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Had 4 fills and feel nothing

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I had my lap band in late June and lost 20lbs in first 2 months, since then, I've had a few more fills but I can't lose anymore. What am I doing wrong? At my last fill I was at 5cc's.

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I have to have my band up to 7 or 8 cc for it to work best for me. I had it reduced to 5cc and I could eat way too much. I keep it filled at 7 or 8 so I feel safe with food. My band works. I've had it 6 years. Very happy with it. It helps me feel safe and normal.

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Hi! I have had my band 10 yrs. Most of the time it seems to do well around 6 to 6.5.

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Posted (edited)

After many years, failed attempts and tries, I finally found my lucky number of 9 cc's. I was at 8 ccs with very little restriction and the ability to eat a whole cheesesteak without batting an eye. My surgeon took a chance and gave me that last cc. At the time of the fill after my sip of Water I had a little burp of air. He swore that I would be back for an unfill. Not until this last cc did I hit that perfect sweet spot.

All the instructions of sipping water, eat slowly high Protein make perfect sense to me, my light bulb went on. This is how I'm supposed to feel. I'm thrilled.

My last fill was right before Christmas and I didn't weigh myself yet. Monday is the first day. I'm confident I dropped weight.

Just so you know I'm not new to the band. I had mine in 2009. It truly is a lifetime of adjustments. Don't get down. Be sure to communicate with your doctor. Try a few more ccs. If it is too much, he can always remove the fill. If you have more questions pm me. I was you just a few short weeks ago. Again, it's amazing what 1 cc can do. No indigestion, discomfort, blockage etc. Best of luck.

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Like Suznty says, it's a lifetime of adjustments.

How much your band is filled isn't a criteria for measuring when the band works. I've seen people with no saline get plenty of restriction and success. Every body is different. Every stomach is different. Most surgeons place the band in the same place on the stomach but if the placement is lower there's more bulk to fill the circumference of band. Think of the band around your wrist and then around your upper arm. It's going to take more saline to fill a band around a skinny wrist right?

I'm 6 years out too and had all my saline removed back in June but I got a new fill this last week. I can't feel anything yet so it may take a couple more adjustments to get back to my fighting weight.

But, back in 2011 when was banded I lost 12 lbs the first few weeks and then nothing for 3 months. Took about 4 fills to find some restriction but 6 to finally find that sweet spot. Good luck.


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        Wow, your arm hurt a long time. Glad it finally resolved. Hope you can get back to your weight training soon, I know you enjoyed that.

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        yea i had/have a pinched nerve at the top of the elbow and it is a very slow thing to recover from. The arm is weaker than before but feeling much better when i use it.

        every time i thought it was better i would start some form of training and it would go numb again all along the tricep. so its very light exercises and treadmill :(

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        That stinks. Sorry. One of those d@mn unintended consequences.

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