococojay

    Hard Workouts

    Yes, you can do that after 6 weeks.
  6. xoxococojay

    Has anyone tried Orange theory?

    Thanks! I’ve already done all of that. I had surgery a few years ago and i posted this back in 2018. I was just asking because they opened one up literally in my building. I just prefer a gym that tends to offer everything because i get bored easily. I figured it would be a nice addition to mix things up.
  7. xoxococojay

    Has anyone tried Orange theory?

    Nooooo. It’s hard to explain. But’s definitely not cross fit. Cross fit would be like body building, strictly weights and hard core weights that focuses on form. Orange theory doesn’t do that. It’s a mix of cardio and some weights. It’s broken down into 3 blocks and they have heart rate monitors and coaches to guide you through each workout. It is technically considered a HIIT workout due to the amounts of cardio.
  8. xoxococojay

    Has anyone tried Orange theory?

    I know they offer a free trial class and some studios are nice enough to let you try a week free. See if you like it first. I can be honest with you and say whatever you decide, make sure you truly enjoy it first before comitting, because reality is all workouts work. For example, i tried solider fit, and i hated every minute of it. Not the actual workout, but i hated being yelled at or punished for going at my own pace. The one nice thing about orange theory is that it is month to month, if you don’t like it.
  9. xoxococojay

    Has anyone tried Orange theory?

    You can still definitely workout. You won’t “over burn” and you’ll be fine. Also, you’re nervous about being exhausted, start with a low impact workout instead like zumba or water aerobics, barre class etc. Orange theory is more of a high intensity workout, but you can modify it for your needs.
  10. xoxococojay

    Smooth Sailing for Anyone?

    I had two trouble free surgeries. I think you’ll be just fine but everyone does adjust differently. The first time, i had the sleeve and i was totally fine. Ready to go back to work by day 5. I wouldn’t say i was in much pain or anything. I just felt a lot of gas pressure sitting on my chest. But that naturally went away by walking a ton the first few days. I had bad reflux so they did a revision 2 yrs later and honestly that felt like a nap. Except now i can eat like anyone else who has never had surgery. You can’t control how much weight you lose. I was fine with being a size 8. I accidentally made it down to a 4 and i’m still constantly losing weight. I’m sure your dr and nutritionist team gave you dietary guidelines or phases to follow. Stick to that and find exercises you like that you can stick to and you’ll literally be just fine. I would say if you’re fortunate enough to not have any complications or other health issues, then your surgery won’t be a big deal. Just remember it is a tool, so it all depends on how you use it. Good luck. I’m sure you will be fine. Also, fyi- the reason why you don’t see tons of complication free success stories is because we’re to busy enjoying our new lives to post all the time.
  11. xoxococojay

    Has anyone tried Orange theory?

    Thank you! Thank you thank you!!!!! This was super helpful. There is one literally in the lobby of my building and i still haven’t gotten to try it yet lol. But now i’m definitely planning on it. I think they have different teirs to their memberships right? I still have my lifetime fitness membership which i love. So if i join, i wouldn’t necessarily need the unlimited OTF membership. This was sooo helpful by the way, thanks again. I’m glad you’re succeeding with it too!
  12. When you y’all stop counting the post op months? If i see one more post saying i’m 28 months out or 42 months out im going cry...that’s just to much damn math 😂😂😂😂. View it like a baby- start using years now because nobody cares about those extra 3 months lol. ***end rant 😭
  13. xoxococojay

    I buried my 15 year old grand-son

    I’m sending hugs and prayers your way. My condolences to you and your loved ones. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I’m here if you need anything.
  14. xoxococojay

    Fear of changing relationship with best friend

    2 yr vet, the only friend i ever really included in my process was another chubby friend. We are now just acquaintances unfortunately. It is what it is, not everyone will be genuinely happy for you once you suddenly become happier than they are. Now also keep in mind you might have some very stable sane friends who aren’t insecure about their weight and they love you regardless. I have a friend like that too. You’ll be fine either way. You’ll make additional friends too along the way because you’ll discover that you have some interests that you didn’t know you had.
  15. xoxococojay

    How did your family and friends react?

    They were not supportive at all. So i don’t share. Didn’t tell my parents until the day before.
  16. xoxococojay

    Instagram Friends!

