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Looking back on my weight los surgery journey

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It is just 2 years since I first saw the surgeon to ask about weight loss surgery. He recommended RNY because of my severe GORD. I ended up having the RNY surgery pm July 2016. My main reasons for having the surgery were 1) I was in heart failure and struggling to walk as far as my letter box each day. I had already given up work because of it. 2) I had high blood pressure despite taking 7 different meds a day for it. 3) I am diabetic and had been taking insulin for 30 years and 4) I needed knee replacement surgery and the surgeon recommended I reduce my BMI from 41 to less than 30.

Since the RNY surgery I have had many ups and downs but the weight came off quite quickly and remained off for more than a year. The ups and downs are more emotional, adjusting to the new forever way of eating and accepting that I can't have a few more bites because it tastes nice, I can't eat anything with fat in it no matter how much I want to and sugar is something to be savoured in tiny amounts on rare occasions like birthdays. The unpredictability of dumping syndrome makes my work day scary so I literally stick with a plain salad (vegetables only and no dressing) to try to avoid being sick at work.

The upside is that I have lost weight to a BMI of 24 and maintained it. I have stopped taking insulin and only take a small dose of Metformin twice a day. I have stopped all my blood pressure meds and my heart failure has "cured itself." I started back at work in July 2017 and manage so much better aside from the occasional dumping syndrome episode. Best of all I had my kneed replacements done 3 weeks ago (yep both sides at once) and the recovery has been amazing. I am sure it was much easier now I am not carrying the extra weight. Oh and the GORD went away with the surgery and hasn't returned yet - Yay.

One down side to the surgery is that when I get sick I lose 2 - 3 kg very fast and it takes me weeks to put it back on. Of course I can afford to leave it off since my BMI is still 24 but my cardiologist doesn't want me to get below a BMI of 22 so now I am mindful of how much I lose and what I put back on if anything. It is a problem I never thought I would face in my lifetime.

So would I recommend the surgery to others? I would say make sure you choose the right surgery for you and are prepared for the life changes it will bring. RNY can't be undone once it is done so you are stuck with it even if you don't like the dumping syndrome and eating restrictions. But if you have health problems that will be cured or improved by having the surgery, then seriously consider it. I am glad I did even on those days when I feel I am missing out or experiencing dumping because I pushed things.

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Thank you for sharing your story and congrats on having a healthier life.

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