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Amount of skin removed?

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Just curious - for those who have had skin removal, do you know how much it weighed? I know the variation is going to be pretty wide from person to person, just trying to process in my head at what point I might want to start heading down this path (like, when I have 20 pounds left to lose, is there a good chance that's skin and I should probably start thinking about getting some consultations, etc).

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You shouldn't count on any significant weight loss after plastics. The thing is, you will have swelling for MONTHS, so in the end, you won't really know how much impact the skin removal had. You aren't going to have 12 pounds of skin removed (that's how much I had) and then come home weighing 12 pounds less. You are probably going to weigh a good 10-20 pounds more. Then you are going to be laid up for a long time and unable to exercise. Lose some muscle, maybe gain some fat? 4-6 months out, you may weigh the same, you may weigh less, you may weigh more, your body composition will be different...

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Jamielogical is correct...I just had my TT done 2 weeks ago, they removed a little over a kilo (about 3 lbs) and I came home 3 lbs heavier! WTF. And although it all went well and in general I think I will be very happy with the results, I feel like I am carrying around a half of a bowling ball in my swollen tummy. The best part of it so far is the wrinkly skin on my torso is gone and my vagina is lifted for the first time in my life. My scar although wide is very skinny and when the swelling goes down I think it will be great. Go back to the dr. tomorrow to see what he says. But to answer your question, don't expect any weight loss.

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Thanks! It sounds like I still have a lot of researching to do. It's funny, when I started I thought, "I'll be happy to be under 300". Then, "maybe I can get under 200". Now it's, "why not be as close to normal as possible?!?"

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Yep....it's like remodeling a house....you think, if I can just redo the kitchen, the house would be perfect....then you redo the kitchen and the rest of the rooms don't look so great so you keep on plugging away at all of it until you get it the way you want!

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Ideally you want to be stable at your goal weight for a good six months, preferably 12 months before plastics. You want to give your skin a chance to contract some on its own. If, when it's all said and done and you are all healed up, you are below goal, then great! But being at goal to start will definitely help. Don't count on plastics to get you those last few pounds to goal. That's really not how it works.

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I had about 5# of skin removed from lower body lift and arm lift. I stayed about the same. Every once in a while, I read about someone who has a much bigger number - say 10-12# removed but they are people with a lot of skin. Dr Sauceda has some patients who need upper body lift etc., and not all of them are "normal weight" because when you used to weigh 400 (or whatever) 200 might be a great weight for you. Anyway, don't count on skin removal as a weight loss tool.

i would also say that even though I had a lower body lift, i didn't do the vertical cut, and didn't do an upper body lift. I look great if i do say so myself :) but, i have excess skin on my torso still. This morning, I weigh 197 pounds LESS than my liftetime high so it frankly comes with the territory of losing that much weight. When I went down for my breast revision I talked to him about Lipo around my torso and he told me that it wasn't fat. He could feel my muscle right under the skin, but it sometimes seems like it is a bit of fat that could be lipoed out but it really isn't.

I guess a little off topic, but my point is that I love my results, I think I look great, I know I have a good body for my age (and frankly, not bad compared to many younger even) but it is far far from drumtight perfect.

I had plastics 8 months after hitting goal I lost another 8# before i had plastics for a very specific reason. The rough guideline is your results are best if you stay within 10% of your "plastics day weight". So, I weighed 150 when I had plasctics which puts me in a range of 135 to 165 that I NEVER want to be out of. I find it to be a good motivation because the day I saw 165 on the scale last summer - I made big changes and now weigh 153! I need all the motivation I can get. :)

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skin removal, do you know how much it weighed?


congrats on loosing 105 lbs

i see you still want/need to loose more weight

after you've lost weight, your skin starts to "settle" down

firm up a "bit" after GOAL

this especially happened with my rear end

"some" skin did tighten up a bit

not that significant, but definitely tightened up

iMO you should wait till you are at goal

giving things time to settle down a bit

THEN in 6 months - a year have reconstruction

it's worth the wait

"God Grant Me Patience Just Hurry Up About It!!"

@@JamieLogical - oh, oh -i just read your post - and saw you said the same thing i did!!! (actually i wrote what you said without knowing it!!!) ooooops

you are obviously a smart cookie!! GMTA

6 months ago i was "brave" and had a face lift

main issue was my double/triple turkey neck

(always had, but got much worse after -105 lbs down)

now neck looks great, lots of wrinkles gone too

remember i'm "cute as a button" !!!!

no weight/"poundage" taken off neck/face

but- i lost about 100 lbs in my "mouth!!!!"

still have excess!!! :D

good luck


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