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4 days on liquid diet and a gain?

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I posted on the newbie post op forum as well.

I started my 10 day liquid diet Friday and was losing. Yesterday I maxed out my Water and Protein and even did a light workout, I have since gained a pound. Any ideas? I only did 7 fats and under 500 calories, do you think I am not getting enough? My surgery is mext Monday the 21st and I really want to make this successful

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My guess based on experience and reading other's experiences is that the work you are doing does not always show up on the scale the way we want it too.

I had surgery on 8/10. I spent 9 days on the liquid protien diet. I did not cheat. In the middle of the diet, I was 1.2 pounds heavier than the day before. That corrected in one day. Overall, I lost close to ten pounds during the pre-op diet.

A warning, after surgery the first time I weighed myself at home I was 4 pounds heavier than pre-op. This morning I was over 3 pounds below pre-op.

I have read many times here... the weight loss is not linear.

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1 hour ago, Kennalb said:

I have since gained a pound. Any ideas?

You said you completed a 'light' workout. That may be the key to your weight gain...

Glycogenation is the dominant reason for weight gain when working out while consuming so few calories. Exercise boosts our muscles' energy storage capacity.

Since active people need more fuel, a body that has just exercised adapts by increasing its capacity for glycogen storage. This process leads to temporary Water weight gain.

Also, very low-calorie diets (read: the pre-op liquid diet) can result in water retention. Therefore, you may be losing fat, but the progress you've made is masked by water weight gain. Maybe you lost a pound or two of fat the first few days but gained a few pounds of glycogen and/or water in that time.

In summary, stay off the scale. Let your body sort out the changes it's experiencing. Measure your progress by the looseness of your clothing, not by an arbitrary scale number.

Good luck to you. :)

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Something I learned from my nutritionist that would have worked for me way before surgery was when I worked out, your muscles need two things: fluids and Protein. So make sure to get in more and more protein before and after you work out. Also, drink lots of fluids (I drink Smart Water or Essentia-both have electrolytes added) so that there will be no water weight, because you are fueling your muscles and body while you're working out. I'm 8 months out and have been weight training and cardio since I was 4 months out. I have not gained any weight whatsoever. Instead, I kept losing. A slower loss, but for the better. I'm so much more toned and fit.

Fluids and protein. The more, the better.

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Thanks to both of you! I will try all the suggestions for when I work out. This is a long journey and it's a journey for life, a better one.

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