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HealthChoice started approving weight loss surgery Jan. 1st 2017. The weight loss doctor's office called to verify I'm eligible with my weight, BMI, health issues due to obesity, etc and my doctor's office said I qualified. At that time began all the classes etc that insurance required. Now, after all of that and spending hundreds on all these classes and additional doctor's appointment insurance is saying it's not medically necessary due to my BMI being 34 and the fact I'm type 1 diabetic and not type 2. My doctor's office appealed the decision and after speaking with the doctor at HealthChoice my surgery shouldn't have been denied and they would approve it for sure. After talking to HealthChoice today I was told I was denied again!!!! I'm so frustrated I feel sick to my stomach. I need this surgery before I can have a life saving transplant and I can't believe this is happening after being told day one I qualified. Has anyone else been dealing with HealthChoice Oklahoma?

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I am so sorry! I'm just beginning of this process, and I don't understand why this happens. May I ask what doctor is your surgeon?

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