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September 07 Exercise!!!!

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September 2nd

a.m. mowed lawn

p.m. third day of second week of couch to 5k program!!!

p.m. one mile roller blading

p.m. leg strength training on bowflex

I had injured my shoulder/back last Tuesday and my arm has been in really bad spasms and pain since then. I have not done any arm strength training this whole last week. I think it is finally getting better. It did not hurt at all today and today that was the first day that is did that. So, a couple more days of rest and I may not have to go to the doctor after all. I think it was from carrying my backpack. I may have to revert to my wheelie backpack. It is such a pain though. Especially climbing up and down stairs.

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Exercise to-date for September:

September 1

AM - 2 mile walk with wife and dog

PM - 64 minutes on bike trainer

September 2

AM - 2 mile walk with wife and dog

PM - At least I didn't eat a bunch of crap at the family BBQ

More to follow....

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9/1 - 40 minutes with personal trainer (strength training)

20 minute walk

Met with personal trainer for 1st time on Saturday, was supposed to work out for 60 minutes, only got to 40, then blacked out! Not sure exactly what the reason was, could have been slightly dehydrated, but the next day I was so sore. I couldn't even get out of bed. That's gotta be a good sign!

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Sept 1 - Attended exercise class was abs and arms..I swear the instructor is trying to kill me. 30 minutes of pain!

Sept 2 - 12 minutes on eleptical - 25 minutes on treadmill - crunches which completely killed since I just worked them the day before..silly me

Sept 3 - off

Sept 4 - I meet with my trainer tonight..really excited to finally get to use the other machines that actually can get tracked on the fitlinxx computer

Currently lost 95 pounds..weee

Side note..2 more days till Spinning class! yikes! I'm nervous

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Di-Theres a spin class near me tonight, thinking of going. I went to the intro one a couple of weeks ago, and it totally kicked my butt...in a good way!

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Deanna - I was checking out the couch to 5k program, I may try it soon! I'm still a little scared though!

Tuesday - 60min spin class, 45min doggy walk, 15min abs/pushups/stretching

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    • Arabesque

      This morning I had an abdominal ultra sound because apparently my cholesterol keeps rising.
      I don’t get it. My cholesterol was always fine & now when I eat less of everything & have lost weight it starts to go up.

      My intake of fats & oils has decreased (not that I was a big fried food person before anyway) & not just because I eat way less. Always cut the fat of meats, still don’t eat bacon, use spray olive oil instead of regular oil. Even the tub of butter in my fridge has been there since before May. Lol.
      I just don’t get it? Is it because I don’t eat anywhere near the amount of vegetables I ate before? It surely can’t be because I eat a piece of cheese every day which I didn’t before? Are all my hormones screwed up? 
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      I am so very excited! My sister is here with me and my son. I am so excited. My anesthesiologist called me tonight to discuss our plans for tomorrow. I am not feeling nervous at all. Just excited for the future!
      I did buy a few bottles of CFpreop which is really suppose to help you stay hydrated. It's pricey but I feel it's worth it. I tried the Watermelon tonight. I have to stop all liquids after midnight and I go into the hospital at 5:30am for check in. My surgery is at 8am.
      SO HAPPY for this journey!
      You can get the CFpreop on Amazon if anyone is interested. It comes in Watermelon and White Grape.
      Read my night before thoughts on: www.SabrinaGoddess.com

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      1. GreenTealael

        💚💚💚💚Safe Surgery & Congratulations💚💚💚💚

    • GothGal

      Started mushies on Thursday.  Had to remind myself to eat slowly.....you fill up fast!;
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      2 Days Till Surgery!   It's time! Time to start my clear liquids! I am prepared! Tomorrow I will only take in clear protein, bone broth and jello for the next two days.   My surgery will be done on Monday, December 9th at 8:00 AM. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM (EWWW) but who cares? LOL. Funny how you don't get all upset about doing things that are not so fun when you are doing it for a purpose! . I don't plan on doing much this weekend. I have one errand to do and after that is over I will return to my hotel room and go into prayer and meditation. Believer or not, you got to do what you need to do in order to get your heart and mind in a healthy place. . I have a Pre-Op drink I ordered that is supposed to really help your body hydrate before surgery. It's not in the photo just because I don't have it in my hands yet. I will put photos of it up when I get it. . All I can think about it how blessed I am to be able to get this done. I know how it feels to be healthy and happy then have it snatched away. It makes this all the more joyful for me. . So, it's time to lay it down and start letting my mind process what we are getting ready to do. . By the way...funny story. My doc said he had to cancel a surgery because his patient said she thought "Mashed Potatoes" was a clear food! Um, there will be no mashed potatoes for me! LOL This is HAPPENING! . Last thought for today: I knew when they drew my blood yesterday it was going to leave a nasty bruise and I was right. I am so sensitive to that kind of stuff.  

      · 2 replies
      1. Billy Bob

        That photo looks like one of my phlebotomy jobs. lol

      2. Billy Bob

        YOU GO GIRL !

    • Krestel

      Cold no.2 since surgery. The funny part is now Ive lost my voice. I feel better in my sinuses now, but my voice is 90% gone. Losing your voice as a person who talks as a teacher for a living is so funny. You feel normal and when you speak, nothing comes out. I hope it goes over by Monday, but if it doesn't oh well. Ill be at school and cant talk to the students. Oh gee darn.
      · 2 replies
      1. SabrinaGoddess

        I hope it gets better. I sing and I know how it is to lose your voice. I always get scared that it won't come back. LOL but it always does. Try Fisherman's Friend. It's nasty but it works. You can find it on amazon.

      2. Krestel

        Ohh..I love fisherman's friend..especially the sugar-free ones. Here, we can get it in all the shops. They are strong though.

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