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    Buddies Group - Surgery Dec 4 to 15, 2017

    Extremely happy! Started at 275, and now at 150! And still losing!!!
  2. Deleted Account

    The regain posts

    Does anyone know how to report this? I know this type of name calling is against the TOS even in the rants and raves. @alexbreacher ? You’re as much a bully as Creekimp. Do you ever think for yourself, or do you simply follow Creekimp around and applaud everything she says? We had girls like you two in high school.
  3. Did you read my email? No. Taunting the OP? Did you read her unpleasantness to me? This forum appears to have cliques. FYI, for the most part, I have only responded to people who call me out. There was no need for you to address me. I only check in when someone calls me out. Shaking my head at the cliques and immaturity of this forum.
  4. I saw what you wrote. It was in my email. You people are no more than bullies.
  5. You know exactly what you’re doing. You do this a lot. Good bye, and stop it.
  6. I’m sorry it went over your head. I really believe you’re simply bullying me at this point. Stop it.
  7. Stop being a bully to me before I report you. And that’s exactly what you’re doing.
  8. LOL!!! Nah. I’m sure she’s keeping count of her bumps. They mean so much to her.
  9. The OP gets giddy over bumps and likes. Sigh.
  10. When the OP has edited every single post in the thread. Sigh.
  11. Is there a way to delete one’s account?
  12. Here’s another bump for people who are so seriously addicted to this forum, that they count the number of posts and bumps. SMH.
  13. Sweetheart, I don’t care if you block me or not. And why are you giddy over a bump? Seriously?
  14. Your tone is a complete turn around from yesterday. The highschoolish remarks made by you and others yesterday were uncalled for. You went too far, and today you’re trying to sound like it was okay and accepting. I still say you are on this forum 24/7. That is unhealthy for anyone, and you’re demonstrating that.
  15. It”s not about being offended; it’s about the original poster making fun of other members.
  16. This thread has become more about how pathetic someone can become when they can’t let go. They act like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Is this how they are outside of the forum? Sounds to me like some form of personality disorder. They can’t stop themselves from acting like a fool. Sad and pathetic.
  17. I completely agree. The immaturity is nauseating.
  18. I understand this forum has private messaging if you two or three want to continue your antics.
  19. You need to get away from the forum as it appears you’re on here 24/7. And even though you posted in the Rants category, you are attacking people’s comments that appear in the regular categories. Sorry, but when you begin making fun of other people, it’s time to leave.
  20. Deleted Account

    Surgery was Yesterday

    Have you called your doc and told him about the sharp pain when you drink? I think you should.