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What to tell people?

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5 hours ago, YoungExec said:

Very true - this is a tool. You still have to learn what to eat, how to prepare it, when to eat it, the right combinations, etc.

Anybody that says this is the easy way out is not connected. Anybody that says it's all about the surgery needs more education.

My perspective do this for you and you alone. No kids, no spouse, no family or friends. Now if they all support you that is great but this has to be a personal commitment to change your life. "SAVE YOUR LIFE"

Tell or don't tell - but get thick skin so the comments of others become irrelevant because you are changing your life!!! For the better!!

So true

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I haven't had surgery yet but I have only told important people. My parents, sisters, in laws, my boss and HR Person, and my really close friends/coworkers. I haven't really decided what I'm going to tell people. Everyone in my life including coworkers know that I have been trying to lose weight for years. I'm the one who says no to donuts and cake on birthdays so they already know I'm trying to lose the weight so once it starts really happening hopefully they are expecting it. I think I will just say whatever comes out of my mouth at the time of the question. I'm in no way ashamed, but people are very judgy. All they need to know is what you want them to know. And diet and exercise is a real thing that you're doing so it's not a lie. You worked really hard and they don't need to know that you had surgery to help. You are working your butt off to meet your goal and that's what matters! And that's all people need to know. You needed a change and you made it happen. :)

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