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Hi all,

Recently had a slew is off issues happen in the span of a couple of months. This past year has been an emotionally difficult one when a loved one was diagnosed with an illness and it spiraled into resolve when they passed just recently. The stress of this came a week before my wedding and bam, my depression hit. I started to notice I was starving myself for hours and then munching on chocolate and popcorn.

We had to entertain guests and mourn privately in the middle of this chaos, lo and behold I weighed myself last night (first time in a month) and cried to see I was 8 lbs heavier. I am so discouraged and so disappointed in myself. I find the motivation to continue being healthy is harder than ever and I still feel sadness from all the recent stresses and how it's weighed me down. I am mourning quite hard and feel almost self-destructive because of the loss.

My husband (as we're a recently married couple) expressed his sadness to my weight gain and though he has been supportive of my stress and understands the reasoning, couldn't help but say he was disappointed in me too. I want to feel confident but I am notorious for being a depression eater (I starve and graze on crap typically) and I am terrified my stress will cause my hormones and body to just keep responding by gaining weight. I need some support :( feeling ever so discouraged that I won't finish my journey and lose the last 30 lbs I need to get to my end goal.

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Ah hon. I'm so sorry. The only thing I can think of is for you to go back to why you had the surgery in the first place. This will take putting your feelings of depression behind. It's okay and healthy to grieve and please do, I just wouldn't want you to wallow and dwell in it for so long as you know it's not the best for you to do. Enjoy your marriage, look forward to happy times, and please take care of yourself. Going backwards with the wrong choices of food and why you're eating will only make the matters worse me you'll end up feeling even worse too. On another hand, find a grief counselor if you can, this in turn will help you deal with the depression and grief in the right ways for you. Blessings to you hon.

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    • PAstudent

      A tiny bit disappointed that I turn 21 tomorrow and still won't know what alcohol tastes like (I was sleeved less than 3 weeks ago), but getting my health and life on track are totally worth it <3
      · 6 replies
      1. PAstudent

        I'm not TOO heartbroken about waiting a bit longer :) On the bright side, since giving up junk foods, my skin has gotten SO much better!

      2. Deactivatedfatgal

        Omg same! I had dark patches on thighs and neck & it's nearly gone now 😊 Yayyy to better skin haha

      3. OutsideMatchInside

        I had a fake ID and was going to the bars at 16. By the time I was 21 I was already bored with alcohol

      4. Newme17

        I guess us older folks are wondering why? Lol. When you get older, you'll wander why did you bother too? (or get bored with it). It just got me in a lot of trouble. If I had to do my 20's all over, I'd skip it. Enjoy life sober. You'll be glad you did. One less thing to get addicted to as well (if you tend to have addictions).

        Happy birthday!!! 🎈🎊🎁🎂🎉

      5. Newme17

        Btw, I'm not speaking for all of us older ones either.

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    • Thejeweledsleeve

      5/25 - Went to the gym and worked out cardio. My shoulders were really killing me from the workout the day before. I did not get to see the trainer today because he does not oversea cardio days. I ended up working out for an hour and trying to keep my heart rate in cardio.
      I went home and started reading up on Ketogenic diets more. I found out that when Bariatric patients are required to do a liquid diet (low in carbs), we end up putting out body into a Ketogenic state. This allows our body to start burning fat as a energy resource. I was really intrigued and decided to do a full Ketogenic diet as an experience. I have foods that I omitted (red meats, bacon). I very barely would eat red meat prior to surgery so it was easy to omitted that option. I meal prepped enough chicken for the week. I can eat YASSO  frozen yogurt ice cream which is 100 calories and low in sugar with 5g of protein. I used to eat them for dessert twice a week. I made chicken breast, brocolli, mozzarella cheese (reduced fat). The remaining chicken breast, I am using to follow the Ketogenic Diet now. 
      5/26 - Went to my Granny's house to spend time with her. She loves seeing my progress and oh baby does she like to hear about the foods I can and cannot eat. She enjoys seeing my meal preps and just praises me for sticking to staying away from junk food.
      For breakfast: I had boiled egg whites (hate the yoke). 
      For snack: I had 7 olives and a powerade zero calorie drink.
      For Lunch: I had 4 oz of chicken breast, 1 tsp of guacamole and 1 tbsp of sour cream. 
      For snack: the remainder of my brocolli and cheese.
      For Dinner: I will have 4 oz of salmon and 1 tsp of guacamole.
      I have attached a picture below of my portion8 container. This takes me about 45 minutes to eat in it's entirety. 
      And a picture of the happiest baby I know. My little cousin. 

      · 4 replies
      1. Sweet as peaches

        Yummy food and cutie pie.

      2. Newme17

        Awww, she's so cute! Love her smile.

        As for Keto, I have my reservations, but I hope it works out for you. 😊

      3. salasmall

        food looks great

      4. Apple1

        She is a cutie pie!

    • Jeffrey Stern

      I don't know if this is ...hate to say "normal" but I just don't have an appetite at all. Hard to eat and force myself just cause I know I have to. Just for reference sake...down 48 lbs since surgery May 1st. (4 wks).
      · 1 reply
      1. Introversion

        The lack of appetite is normal during the first few months, so it is expected that you aren't that hungry. However, the appetite does eventually return as you get further out. Personally, my appetite was back by 9 months post-op.

    • Jeffrey Stern

      One thing I do as well is drink green tea... it really is a must. It is proven in weight loss and is necessary to stay hydrated. I drink at least 3-4 cups a day well other fluids. Drink, drink, drink... and I don't mean alcohol. LOL  
      · 1 reply
      1. mikala3672

        its okay to drink green tea? My doctor told me no caffeine so I give up the green tea.

    • Jeffrey Stern

      This is all new to me and still learning as I go along. I have been very successful with my surgery and post surgery. Had no complications and eating while sticking to the "diet" has been challenging. I'm on my last few days of the pureed or "baby food" as I like to call it. As for exercise I walk for now and plan to ride my bike and do some workouts with an exercise ball I've had sitting in a box in my closet for 15 yrs. LOL. One thing is that I haven't had any carbs or sugar for over two months my body has gone through a detox if you will. I feel this has given me a lot more energy and plan to stay away from carbs and sugar once I start to eat solid foods. Even though I love chocolate.
      · 2 replies
      1. talkingmountain

        Yay! Definitely stay away from sugar AND artificial sweeteners. Otherwise you will quickly reawaken the sweet tooth monster!

      2. Jeffrey Stern

        I know...and what a struggle. However it gets a bit better with time. But I still would love to have a good chocolate bar like a Hershey's. LOL

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