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Increased water intake = retaining water and gain?

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Thank you, @@Uniqbtrfly and @@Babbs ! This gives me a lot of perspective.

I've just started going back to the gym for weight training sand am shooting for 3x per week at a minimum. I guess I'm just REALLY afraid of that 150 mark. My PCOS body doesn't seem to handle Water well sadly.

I tried the reset diet to help kickstart a little loss. Someone once told me that more than 2 lbs above goal is concerning, so I guess that also stuck with me.

I know I'm scale obsessive. I weigh myself multiple times in a day and it's a terrible habit.

You should keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. If you are weight training - it's possible to go up a few lbs. Are you taking measurements? And whoever said 2 lbs above goal is concerning was wrong - you could gain 2 lbs from not pooping one day.

Being this obsessed with the scale is not healthy.

I must disagree with muscle weighing more than fat. One pound is one pound regardless if it's one pound of fat, one pound of muscle or one pound of pickles. A pound is a pound.

I do agree with not obsessing about the scale! It will drive you crazy !

Not true, google it

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Shelbys mom- you actually should google it.....

Fat, muscle , peanuts.....1lb is 1lb

Mass is a different story, there is a differ nice between weight and mass.

What is meant is 1lb of fat has more mass than 1lb of muscle.

Fat and muscle weigh the same but have different mass....

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Fat is less dense than muscle. 5 lbs of fat takes up more space than 5 lbs of muscle. It's about density.

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@@Nurse_Lenora I didn't suggest 1 lb of fat weighed more than 1 lb of muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat - so if you are comparing a body (as I was) - the same amount of mass in muscle weighs more than that of fat. What was once fat and now has turned into muscle from weight training will weigh more. I'm fairly certain the OP new what I meant and that I wasn't comparing a lb of fat to a lb of muscle. :-)

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About two months ago, I hit 148/49 on the scale after bouncing between 144 and 146 since I hit my goal of 145 last December. Usually being very strict and really cutting all carbs and sugary foods helps, but it hasn't.

I decided to do the five day pouch reset and my biggest glaring issue seems to be low Water intake. So I increased by intake to roughly 72-80 oz the past two days. But I'm finding the scale isn't even budging!

Has anyone had similar experience with Water intake? I'm really upset and discouraged.

I havent had my surgery as of yet but my friend had surgery in January of this year. And she went to the dr on tuesday because as of yet, she still hasnt lost any weight. So he put her on a diet pill. Has anyone ever heard of someone not losing lbs and shes 8months out

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