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NuGo Slim - Vegan Protein Bars

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Sorry guys, I promise no one is paying me to post brand recommendations on here LOL. Just doing a crazy amount of experiments before my liquid diet starts... in... gulp, 5 days!

So in the pre-op diet my surgeon allows any Protein Bar that meets the following requirements:

  1. 200 calories or less
  2. 8 grams of sugar or less
  3. Between 15-25 grams of Protein

(We can have up to 2 Protein Bars per day during the diet.)

After much googling I found a bar that meets those requirements for me! This is almost certainly not the only bar but it was available on Amazon and at a good price range so it's the one I decided to order - it's called the NuGo Slim bar. FYI NOT ALL THE FLAVORS ARE PLANT-BASED!!! I actually wasn't paying enough attention and accidentally ordered 3 flavors that aren't vegan, ugh. LOL thank goodness Amazon will let me return them!

The three flavors that I've tried (that ARE vegan) are Toasted Coconut, chocolate Mint, and Crunchy Peanut Butter. They are all REALLY good and believe me when I say I hate most protein bars (except Fiber One which I don't eat anymore obviously). These bars do not have that awful, weird, wet, chewy texture that Quest bars, Pure Protein bars, etc. have. I would say that my favorite flavor is the peanut butter one, but they are seriously all good. The only reason the chocolate mint didn't win was I would have liked more mint flavor lol.

I'm really excited to have found these bars. I wish I could eat these 5x a day instead of 3x shakes and 2x bars, lol.

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I haven’t gotten in to eating bars really. I’d say I’d like to try them but I know I probably won’t buy any. Lol. But this is a great reference for me to come back to in case I get stuck having to eat bars for some reason! I’m glad you found some to work with ya.

Now...enjoy eating them very slowly on your pre-op!!!! Lol. It gets easier after the first few days, I promise. 😉

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