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I had my ESG on Tuesday, all went well, I have had some stomach cramping but all good now. I am on my last day of clear fluids, tomorrow I start three weeks of free liquids.

I did get a bit hydrated and had an infusion, felt so much better, but rather bruised. My veins are difficult at the best of times, took four attempts to find a good vein, three of them via ultrasound...all good in the end though.

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It has been 10 days since my ESG, I have lost about 5 kilos (11lb) since then. The centimetres are also dropping off.

I am on a free liquids diet until 11/11 and then a pureed food week followed by a week of soft foods. There was a couple of days where I seemed to be lacking energy, all good now though.

Other than the initial cramping it hasn't been painful at all, I am still on a nexium a day for another couple of weeks, so far no acid reflux. My skin is even looking better as I haven't been eating all the crap food I use to.

I had my follow up with the doctor on Tuesday, all good, he wants 4 hours a week cardio until my appointment with the exercise physiologist, where weights/resistance training will commence. My doctor works of body composition rather than the scales.

My post procedure support program includes 4 appointments each with a dietician, exercise physiologist and behavioural pyschologist along with unlimited support from a bariatric physician, formally there are eight appointments with the bariatric physician.

I have yet to have a bowel movement, I am slowing upping the levels of treatment for that, started off with the lowest does and working my way up until output :)

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Almost seven weeks since the procedure. Last week I started standard foods with a focus on Protein and veges first, up to one cup volume three times a days. No snacking until maintenance. Haven't been perfect, been times when I ate too much and my body let me know. I am learning to pay attention to my body, am slowing down the eating so I get the satisfied signals. Weight loss has been slower as I have progressed through the food phases, that is to be expected and once I get the right balance along with cardio and the gym my body will find it's sweet spot for weight loss, if that's only a few hundred grams a week so be it. More important to me that health and fitness improves.

I start going to the gym this week, I expect to be muscle sore :)

Some comparison pics: (pay no mind to the bed hair!)

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Where does the time go? Just re-read my last post above, seems I need to pull my finger out, haven't been exercising as much as I should.

Weight loss is going well, restriction is holding up as well as it should it. In the past week or so I have been experiencing some minor acid reflux, I will have to start keeping notes see if I can identify which food may be triggering it.

Been some Hair loss beyond the usual in the past few weeks, fortunately with curly hair it isn't so noticable. I will keep an eye on that and make sure I am taking Vitamins and eating sufficient Protein. I will also check out some other supplements see if they may be beneficial.

I have been enjoying the exercise I have been doing, not getting so breathless or red in the face. It's great to be able able to up stairs without gasping, clothes are fitting so much better.

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Another month down. Restriction is going well. Not so long ago, I was out with friends and wasn't paying attention to what and how I was eating. I ate too much steak, too quickly. I was full before I realised pain and then much discomfort lasted for about 12 hours. I slept very little that night. Lesson learned, and even at home I am being more mindful as to how much in each biteful, types of foods and how quickly I am eating.

Struggling with the sweet tooth but have done pretty well lately.

I have bought my reward all ready, I will have to work hard at making sure I deserve it. I have VIP tickets for the Hugh Jackson world tour show in Melbourne in August. It is a long wait but I am very excited.

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I’ve read your post and was glad to see you’re doing well. Seems you are one of the people who has success with the amount of restriction the endoscopic procedure offers. That’s great. My appointment is 3 weeks away. I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      I hate these Lovenox shots.  That is all! LOL
      Feeling like a pin cushion.
      I know they are needed and it's only 10 days worth but I really hate giving myself shots. It's one of the reasons I want to be healthy because diabetes runs in my family

      · 2 replies
      1. Jenpet

        Weight Loss Queen

      2. Jenpet

        Weight Loss Queen

    • SabrinaGoddess

      Yas, I am HOME! Traveling back home was interesting but I made it.
      For the first time in my flying life we had NO drink service due to the turbulence! It was crazy. I had to call the steward to bring me water. You CAN NOT let yourself get behind on drinking! That would be dangerous.
      My new blog post is up! https://sabrinagoddess.com/day-3-4-post-op-doc-visit

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      I am OFFICIALLY SLEEVED! (surgery was Dec 9th, 2019)
      It was an easy procedure for me and I am not having complications. If you want to see part one of my journey go here: https://sabrinagoddess.com/life-on-the-other-side-post-op-wls
      I will be making new posts during this whole process!

      · 5 replies
      1. GreenTealael


      2. Billy Bob

        Glad you survived . lol

      3. SabrinaGoddess

        @billybob I am thriving and breathing! That's a blessing!

      4. BayougirlMrsS

        yeahhhhhh we are only 3 months apart on the sleeve journey. I found it has been way easier to lose with the sleeve than it was with the band...... although i loved my band. Sleeve was the easiest SX i ever had too.....

      5. SabrinaGoddess

        @bayougirlmrss I was told this is the fastest weight loss surgery, but I am not really looking for extremely fast. I want it to be healthy. This is our new tool and we can use it wisely for sure. Are you taking your biotin and vitamins?

    • SabrinaGoddess

      TOMORROW IS MY DAY! (note this did not post properly so I am still  posting it after the fact)
      I am so very excited! My sister is here with me and my son. I am so excited. My anesthesiologist called me tonight to discuss our plans for tomorrow. I am not feeling nervous at all. Just excited for the future!
      I did buy a few bottles of CFpreop which is really suppose to help you stay hydrated. It's pricey but I feel it's worth it. I tried the Watermelon tonight. I have to stop all liquids after midnight and I go into the hospital at 5:30am for check in. My surgery is at 8am.
      SO HAPPY for this journey!
      You can get the CFpreop on Amazon if anyone is interested. It comes in Watermelon and White Grape.
      Read my night before thoughts on: www.SabrinaGoddess.com

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      1. Jenpet

        Weight Loss Queen

      2. Jenpet

        Weight Loss Queen

      3. Jenpet

        Weight Loss Queen

      4. Jenpet

        Weight Loss Queen

      5. Jenpet

        Weight Loss Queen

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    • Arabesque

      Today I said I’m an XS or size 8 (Aust) at a clothing store. I never thought I’d say those words and say them with confidence. And when I commented a dress was too big on me I was told it was the smallest size. As was the belt I wanted. 
      I tried on a slim fitting singlet dress yesterday & was shocked to realise the lumpy bits on the dress were my hip bones. I have an hour glass shape so I always had hips but never ones that stuck out on the front of my body! 

      I’ve been a size 10 before - for about 5 minutes. While I am now confident about saying I’m an 8, clothes shopping is all still a bit freaky for me. It’s not that I’m focussed on the size on the label. I’m well aware the cut/line of the clothes and the designer’s style will dictate what size I need or if it will suit my body shape. The size is the starting point & it’s starting at an 8/XS/38 which is a big mind set change. It’s thinking a pair of pants will be too small & discovering they are almost too big. 

      While I’m still coming to terms with my actual new body shape and size, I’m very happy to be in this new reality. 
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      1. ms.sss


      2. ms.sss

        ...ah! I see you are from Brisbane! We lived there for a year when Mr. got a work contract there.

        I have fond (and not-so-fond, lol) memories of the weather there this time of year. It it crazy hot yet?

      3. Arabesque

        Hit 42degress last weekend but this week has been in the rather pleasant low 30s (relatively of course😜). Could still wear jeans but thank goodness for air conditioning. Worse is the drought. Everything is dying or dead. Very sad & depressing.

      4. ms.sss

        I feel ya.

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