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I am really having a tough time making this decision, and I could really use some advice maybe from some vets or people that started out with a lower BMI (like 32). I would really appreciate any input you can offer! Thanks so much!

I was sleeved in Mexico in Dec 2014 with a bmi of about 32, at 5'3" and 182 pounds. I thought I had found the miracle cure! I Lost about 30 pounds (out of the 50 that I wanted to lose) in the first four moths, and had to work hard for about another year to keep it off. Then I tore my meniscus in June of 2016, and was unable to do my walks/hikes, and have since put back on 15 of the original 30 that I lost. So probably not really worth it for me, in the long run.

I have put a deposit down for DS in Mexico in July, but I'm scared, and my husband is not supportive, especially since I'm only 30-35 pounds overweight. I'm not even sure that DS would get me where I want to be.

Also, I'm a vegetarian, so I think the Protein might be difficult for me.

Please, any advice with any of these issues (low BmI, sleeve failure, vegetarian) would be so helpful! Tell me to go for it or tell me it won't get me where I want to be. Anything! Thank you so much for your support!

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When I got a DS I was almost 300lbs - and that was considered to be on the lighter side to get something so hard core. I don't think you should do this. I think if you just do a "reset" (talk to a Bariatric nutritionist about this) you will be fine.

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I won't mince words: the duodenal switch is a grossly inappropriate procedure for someone who weighs 165 pounds with only 30 more pounds to lose.

It is typically reserved for super mordibly obese people (BMI of 50 or greater) with severe metabolic issues (e.g. longstanding diabetes, PCOS). I would question the judgment and ethics of a bariatric surgeon who would perform a duodenal switch on someone who's only 30 pounds overweight.

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Who is your surgeon in Mexico? I ask because I had MGB surgery in Mexico and my surgeon would NEVER do a DS on someone with only 30 lbs to lose. Have you had your doctor do a EGD to see if there is a problem with the sleeve you had done before?

It sounds like a nutrition issue. What are you eating? Are you getting in your Protein? Your fluids? How are your eating habits? Because exercise is important, but most of your weight loss will happen because of your diet, not your exercise. So just because you weren't able to do as much exercise, unless you have health issues other than your knee (endocrine problems), there is no reason why your sleeve shouldn't be working for you. Getting a DS when you are not a good candidate for one can not only NOT work, it can be life threatening. I would NOT trust ANY surgeon who would even suggest doing a DS on you. Your husband should be worried. It is NOT a good idea.

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Practice eating like a DS patient for the next couple months. 120g Protein, handfuls of Vitamins, etc. (Ok, well, be careful not to take too many vitamins, but check out the requirements).

For 1, you'll probably knock off a few pounds. For 2, you can see just how nuts the requirements are.

Most of us here wouldn't panic about carrying 30 extra pounds. This is normal and expected. Weight can and does fluctuate post op... it's all a journey in which we all have to keep working at it (forever).

Even a torn meniscus should heal, allowing more exercise over time. Exercise does make you hungry, so be sure to fill up on... salad? eggs? Something like that.

Spend your money on a pool membership, counseling, better food.. whatever.

I don't know what you eat, but the downfalls of many vegetarians are sugar and white flour. Make sure those are completely cut out of your diet.

Many people undergo surgery, expecting a "magic fix". It doesn't work that way. Yes, the pounds melt off effortlessly at first. And then they stop, almost always before you want them to. The rest is up to you.

A DS is more likely to kill you over time via malnourishment, especially because you are a vegetarian. 30 extra pounds isn't dangerous. This surgery IS.

The very fact that you are willing to dive headlong into a very dangerous situation, all in pursuit of becoming thin (not health)... I'd be willing to bet you have an eating disorder. Please get some professional help.

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