    I’m in, i love making new friends!! Only thing is- i don’t post about my weight on ig (nobody that follows me cares lol)
  17. Same thing happened to me. And don’t feel bad about not telling her. Last time i checked, she’s not the IRS so you don’t owe her any sort of explanation lol. I had someone do that too. I flat out told her no because she was rude and gossipy also, and my health is genuinely none of her business. I’ve since gotten promoted and changed job locations, so nobody even knows i used to be fat before. Nobody questions how much i eat or any of that nonsense. They treat me exactly the same as everyone else.
  18. xoxococojay

    ❤Summer Body Routines❤

    Congrats!!! You’re doing awesome. You might be able to find a buddy to help you workout before doing the trainer route, or even youtube/ instagram videos. I did the trainer route and found that it was a waste of money. I did learn some stuff but nothing that was truly worth $120 per session. Group fitness classes might even be more enjoyable too. Good luck.
  19. xoxococojay


    I didn’t literally mean eat bacon all day smh. I know how keto works, i know all about the keto flu. If it works for you, cool but it’s not for me. Also, please keep in mind: how you do keto is not necessarily how others do it. There’s clean keto, lazy keto, dirty keto and strict keto. For me personally, there is literally no nutritional need to add unnecessary fat period. You can do the exact same thing simply by cutting out carbs and sugars and your body will adapt accordingly. The keto flu is temporary- that is not what i experienced which is why i can’t stand it and that is my choice. My body loves balance and variety, my body loves all veggies and all fruits, and doesn’t like restricting entire food groups. We are just different and that’s fine. Please stop judging me simply because my choice is different from yours. Obviously it’s working for me.
  20. xoxococojay

    Can I afford the post-op diet?

    Unfortunately, the surgery cost itself i can’t advise on, but i would consider reaching out to your hospital directly. They may have some financial aid available to you, that you may not know about yet. Good luck.
  21. xoxococojay

    Can I afford the post-op diet?

    Wait, you realize this makes zero sense right? You can easily afford the food- you will barely be eating lol so groceries will stretch. Plus if you stick to basics (chicken, veggies, eggs, greek yogurt etc) it’s not expensive at all, you just have to know where to shop. You may even be spending more of food now if you eat out often and also portion. Remember you will be unprocessing your diet so it gets cheaper. I find cheap meats at target and costco (costco literally lasts forever and chicken drumsticks are only $7 for a pack of 30) if cooking isn’t for you, you can do rotissierie chicken etc which is also affordable. I will say protein shakes and vitamins might add up but there are ways around that too. And also once you get further out, you may not even need shakes like that. Oh and water is dirt cheap.
  22. xoxococojay

    ❤Summer Body Routines❤

    Do what you like so you can stick to it. I do the following: Workout bare minimum 5 days per week Split my days: leg day 3x per week, back and arms 2 days, core is done every single day and i do mostly weights. When i do cardio it’s only for about 20 minutes. Sometimes i’ll switch it up and do boxing or T-25 or another at home workout (at home workouts are not my personal preference) I also rest either in a whirlpool or soak in a bath with scented epsom salt to relax my muscles. As for supplements: pre-workout, bccaa’s, fish oil and a multi and at least a half gallon of water or more per day. If you don’t know where to start, instagram has tons of amazing videos, create a collection and save them as a reference point. Good luck everyone!
  23. xoxococojay


    All diets work lol. Not all are the best for everyone but they all work. Simply because they all involve some sort of deficit. Consistency or lack of is what causes us to fail on diets. I’ve talked to about 4 different nutritionists, none of the recommend keto. I’ve tried it personally and as appealing as it sounds to eat bacon all day, it wasn’t for me. I felt physically sick and the lack of nutritional balance made it simply a diet, not a lifestyle and not one that i would be willing to stick to. It was just to restrictive. Plus- no need to eat 75% fat, that is purely to feel satisfied. As log as you cut out carbs and sugars, just junk in general paired with exercise you will lose significant amounts of weight. No gimmicks needed.
  24. xoxococojay

    100 lbs in under a year?

    Depends on where you start and how strict you are with yourself. If you start out much larger and actually follow the rules then of course you can. But if you don’t do, don’t beat yourself up either, it’s not a race.
  25. xoxococojay

    Post Op Bra Size

    40J before 34G now, my boobs haven’t really gone anywhere.